Hi reddit , tell me why i get no bitches

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  2. Can I have one? Edit: after 4 months, I come back to this comment, to see it's my most upvoted one, thank you everyone!👍

  3. To be honest with you too much emo and black wearing all black always screams no social interaction so try some grey or white maybe even color also looking natural helps a lot

  4. Because you are the bitches. This is my motto in finding bitches, look for them as if you were one. Hasn’t worked yet but will someday hopefully

  5. Just an assumption but probably you doubt yourself given your past relationships and mixed with trust issues means the people that love you you push away and those that you love your too scared to talk too

  6. some of you commenters are freaking MEAN. learn some goddamn self awareness. there are all sorts of people in this world that deserve basic human respect.

  7. I think you’re pretty and probably would have either hanged out or asked you out if you were at my school. I’m in to the same style.

  8. You know you can get one at a dog pound right? Although I wouldn't call them b*tches cause dogs are way too loving sometimes.

  9. I think you can get 'em all you are incredibly cute - if you're also confident and kind then I think you should move somewhere where people can see.

  10. non serious answer is that youre sitting on grass and ur gonna get grass on the skirt and then you will be ridiculed. serious answer is that u should try to be more extroverted and social if you arent already. the more friends you make the better the chances of getting bitches.

  11. Based on comments in this post, I’m seeing that you get no bitches is because 1: people aren’t very accepting of trans/gay people, along with your style choice which sort of reminded me of the basic “I’m 14 and this is deep” stereotype, fix up the style and I bet you’ll be drowning in bitches:)

  12. Half prolly think you’re into guys tbh and the other 49% are probably scared of you to some degree but I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find some good quality bitches goodluck G go get you sum

  13. The truth is you have the freedom to dress and act anyway you like . The rest of us have the right to laugh at you and then ignore you . This isn’t specific to you but how life works

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