Tell me your relationship/crush issues and I will give you advice

  1. Oof, been there. My first crush when I was 13 was on my best friend. We're both wahmen and went to a strict christian school. I didnt know lesbianism was a thing until 2 years later, that's when I finally realized thst ooohhh, you can crush on the same gender.

  2. im trying to talk again to my best friend which I had an crush to for a while, but I don’t know how to find the right words to apologize and get him as my friend again.

  3. From previous experience that simply doesn’t work. I (m) told my crush i liked her and she didn’t think of me that way so I apologized next day and told her i still wanna be friends. That friendship didn’t last long. I talk to her about random school stuff but she aint a friend. After expressing emotions there is no going back. Sorry for being harsh

  4. You can either bring up something to talk about, some other guy already replied with that, or: you could send an apology over WhatsApp or something and if he reacts try to get a conversation going and maybe connect again

  5. Focus on you don’t worry about sending out hints or get hung up on not picking them up. Eventually you’ll find someone as long as you continue to better yourself:)

  6. I can’t move past this girl that I never even got to date. Saw her today in a grocery store and the anxiety it triggered is still making me shake. I hate it.

  7. Focus on you time. What’s gone is gone there is nothing you can gain from failure besides motivation to better yourself. It won’t be easy it never is.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that :/ I wish I could help but I don’t how could help this. I can only suggest moving on from the past the best you can :)

  9. people will always talk behind your back, it is physically impossible for everyone to like you and honestly, people suck. You gotta say “fuck them” and not pay then any thought or mind. eventually if you keep at it despite that cruel reality you’ll find a homie who won’t and I suppose that makes it easier to know who’s good or bad for you :)

  10. This is gonna sound super cringey but there are some yt videos that can help to be less awkward. As for the girl and about music and ask about her! Further your connection and good luck :)

  11. My girlfriend absolutely will not stop biting/pinching/squeezing/shaking me and it hurts 😭. She does it out of affection but she will not listen to a single “no” that comed out of my mouth.

  12. I don't really have any issues but my ex gf realized she was gay a little over a year ago and I am a guy so yeah you can see how that went, the breakup was fairly clean but I literally haven't interacted with her or her close friend which I had become friends with cuz didn't know how they thought of me and was kinda scared to interact but now I reret losing those other relationships because they were all cool people

  13. The only thing holding you back from those friends is you. Forget the past it was a clean break it’s irrelevant to your friendships. You can regain and revive the friendship:)

  14. I relate so much. I’ve never really thought that others experience this too. Sometimes i get minor anxiety attacks, and i really have no idea why. It’s probably some trauma related stuff

  15. maybe you’re lith/akiosexual or lith/akioromantic. it’s a sexuality which means you lose attraction once it’s reciprocated

  16. (I hope he doesn't see this) but I had a childhood friend we did everything together at parties or at school we stuck together basically whole time but he suddenly stopped care about anything and won't do anything with me unless it benefit him he won't even let me touch him no hand holding hugs leaning on him nothing like we did before (again unless it benefits him) I don't think I did anything to cause it but he just grew distant

  17. Oof there a few, ima dump em rq. So I currently don’t have a crush, but time and time again I’m getting friendzoned and I think I finally know why, I’m too friendly and not flirty at all. I (a dumb guy) literally always overthink and come to one of two conclusions any time anything my crush does seems at all flirty. I think she either is “def sending me a hint, but wait what if it isn’t, but what if it is?” Back and forth forever, or I think “yep she def is gonna friendzone me” and give up. All of this to say I’m too friendly and have no game. Any advice? I’m trying to connect with someone so I can have some relationship experience b4 I move again and become a 17 yo senior with no bitches next year

  18. First focus less on getting bitches and more on improving your confidence as there is a clear issue with it (I don’t mean this in a mean way sorry)

  19. I'll try to be brief. There's this girl I kinda like a bit, but I'm like 80% sure she likes me, but I don't know if she truly likes me or if she doesn't want anything serious. Deep inside seems like she knows we both know what's happening, and I don't know if she understands that I like her too, although not as much as wanting to be her boyfriend or whatever, I don't think we work together and if it happens it's gonna be very uncomfortable for us due to we having friends in common and being from the same class. Meanwhile, there's a girl I'm pretty sure doesn't feel anything for me but I strangely like her, and despite not liking her as much, as we don't know each other very well, I'm much more invested on her then this other girl, so it's sort of an inverse proportion here. Also, this other girl I mentioned is someone I thought we had stuff in common but turns out she's a type of person I tend to disregard. She sees many guys (hooks up with, idk how to say it in English whatever), she has controversial opinions and she seems to be overtly invested on all of this. And I mean, what I know about her through either own experience or other people's indicates she's nice and open and we would get along very well, but on the other hand she also has this side of her that I dislike. TL:DR there's a girl I like a bit, there's a girl I'm much more invested on. I don't know what to do with both of these as either situations are complex to deal with.

  20. Nah don’t worry about it. I was the same way for a long time and honestly still am. Focus on you and don’t worry so much about relationships something will come up :)

  21. I have a crush on one of my best friends and I'm to afraid to tell her because I can't tell if she likes me in the same way and if she doesn't o don't want to make things awkward

  22. She’s not interested in any kind of relationshi but everyone says I’d be the perfect bf for her because we are both extremely hyper idiots and good friends, even people that don’t know we‘re friends and that I like her tell me we’d be good for each other but she’s not interested in a relationship.

  23. My bf and I aren't contacting each other for 3 days cause his mom found out about us and she doesn't want him to talk to me ever again. It's been two days and it feels like hell. He left our server which he promised to join again. He blocked me on WhatsApp and he didn't tell me he would be doing this. I have absolutely no means of contacting him. Idk if he has just left me or he is going to come back. I have to wait for one more day, which feels like an eternity, my anxiety is at an all time high and idk what to do.

  24. There is no issue really, she sees me as the brother she never had, with luck she doesn’t actually know I like her, and I respect her decision.

  25. I don’t think I need advice, but I’ll go anyways. Before summer started, I developed a crush on a girl in November and it lasted all the way up till the last day of school. I remember being obsessed with her in my mind and more importantly, I didn’t want to have a crush on her. I never told her my feelings, and she still doesn’t know. Idk if I still have feelings for her because it’s summer now (maybe I don’t), but if I did, what do I do or what should I’ve done to not have feelings for her?

  26. i kind of like a guy and he definitely likes me but he's a year younger than me and idk if i wanna get in a relationship rn because i'm about to start a new school and theres going to be a lot of opportunities there and he goes to a different school pretty far away and just...idk if i go with my brain or my heart

  27. I was too bold tbh. I confessed to him through text then he laughed at me the ignored till this day. ( we are quite good friends too lol).

  28. I crushed on my best friend, they got a boyfriend, then I vented about it on a platform they DON'T USE OR EVEN LOOK AT, they somehow found out, and I've been ghosted

  29. he doesn't really talk to me anymore. like. I always have to start a conversation or days will go by where we won't talk because I just want him to text first. but he doesn't. or if he does I'll answer right away and then hours will go by where he just leaves me on seen or doesn't answer at all and idk I just miss him

  30. The person that i always loved started dating someone after some time i was away. I still can't get her off my mind, but i don't know what the hell to do

  31. I [17f] broke up with my s/o [16M] of 8 months because he started using again, i won’t go into detail but it’s just the beginning but i know how it ends. i’ve asked him to change the times before and he promised he would but then goes right back to it. i didn’t know what to do so i met with him and broke up with him because i didn’t wanna do it over the phone or text, i then told his mom what he’s been doing and let him know she may talk to him and he got so upset and angry with me, he told me that because i told his mom he decided he didn’t wanna stay friends anymore and told me he lost all trust for me and said i ruined his life. later he apologised but it still hurts. i am worried about him, so i messaged his mom to make sure he was okay but idk i think i might’ve overstepped because he seemed kinda upset with me in her responses. she told me he was okay and needed space but it just felt very off idk if it’s just me other thinking or if his whole family hates me. so that’s it rlly, aita?

  32. You’re 19 so dating apps are an option otherwise go to social events where you could meet someone. Till then work on yourself so you can be your best you when you find someone.

  33. Sorry I don’t really have advice for long distance as I personally never have and never will attempt long distance. Though I’ve heard gaming is good? Sorry again.

  34. Keep it to yourself. Age and her being your coworker keeps this out of reach for you. I’m sorry but you’ll have to move Ik it’ll be hard be you definitely CAN do it.

  35. I think my crush has a boyfriend and I feel terrible for liking her in the first place. It feels immoral to like a girl who's in a relationship.

  36. Honestly nothing wrong with liking multiple people. It’s been made a taboo by many but as long as you aren’t betraying someone’s trust I don’t see an issue. Second if she has bf don’t feel bad you didn’t know but the respectful thing to do is move on.

  37. I never really had a crush growing up until I met one girl my freshman year. I never considered the possibility I’d be attracted to another woman because I do find men attractive, but she was magnetic. She is beautiful and funny, loves metal and alternative music, plays video games, likes cottage-core, and can plan parties like no other. She has an adorable laugh and beautiful smile. Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe it. She talks about her passions and I could listen for days. Sometimes we talk and everything else just goes out of focus, like all of time stopped to listen to her. She commands such attention and has such grace. Her words are sweet and smooth as milk and honey, and her voice is firm and confident. She embraces her flaws and everyone else’s. She can complement complete strangers and is so clever and kind (here I am barely able to speak to strangers lol). It sounds so cheesy but her eyes are like stars, and she lights up the whole room. She radiates fantastic energy and grabs your attention the moment she arrives. She is… devastating.

  38. i don’t even know if we’re platonic or romantic. i told her i like her and she said a lot of different things that are very confusing to my small, one-celled brain.

  39. There’s this girl that I’ve been wanting to get to know for the past year but have been scared to talk to. I was thinking about asking for her number but im second guessing myself since I’ve had many classes with her and haven’t asked about it.

  40. I’ve said this to another Redditor here either ask and take the risk or watch another man sweep her of her feet while you wallow in regret.

  41. we've been talking for about a month with obvious romantic intentions, but she lives 3 hours away and I can't find the words to ask her what we "are". We talk every night, and it feels like we're dating but things aren't "official".

  42. I had never had a real crush before 6th grade, and then she transferred to my school during the last year I had there. One of my friends told the whole class I liked her during valentines that year and then I completely lost my confidence with all girls, except for a few I had been friends with for a long time. I’m about to go into 10th grade now and I still have feelings for the same girl. I feel embarrassed even talking to her because of what happened back in 6th, and I don’t know how to get myself to talk to her.

  43. My man you’re letting the past chain you. I messed up real bad with a girl in 8th grade and now I’ve gotten with her. Don’t let the past keep you from what could be great. If it doesn’t work out fuck it move on Atleast then you’ll know!

  44. Someone knows I like them and I’m going to their house this Saturday and I don’t want it to be awkward :(

  45. I know a few girls that probably have a crush on me and I like them all but I don’t want to pick one of them in case I ruin my relationship with the others

  46. I wear a suit and tie every day, as a high schooler. It's a means of self expression as well as adding aesthetic clarity. There is profound reasoning behind it, and I put careful thought into pairings, historical Homage, et cetera.

  47. It’s very hard to get know your inner you when you portray this as you put “flamboyant personality” quite frankly if you are genuinely depressed you are not ready for a relationship. If you want people to see past your character then you need to show that there is more. But from what I read you are not ready for a relationship i mean this in the kindest way possible.

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