How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night?

  1. Once, when I was very young, I managed to lay down in my dark bedroom, blink once, and then suddenly it was light out and it was the next day. Some time travel shit there.

  2. Yooo, I was just remembering when I did that. That confused the shit out of me, "it's already morning? Was I up all night somehow?"

  3. BRO THAT HAPPEND TO ME TO I SWEAR, I was so young my mother said night night then I blink and she sais good morning LIKE WTF!!!??

  4. Today it took me about 20 minutes to fall asleep and then I got 3 hours and 40 minutes of sleep, I started hearing music in my head after I closed my eyes so I was going insane.

  5. Have you tried sleep hypnosis? It sounds like some weird shit but it actually worked for me, when I use it I feel pretty mentally drained the next day though. Idk I sleep like shit so I've tried my fair share of things.

  6. Try reducing screen time before bed. When u try to sleep count your breaths,breath slowly but not deeply, inhale with odd number (1,3,5) exhale with even numbers, when you reach 10, repeat.

  7. about an hour. i am mostly thinking about scenarios and sometimes when i am falling asleep i am in this scenario. for example: yesterday i saw a film theory about bird box and i was thinking about that very long. suddenly i was dreaming about this scenario. it was not nice.

  8. I’m an insomniac. But I also worked two jobs up until last week. So either 2 hours or 2 seconds, no in between

  9. Because I do at least 4-6 hrs of physical training plus 4 hrs of studying, I'm so tired I sleep within 20 min. Otherwise it takes me around 1.5 hrs.

  10. If I’ve been playing VR for 4 or 5 hours, then I’ll instantly fall asleep at 10 or 11 (depending if i want to take it off)

  11. It depends on how tired I am, how much have I slept, and how long ago was my last nap, but usually it takes from 1h to 4h and I listen to music while trying to fall asleep.

  12. What takes you so long? Also, I was gonna say 15 is too young to date, then I realised I started dating my now ex at 15. 😭

  13. It depends on the temperature and how tired I am, if it’s cold and I feel sleepyish i can fall asleep pretty quick

  14. i stay awake until 4am like every day, so, it takes me like 20min - 1h to fall asleep. depends on how warm it is inside my room (cold room is better)

  15. sometimes i stay awake for hours thinking about my life or imagining scenarios and sometimes i sleep within seconds … but usually i’m dead inside so technically i’m asleep 24/7

  16. with my sleep patterns it takes hours sometimes. the same way children can’t sleep the night before christmas is me everyday

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