Amazon Is Investing in Movie Theater Releases – And That Could Be Very Bullish News For AMC

  1. If inflation keeps heading the way it has, movie theater visits are one of the very first things on everyone's list of things to not do. This week in groceries, or a visit to the concession stand? Hmm?

  2. I can't believe anyone goes to the movies anymore anyways... Just took my son the other day... It cost me 60 between 2 tickets 2 drinks and 2 popcorns (I only bought 2 popcorns because the kid behind the counter didn't tell me free refills were only for the large size)... When my wife and daughter are with us it's at least 100 depending on how many snacks we bring from the house

  3. People investing in AMC like it’s a legitimate investment are those that theorized the pet rock was a good idea. Good ole fashioned pump and dump here

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