Meta has threatened to pull all news from Facebook in the US if an 'ill-considered' bill that would compel it to pay publishers passes

  1. This bill could also affect how news are reported on Reddit. Since all news outlets report their news on social media since it has the biggest outreach compared to the traditional channels.

  2. Nobody reads articles here and the posted headline often contradict the actual article so no losses here. Everyone wants to believe what other people made up anyway. Just more Twitter screenshots of misleading information is what makes the Reddit front page.

  3. Exactly the same thing happened here in Australia a while ago… and Facebook made the same threat.. Google and Facebook said they may have to pull out of Australia completely… and the public reacted the exact same way, not fully considering what this really meant.

  4. Didn’t the Aussies pass a bill like this and FB threatened to pull out of Australia too, but in the end didn’t (although I don’t remember what agreement they came to)?

  5. Please explain how the news is “reported” on Reddit. Merely the headline is being displayed. And then there’s a Url link. Even this will not be allowed?

  6. Why? Isn’t it just possible they are trying to get social media sites to send money to media companies - nothing more. That’s what happened in Australia.

  7. The bill would be shooting the publishers themselves in the foot. Social media (Facebook AND Reddit) are their biggest inbound traffic sources. For big publishers, Facebook was already paying higher CPM rates also. If Facebook or Reddit were to cut off urls to publisher sites; the news publisher will see their traffic and revenues drop like a rock.

  8. As reddit directly benefits from other companies generating news articles, I think some of the money reddit makes should be distributed to the content creators

  9. Ironically this bill is going to fuck journalists while lining large news conglomerates pockets. It's not universal approval. They enter deals with specific companies while being able to straight ban anyone they don't want to pay for. Fact checking will be impossible when only approved news sources like Fox News are allowed. You better hope they both pay for CNN and also that CNN covered the niche topic your uncle is sharing from Fox. Remember when they called Obama a muslim? Better hope CNN runs a counter story about it.

  10. People on Reddit supporting this bill haven't actually looked at what it says, and considered what the consequences are. This bill allows for a "joint negotiation entity" for big news companies to form under to "negotiate" and

  11. I wonder how would it affect the traffic if all major social media sites suddenly banned sharing news... I guess it would make the renegotiate to "just use the links for free, damn it".

  12. Ah, so it's this one again. They keep trying every couple of years. Hopefully it doesn't pass this time either, but it seems like they keep trying these stupid things and wait for people to hopefully forget before the next round.

  13. So this is a sort of price fixing cartel or union for big media companies, expressly permitted by legislation. Yuck.

  14. This bill is going to speed up the acquisition of smaller news companies, isn’t it? Yeah alright anything that is an exception to anti-trust laws should be a gov service and journalism absolutely shouldn’t be a gov service

  15. i don't think the death of traditional news media is particularly helpful for society, and a lot about that death has to do with the lack of revenue without selling ads or getting funded by special interests

  16. Does anyone else realize this doesn’t just affect Facebook? If anyone reposts a news article here, Reddit will need to pay royalties. They are effectively killing free news and making everyone go back to the propaganda networks.

  17. they didn't think that far ahead. facebook is apparently the only social media site in the world, and this definitely isn't a ploy by major media companies to extract money from tech companies for a hyperlink.

  18. Corporate news lobbyists are just riding on Facebook hate to manufacture consent for this bill which will only line their pockets more while ruining the internet for everyone

  19. Not usually on Facebook's side, but could one of you in support if this please explain why Facebook should have to pay news outlets for sharing their own articles on Facebook? Or for people who share articles on facebook...using the convenient one click "share to facebook" buttons that said news outlets put on their websites? Because that's how they get there. Facebook doesn't put anything on Facebook lol

  20. Agreed. This makes some sense in the case of Google, because they have been pushing more and more to keep users on Google (where they sell ad space) rather than having users visit the website. Their whole business model revolves around aggregating other people's data. Though no company in their right mind wants to be removed from Googles index.

  21. Social media provides to its users headlines and thumbnails of the articles, rather than just linking to the content. This actively discourages clickthroughs, hijacking the traffic while profiting from the content's existence without producing the content itself.

  22. Seriously, news sites have share buttons that create attractive formatting for face book posts. If they wanted to restrict sharing, they wouldn't pay people to facilitate it. That's where the 'negotiation' should and does take place.

  23. There's no win, it will affect sites like reddit too. Do you really want to have to pay to post a link and a brief snippet of a news article?

  24. I wish it was a win-win. If this passes facebook isnt the only place that has to pay. We will lose so so so so many sites we hold dear. Especially in Technology.

  25. The innate hatred of Facebook has resulted in everyone missing the actual content of this bill. Every aggregator will be in the same boat, including Reddit.

  26. Except what that really means is that "news" with the goal of propaganda will slide in to replace news that has a business model of trying to profit from distribution of actual news. Propaganda doesn't require payment from the consumers.

  27. Eh, you know what would replace it right? More fake news (aka places that that don't care about publisher passes because their goal is spreading propaganda) and reliance on memes for information. Sure facebook already has this problem, but it would amplify it and the already tiny liberal representation would probably die overnight.

  28. They tried the same trick when Australia was passing the same laws. Our response: Go ahead and pull all services from Australia.

  29. "This bill creates a four-year safe harbor from antitrust laws for print,broadcast, or digital news companies to collectively negotiate withonline content distributors (e.g., social media companies) regarding theterms on which the news companies' content may be distributed by onlinecontent distributors. "

  30. Exactly the same thing happened here in Australia a while ago… and Facebook made the same threat.. Google and Facebook said they may have to pull out of Australia completely… and the public reacted the exact same way, not fully considering what this really meant.

  31. This is what the bill is trying to force yet people here are cheering for it. Do people think Reddit doesn't link to news?

  32. I really love how the old media has progressed from “well sell ads to cover our costs” to “well our readers will just pay us to subscribe to our paper” to “we’ll lobby Congress to force Facebook to pay us for linking to us.”

  33. Wouldn't the population be better off knowing they can't get real news from Facebook and would actually open better sources on thier own?

  34. I would hope so, but I’d worry that it’d just become more of a radicalization zone for people who “don’t trust the msm” but definitely trust random accounts or YouTubers etc. saying AOC eats babies or whatever. I mean I already worry about this, but at least it’s nice to have some authoritative sources and fact checking enter the orbit, you know

  35. "News" doesn't even have to be a full publication or an article. Many people get "news" from memes with one or two sentences. If FB did away with news from established media, it still doesn't solve for fake "news" that spread through memes or other user content.

  36. “I can’t get news from Facebook anymore? Well, off to project Camelot! They never let me down!”

  37. I, for one, am looking forward to manual RSS feeds and the Fediverse to take over as the outrage machine crumbles under it's own bloat.

  38. Unfortunately, there’s a significant portion of our population that has long ago given up on real news sources.

  39. The angle on this affecting Facebook is the least important part. It affects all new aggregators including reddit. If it posts links to news articles, or even searches them like Google, they'd have to pay or drop all links to news.

  40. I hate Zuck as much as the next sane human, but this bill seems like garbage. The ACLU has come out against it, Ted Cruz is on board, and it basically hands publishers a free pass against antitrust action, while not guaranteeing any of the money actually goes to journalists. It forces big tech to either host everything and pay an arbitrary sum for it, or host nothing at all.

  41. in reality it means that most likely you would not be reading a news article about this issue because Reddit wont be paying every news site to allow their links to be posted here.

  42. More like folks ITT haven't read the article and are cheering to cut off their noses to spite facebook. This would be terrible for reddit - read the article this isn't just about facebook.

  43. That is why the article mentions meta on the title, for the clicks. The correct title should be "new law could possibly affect most of the internet"

  44. How is it so many people commenting on a technology sub don't actually understand the broader ramifications of such a bill, and how it will also directly impact Reddit?

  45. A similar policy was passed in Australia last year, Facebook did pull their news.. for about a day or so. Other threats made to the public included the

  46. Meta / Facebook is basically a $327 billion reverse-peep-hole that comes with a calendar that tells you how many of your family and people you knew 20 years ago had a birthday yesterday.

  47. The only people that are supporting this and saying to do it don't realize what the bill actually says. Please stop basing opinions off a headline. It literally describes it as a "safe harbor from anti trust laws" for large corpos.

  48. Wouldn't this mean that random links would be there with conspiracies but not actual news sites?

  49. I removed the news tab from the Facebook app while ago. Who the hell get their news from FB with all the misinformation going in their platform.

  50. "Do what we want, or we will do this thing that permanently reduces the worth of our own service. That will show you!"

  51. Not sure how to feel about this. On one end, lot of people get their news from social media. On the other, fuck getting news from social media.

  52. Honestly, if Facebook would stop pushing random bullshit and just show you your friends again people might actually use it.

  53. Good maybe these FB idiots will get news from actual news outlets, not that it’s any better

  54. Please do. People use FB for news, so it should slow misinformation also. If nobody ever used it again the world would be a better place. Entrepreneurs can find a way to create thriving “communities” online without Russian bots, and evil CEO’s, IMHO.

  55. I think one of the best things we can pass to the next generation is a world with a lot less social media and garbage people playing CeOs of them

  56. Facebook was great when when it was when my family and friends updated each other on kids and puppies and vacations.

  57. Here's the actual news here. The fact that Zuckerberg knows that enough people in enough high places rely on Facebook (much like Google) to help place stories in front of the "right" eyes that he could threaten to do this and it would be enough to stop the legislation from passing.

  58. Why is the bill ill conceived? Sounds like a way to hold Meta accountable for the bullshit they call news that gets spread on their fucking platform.

  59. This wouldn’t be bad for Facebook, people would simply look at other stuff on Facebook. But it would destroy all the clickbait trash sites like Fox that rely on this traffic.

  60. I think the exception should be things like Google's amp, which literally robs most news sites of getting a LOT of clicks by archiving their content and relaying it to you themselves in the name of "faster loading times"

  61. If meta, reddit, or other link sharing websites are earning money from the news posted on their pages, the newspapers deserve to be be paid too. Why is this "ill-considered"? It's common sense and necessary for free press to survive.

  62. All this bill does is make it so no website can share news links without having to pay for them and since the vast majority of websites already have razor thin profits, none of them will do that.

  63. It's like the time he said he will pull the plug on Facebook EU if the union makes a certain law. Like we depend on Facebook ...

  64. Am I the only one that finds this reasonable? Like they run the numbers and know what is worth paying for.

  65. Who in the world is getting their news from Facebook? When someone tells me about something they saw on FB I literally refuse to believe it until I see a corroborating source.

  66. Every time I see this picture, I just can’t get over that Zuckerberg sociopathic serial killer look.

  67. Good. That might throw a curveball to the sheep that take everything they see on their TV's and Social Media as factual. The News used to report Facts and we would have to form an opinion of what was broadcasted. Now, Media outlets push the opinions of whomever is paying them and its our job to determine whether or not it is indeed factual. Also, the Governments job is NOT to tell us how to think, act or tell us what we should be doing to stay happy and healthy. The Governments job is to ensure that our Constitutional Rights as Americans aren't being trampled. They all suck at their jobs and have sold the People out to the highest bidder.

  68. I feel like any bill that's not supported by Bernie means its likely to be suspect. Manchin supports this bill so you know its a bad deal for anyone but the powerful.

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