Boys ask, girls answer

  1. I have a female friend who usually initiates conversations with me only to go offline & then later take minutes to reply to a single message. This keeps on continuing & before I know she is sending dry texts.I have noticed this Pattern. Any idea why does she do this??

  2. Probably nervous and doesn't wanna seem like she's just waiting for your reply. Also if she has a crush on you then she might be telling her friend about the conversation simultaneously, congrats.

  3. this has happened to me and (might not be the case for you) i think she doesnt care about me, i just accepted it

  4. When I speak to my female friend it seems that we run out of things to say but when we try to switch to a different topic it seems random, mabye they are having the same problem and don't know what to speak about.

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  7. No not good, assignments, test, group works, reports... Y am I procrastinating here?


  9. There's that new feature on Instagram that you can use I guess. Like if you find one that says "tap in if you're single" you can reshare that.

  10. Sorry, but no. I will say that some of them a conventionally attractive, but I myself don’t think they are cute. Then again I’m biased because I’m a lesbian.

  11. As an introvert, i only ever get crushes on close friends cause of how nice they are. I ain’t risking ruining and friendship and I have 0 confidence in myself.

  12. Cause rejection is humiliating lol. Also I think it's kind of ingrained that we should be the the ones in a position to accept things instead of offering them (which is a crap tradition that hopefully our generation does not continue)

  13. Can’t speak for everyone, but most of the time it comes down to the fact that we’d rather not ask unless we are 100% sure that y’all share feelings. Otherwise, it’ll be awkward, we’ll be seen as weirdos, and rumors could spread :/

  14. You see we have to peel off our dead skin and grow back some new skin it takes a while but we’ll look fresh when we go out

  15. We can't help it... Like we nd to do an extra step for almost everything... Longer hair=more time to dry, extra clothes to wear (bras can be tedious when u r in a hurry), on some occasions we hv to doll ourselves up to respect the event/ to meet society standards/ to impress our bf, short legs need slightly extra time to travel(like me) etc

  16. I don’t take a long time, but then again I also don’t put on makeup and my outfits are always fairly simple. I assume girls who wear makeup and need to do a crap ton of stuff to look good take a long time because of that, but doesn’t seem worth it tbh

  17. I have this friend who's a girl and she says we're best friends we enjoy eachothers company and I like her ive known her for 2 years should I ask her out

  18. Ask her out or you will regret it for the rest of your life. You are not taking enough from this relationship because you see her erotic, not as a friend. And you always gonna be dissapointed about not giving you what you want. Better ruin a fake friendship(from your side) than feeling in jail looking her being with someone else.

  19. Idk I’m a girl and I struggle to talk to girls. Maybe your style of conversation just fits more with girls than guys

  20. Why is it easier for girls to talk to girls than guys or guys to talk to girls than guys? Either way, some girls can just be easy to talk to and talking to the opposite gender has always bene easier for me anyway

  21. I agree. Maybe because guys are more harsh and make fun of people more whilst girls seem to discuss things. I’m in a situation of no friends and therefore talk to a bit of everyone. I’m a nerd so guys make fun of me but girls are always reasonable.

  22. i mean i think its because women are more emotionally mature than men at this age, guys still seek the validation of their peers (to a certain extent) and girls hate to make people feel bad, especially in the junior or senior year of high school. i would hate to think i hurt someones feelings unintentionally but i dont know if guys have the same feeling. most guys in my school just bully others for no reason and i guess some of that carries on into high school.

  23. Okay, this is a long one, so during the final year of my high schoolthere was a girl in other section of my class and we only used to see each other during regular tests( ever 3 months), The first time I saw her something happened and I initiated the conversation and we talked about 15 minutes. After that whenever we saw each other there were exchanging glances but I could never gather up guts to talk to her and tell her that I felt something for her. She also tried talking once or twice like she would sit at the closest available seat and durimg exam try to ask for spare pen/ pencil from the person sitting beside me so that I would have to pass it to her. Jump to 1 year after high school, 2 years after I first saw her, I still think about what could've been, so the question is does she also think about me or I misread something there? Also if I try to reconnect, what could be the worst scenario? Because now we are in different colleges in different cities miles apart.

  24. If she has any socials then I say give her a message. You said you think about what could've been so why go through that again? The worst she can do is say no. So try to be friendly and if she still seems interested go for it :)

  25. She might have wanted to be your friend... Like a good friend... But then you guys never met much, so it's still possible that she wanted to talk more .... You didn't misread anything, if you weren't together, you would have been good friends atleast... Secondly, if you tried to reconnect, the worst would be that she wouldn't talk to you or block you... But I think you should give it a try ...

  26. Do be a dick to her about the small things, and just be a generally nice person. Find someone who kinda just makes you go “fuck it this is fun” and that’s when you give up on trying to stick to stereotypes and realise girls aren’t assholes. Oh and be the designated driver helps.

  27. How can I tell when a girl is on her period so I can give her a cookie or smth because I’ve heard that they suck and I want to make life more bearable for people but like I don’t want to ask bc that would be weird af

  28. First of all - ur a gem my guy, pls never lose those respect & nurturing aspects you have<3 second, there are a few signs but it depends on the lady. 1. She could look a little paler - generally we don’t feel good during shark week and I’ve noticed I get a little pale. 2. If she looks particularly tired - our bodies are working hella overtime and that + blood loss = v tired. But honestly you can find subtle ways to ask and if she’s not embarrassed around you she’ll probably outright tell you she’s on her period. I recommend like “how are you feeling today” “did you sleep ok” but yknow just make sure she’s comfortable around u beforehand :)

  29. Damn .... You're such a gentleman... Don't ever loose this aspect, girls love it... And to answer your question, well, it depends for every girl... I don't get pale or anything, and not so tired, but I do get irritated easily.... That's one of the signs... If she looks pissed, or done, or gets angry at simple things .... Maybe random mood swings too, so you can tell that she might be on her periods... One more thing... Whenever we stand or sit, we keep sighing... I can't really tell why, but it's just that the change in position standing or sitting, makes us feel weird, since we find some kind of comfort spot when we do either ..

  30. How would one improve their social skills? Introvert here has trouble even talking with “the boys”

  31. Talking about school is the way to go. That's how you start building up a rapport with the people around you

  32. Y do u think hospitals run out of bloodpacks? 😏 blood donation r actually for us to feed😏jkjk😂

  33. Ok lol Ik this is probably a joke but I’ll give some insight anyways! It honestly feels like we’re bleeding out and sometimes the amount of blood (especially since it’s accumulating on a pad or tampon) is honestly horrifying, but I believe I read somewhere that said we actually only bleed up to like 250ml? (Ie: half a water bottle) or something like that which I don’t believe they become concerned about blood loss unless it’s like a L or more

  34. Whatever hair suits him best. Some look great with longer hair, some with a buzz cut. Just depends on your face shape/ structure.

  35. How do you feel about Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, I personally think it’s one of the greatest films of all time.

  36. It's the opposite in our school, I guess ... The boys in our class fo in groups of 10-15.. while the girls go alone, in pairs, or in groups of 3 max...

  37. being touchy is usually my dead give away. i get really quiet, laugh too much, and can’t stop staring/directing my attention towards them, even in a group setting. just take note of her non verbal cues around you, then take notes of her body language around someone you know she’s not romantically interested and compare!

  38. i don’t leave people on read but i do leave people on delivered for a while bc i have rlly bad social anxiety

  39. Someone who has some bit of emotional intelligence, isn’t afraid to cry. Someone who wants to do good and be a good person. Taking accountability is a good one. Respectful to the women around him, good relationship with his mom or the closest thing he has to a mom. Keeping up with hygiene. KEEP YOUR NAILS CUT. And yeah those are the main ones I’ll come back later if I think of more.

  40. that usually comes down to personal preference but I find guys who wear black or white goodies more attractive for some reason

  41. i like a guy with style, pretty much any style (except hypebeast/streetwear for me personally lol). no one wants to be with someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed and showed up to school in their PJs.

  42. someone who looks like they put effort into their style, i dont have a particular preference but i will say fuckboys have the worst type of fashion and it just repels me a tonnn,, my current crush has a style i really like n he wears like graphic tees or sweatshirts with like cargo pants or sweats, i really like techwear n streetwear but that can be expensive for teens

  43. Emotions are the same for all human kinds. It's just some people show them some don't but they all have the same feelings.

  44. Never... I would find them more beautiful and cordial.... I myself don't cry, for personal reasons, and if anyone cried, I would have the urge to be by their side and give them a warm hug...

  45. I’m a guy and I’d say, it depends. If your a close friend then probably because we have a strong relationship but if not then no, don’t need any more people hating me

  46. put yourself in our shoes maybe? if she’s mad she’s got a reason. even if it seems trivial, there’s probably an underlying issue that’s not being addressed

  47. Start with a warm smile... And instead of saying "hi" or "hello" ask them a random question, about class or anything overall... Then when she answers, ask another question from the answer she has given or on the same topic... Once she answers again.. make a weird remark, anything which makes her laugh... Once she laughs, you can exchange names and coila, make new friends...

  48. My girlfriend told me not to get her anything for Christmas but that just feels wrong so I wanna get her something small. Any ideas?

  49. Depends on the type of girl she is. If she is a quiet person or shy, it can be verrry subtle. Notice if she smiles at you or laughs at your jokes, makes eye contact with you often (but not for too long bc she might get nervous). Do you happen to look up and notice she’s near you often? That’s another little sign. Idk about more extroverted girls, sorry lol. I would say ultimately just ask, but girls aren’t always as straight up as guys :/

  50. Yeah I do, but usually you can’t feel it at all, but you tend to go through the battle of “too little, too much?” Daily😅

  51. I do generally, and the feeling really depends on how often you wear it/how much ur wearing. If you’ve worn it everyday for months then you get used to any uncomfortable aspect of it and don’t even feel it but if u don’t wear it often you’ll feel it at first. Also depends on the product ur wearing, mascara can make me feel more awake sometimes - but too much or applied too thick can make your eyelids heavy and tired (especially with false lashes), foundation for me feels like a thick greasy moisturizer - almost like sunscreen, matte lipstick is suffocating for me - but lip balm is nice:) All that said if any makeup is ever uncomfortable for me, it’s not like a painful feeling - it’s more like wearing a fancy dress (or suit) or wearing those shoes that give u nasty blisters but are just too dope not to wear - it’s uncomfortable at times but you like it so much that u don’t give it up:)

  52. Asked out my crush a few weeks back and she said yes. A few days later she sends me an email stating that she doesn't have time for a relationship right now. Is it common for girls to make up stories like this to protect feelings?

  53. Maybe she is trying to protect her feelings, since she couldn't come to you directly to say that, and sent the email... Just give her some time... And act like you used to... Like normal friends... Maybe over time she would come to tell you her real thoughts, and if she still denies, well, good luck with other girl..

  54. there’s no particular scent that comes to mind. personally, there’s nothing like a super good smelling guy walking past you that makes you have to turn your head, so maybe try something really strong? just knowing that he takes care of himself and he thinks about his appearance is attractive in itself to me.

  55. ummm honestly there isn't a concrete answer i personally like and wear versace eros cologne but that's not exactly a teenager fragrance or one particularly affordable by teenagers but i think just having good hygiene and washing ur clothes regularly will be enough to make you smell nice

  56. i remember they were really weird and embarrassing especially right after puberty, i couldn’t put my knees to my chest like i used to or sleep on my stomach as easily. i like them a lot more now, and after awhile they aren’t any more annoying than any other body part, working around them physically just comes naturally.

  57. Just straight up say "I like you" .... Going around the corner would waste time and girls tend to overthink...

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