People say I look f*cken 12. How old do y’all think I look ☹️

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  2. You look like a mom who’s just trying relive the college days a little bit through social media. You’re exhausted after having to deal with a child, and decided to put on a happy face and go back to the good ole’ days for just one picture. You go to the bathroom, splash some water on your face, and give some rock fingers which you haven’t done since you’re first and only concert 8 years ago. I imagine you sighed a breath of relief after typing the caption; exhaling out of your nose in a comical fashion as you type out “People say I look f*cken 12.” They don’t, and as this realization strikes you, you slowly settle to the cold bathroom floor, tracing your fingers through the space between the tiles. It’s all so cold, but at least it’s grounded. At least it’s safe. In a strange way, there’s comfort in this, and it’s the type of comfort found through desperation. Comfort in the cold tiles which we’ve seen countless times. It’s a part of home.

  3. Lol trust me if she had a kid there isn't any amount of energy left to pull this shit off unless the kid calls grandma and grandpa "mom and dad". This is a young 18-20 something with a garbage service job who actually owns an apple watch. I haven't seen anyone over 25 who isn't deluded or a boomer wearing them in years.

  4. not 12, that’s way too much. But you do have that look where you look like you could be 19 or 32, i don’t know what that is but I know it when I see it

  5. I’m 16m and I’ve heard 8-12, but they’re all just over reacting teenagers and I really look 14-15. Idk how old you are but I would say 16+

  6. I would've actually said you look like a 16 year-old. The reason people think you look young is because alot of girls around your age use so much make-up that they already look like they're in their twenties. So when someone like you comes along looking like, well, a teenager, people assume you're much younger cause they've forgotten what teenagers actually look like.

  7. I'd say you look like a college student. I say that because I'm in college and there's this girl in my Analog Circuits class who looks like you

  8. You look like that one cashier that is tired of every damn thing and will mumble “I don’t get paid enough for this” every time a slight inconvenience happens in your job, your preferred type is big gym bros, and you have broken up 24 times, and everytime you do you will go to the bar with all your friends and drink until you lose consciousness, and you smoke weed and hate kids

  9. You remind me of one of those 3d bookmarks you used to get for valentines day. If I look at you one way, you look like in your 30s. If I keep looking at you, you start to look like 16

  10. You look like you used to do hard drugs, but after one interaction with some Christian preacher, you became an obnoxious Christian facebook user

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