What’s ur favourite music artist right now.

  1. W, never been that into them but usually when Spotify recommends me one of their songs I like it, eg their "Anyway you want it" cover

  2. My mom is obsessed with them; it is literally all we listened to in the car. What's your favourite album?

  3. i’m on a classical kick at the moment, been binging tchaikovsky for a while but i can feel the return to (the arctic) monkey(s and cage the elephant) coming on

  4. Aw yes the “not quite a metalhead but getting there” phase lol. If you like tool or prog stuff in general, definitely give Mastodon a listen I suggest their albums Crack the Skye or Once More Round the Sun.

  5. For some reason when I hear some of their stuff, I think about Linkin Park. I think its the electronic sounds that relates the 2.

  6. I love them too! Not a huge fan of hard metal so I didn't really like some of their heavier albums, but I loved their more alternative-ish songs like Can you feel my heart or Throne. Man their latest songs are SO GOOD

  7. Good to know people out here still listening to the emo music I grew up on. Which is a weird sentence but here we are

  8. Im hooked onto Led Zepplin rn, Linkin park is all time favourite tho, I can listen to it non stop whenever. i love lp fr. Im also into a lot of rock and metal, most of the subgenres and shit so if any of yall match my taste, hmu ig.

  9. After scrolling every comment, I can say with certainty that the artist I am currently obsessed with would be Lemon Demon, aka Neil Cicierega

  10. That’s a very hard choice lad. Can’t choose between TOKYO MACHINE, Danimal Cannon, Mittsies, Metallica, Pantera, The Platters, The Cascades, or Scott Loyd Shelley.

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