Teach me the "cringiest" slangs, "zoomers"!

  1. You can say bruh after every sentence, you can also say fr and on God no cap so for example "On God no cap this lunch here is fr the best thing ever bruh"

  2. Just say "slay" while elongating the "slaaaaaay", add the most sarcastic, """girly""" tone to it and do weird feminine gestures with your hand. Works every time if you want to either "impress" or simply annoy a person

  3. Bruh I’m 28 and reading through this, and it’s crazy. All of this is just a mixture of old 4chan slang from 2011 mixed with the way people in the mostly black neighborhood I grew up in spoke like fifteen years ago

  4. Stop exposing me dude 😂, I’m not with all the slang and trends because well idk where they look to figure this out even lol. And I’m about to turn sixteen and my parents are finally letting me have social medias so I missed out on being with what was popular with the other teens lol. I wouldn’t call myself nerdy though

  5. First off, that's adorable. Next, acquaint yourself with old videos from Vine (you should be able to find some on YouTube) and quote them randomly. Quoting popular songs/memes is good too. Example:

  6. Maybe if you can stop smoking, your life actually matters, even if you are some random person commenting on my post, "bruh"

  7. Whenever he texts you something that remotely implies anything romantic or sexual, even if he just told you that he talked to a girl today, reply with: 🤨📸

  8. look at him dead in the eye and say "No maidens" when hes doing something. He will cringe or be confused af.

  9. Also you can act like ur better at fortnite then them and say “im cracked my guy” “I would box you like a fish” and best of all “ I crank 90s you would get clapped”

  10. Whenever anything somewhat positive happens, put your index and middle finger together like your making a gun, put it on the inside of where your elbow joint is, squint your eyes and say "SHEEEEEEEEEEEE". The louder and longer, the cringier.

  11. “fo shizzle” in place of “for sure” is horribly cringe inducing, you could use “brick” in place of “cold” “damn its brick out here” ya know. Use the term “pogchamp” in casual conversation, you dont even have to use it right, just pit it somewhere. or “poggers” replaces “cool” or “dope” EDIT: respond to a statement with “based and redpilled”

  12. The next time you're eating something really good you can say "This [insert food] is bussin', no cap" or "This is even better than that bussy I ate last night, no cap". The second one is a lot more cringey, as "Bussin'" just means really good, but "bussy" on itself is a slang for a guy's ass (boy + pussy), but you might need to explain what it means to your wife, which would be really awkward, so the first variant is the safest one

  13. On god, bussin bussin, fire, slaps, fake laughing/screaming, AYY YOOOOO, unnecessary swearing. Do all these excessively then you will be hated by most logical people.

  14. this guy is definitely not a parent, go through their post and comment history, they post lots of cringe and in their comments they say stuff like “sus” and others. They’ve even posted in this sub before. Kinda odd

  15. say everything in acronyms, like lol or omg, nobody does that but it sounds like something that people would do. instead of "what do you want for dinner?" say "WDYWFD?" and let him figure it out

  16. Call him a sussy Bala when he does anything good or bad. I hate it when ppl say it ironically or unironically, and he probably will too

  17. your post history is rather suspicious, If you're gonna lie on reddit atleast clean your post history first.

  18. Deep down, every kid thinks their dad is cool, they are just afraid to say it, no cap, unless their dad is an asshole, then they don't, but we all love our fathers, I always say it to him cause I want him to know that. Make dad jokes, many of them

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