Elon Musk says he wants 'Twitter 2.0' to have video chat, voice calls, and encrypted DMs — and has enlisted the help of Signal's founder

  1. He already doesn't know how to manage Twitter. May as well go head to head against Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Discord, Kanban, Trello, TeamViewer and AnyDesk while he's trying to speedrun run the company into the ground.

  2. Fitting in the theme, Musk will order that all Twitter compliant keyboards must not have CTRL or CMD buttons because they don't need them.

  3. Somewhere deep in his spam folder: "I came across your profile on Linkedin and you seem to be a great fit for an exciting new opportunity!".

  4. I understand that, without my agreement, Elon Musk has put out a press release late this afternoon that I am building Twitter 2.0 next year. This is wrong and I have not signed a contract with Twitter for 2023. I will not be building Twitter 2.0 next year.

  5. Elon: I want twitter to be everything to everyone, you have two weeks to get it done or you're all fired.

  6. It's amazingly stupid, too, because as a business owner in the digital space, the first thing struggling businesses are told to do, is to NICHE DOWN.

  7. He doesn't talk like an engineer. He talks like the idiot upper manager every engineer has who comes up with ideas and barks orders at people to make them real. No engineer rushes ahead of themselves adding massive complexity to a project without planning, resource evaluation, etc. because engineers don't set themselves up for failure. Making things that work and are sustainable is a core function of engineering.

  8. He wants to cut bloat that he didn’t come up with. He’s the classic case of an idea being bad until it’s his idea. It’s comical.

  9. This dude is all over the place about everything the last few weeks, in a very very public way. It's sad anyone takes him seriously anymore.

  10. Which is hilarious because Twitter is already pretty lean and optimized already, and now he wants to do the opposite. So he’s all over the place because he’s an self proclaimed smart ass that doesn’t know shit

  11. Especially hilarious since he apparently ranked his programmers by lines of code written and kept ones with more lines, as if more = better. Who does he think added code bloat?

  12. He also said there would be a panel formed to review bans before anyone was allowed back in the platform, and then reinstated a bunch of racists and insurrectionists based on a Twitter poll. After complaining that there are too many bots on Twitter.

  13. Last time he "cut bloat" he removed the regular parking sensors from Teslas and replaced them with cameras, with the result that, as far as I understand, Tesla's parking assist is now utter garbage.

  14. And who the hell wants Twitter for these things anyways? Why does the world need another video calling service? No one is going to use Twitter for this professionally when they have things like zoom, Teams, Google Meet. For your personal life, you can just use things like FaceTime. Why would anyone bring Twitter into the equation? The whole idea is just dumb. I don’t know why the focus isn’t making the current platform more desirable and serving ads. Musk seems to think that he’s in the social media business and he isn’t. He’s in the advertising business and needs to figure out how to sell ads.

  15. 256mb app aspires to be even larger, while also wanting to be more popular in developing countries.

  16. As difficult as it is to pull off, I think these things could be better managed in a replacement of Twitter, rather than something tacked on to an already existing Platform.

  17. I don't understand why every app added this as a service. Like sure, I get why every social media site has some form of DMs/messages. But I've never used the call feature on IG, and I've only used it on Facebook a couple of times when my mom used it by accident.

  18. He wants it to be an “everything app” which has been very successful in Asia. Most notably WeChat. They literally do everything. What you might use a dozen different apps for in the US is just WeChat.

  19. He wants it to be Wechat. If everyone only has his shitty Wechat clone, he can personally control the political narrative for the majority of people in the US and many abroad, just like the Chinese government. You know, something a real free speech absolutist would do. Problem is, he's barely hanging on to twitter, so good luck making something better than youtube, especially without advertisers.

  20. Twitter is all about text, not voice/video, there’s already other ways to do that. To me, the obvious thing is to give users better tools to express themselves through text.

  21. 100% Twitter is such a mess to follow threads of conversation. So much so that it's why most people don't actually bother with anything but screaming into the void. The rest is just bots fighting each other.

  22. I know no one uses Tumblr like the microblogging site its supposed to be but its actually one of the best social sites right now. Tons of user expression and they dont overly mess with the UI/UX.

  23. It's been almost 15 years, but I used Twitter with a bunch of other teachers, and we were able to connect about concepts through tweets, then reflect, and people would write up deeper reflections on their blogs, and it would really expand the conversations. It was amazing and I learned so much more than my trivial masters in education. And I was getting to interact with both experienced (and even published) educators as well as other new teachers like me. It made me think the internet was going to deepen dialogue and offer more and more people the opportunity to grow.

  24. Mastodon already does this. Join an instance with a 10k character limit or whatever and the whole thing fits in one post.

  25. Not so fast. Im interested to hear Jim's take on this topic. Was he talking about Lt. JG Worf or the later and more matured full Lt. Cmdr. Worf?

  26. I did use signal, for like four years. Then a few months ago they dropped SMS support and I deleted the app immediately. It's as if they didn't understand that they made the perfect transitional app to get people on board the encrypted messaging and then ruined it.

  27. He wants to scale Twitter after just firing all of his employees? Does he expect people to go work for Twitter after any of this?

  28. Naw, his goal was to fuck with amplified speech for his own benefit and the benefit of his world view (pro billionaire), and lie about wanting to preserve free speech.

  29. Jeez. Can’t they at least come up with something innovative? There’s a thousand different platforms that offer that functionality. What can Musk bring to the table that hasn’t already been done?

  30. Musk is basically Russ Hanneman at this point and I can't fucking wait until he loses that third comma. Just waiting for him to accidentally delete half the porn on Twitter with a misplaced bottle of shitty tequila.

  31. I think he wants to essentially copy WeChat and have it do everything. It’s incredibly nefarious when you understand what the Chinese government gets out of WeChat.

  32. And it will have a dragon and you can fight the dragon and after you fight the dragon a spaceship will come and fly you to Mars then on Mars you will battle a big alien monster and after you beat that monster a girl will kiss you. It will be awesome.

  33. There are very subtle differences between all the social apps. For example, there is a reason why WhatsApp was able to compete with Facebook Messenger: The people on facebook are very different that the people who are in your phonebook. Since WhatsApp works with phonebook contacts, it opens up to different people than those on your Facebook.

  34. Musk is most definitely seeing none of the subtleties and instead sees how WeChat does everything and thinks he'll just make Twitter like WeChat. Again, missing all the subtleties and the fact that what has worked in China isn't going to work in the West.

  35. Seriously. I was behind a model y yesterday and it looked like it had been lightly sat on by an elephant the gaps were so irregular.

  36. Twitters product was content moderation. That’s what people and their customers valued. Weird how he can’t see that.

  37. Every social media’s monetizable product is its users’ attention, and the only mechanism that matters a damn to the users is your strategy for determining what they see and and what they don’t.

  38. Yeah and when it comes down to it, people hate being on video for very long. Yet people doomscroll all day all the text/images/video content on twitter. Dude doesn't even understand these features won't be used by all or many, so many better options if you have to do that.

  39. I suspect the announcement “Moxie Marlinspike is going to work with Elon Musk on a project” is just as much a surprise to Moxie Marlinspike as it is to the rest of us.

  40. Honestly WhatsApp is what he will be attempting to compete with, not Signal. In Latin America, as many parts of the world, people don’t use SMS text or call. They use WhatsApp. Businesses store catalogs and restaurants let you order from their menu in the app. Phone service includes free WhatsApp data but you pay for minutes for normal calls and charge per SMS text. Musk will have a long way to go to upend the competition that is embedded in smart phone communications here.

  41. Flailing malignant narcissist that is so dumb he personally tweets misinformation shortly after he buys Twitter, then gets into embarrassing public bitch fests with people when they point out legitimate issues in Twitter, who constantly flip flops almost daily on Twitter decisions.... spouts more shit yet again! Hooray!

  42. It’s so cringe how he’s down all the way to the level of detail of deciding the color of icons. He has no idea what he’s doing, yet everyone has to listen to him and do what he says, even if they know it’s wrong.

  43. Elon clearly learned nothing watching google build and kill about a dozen video-calling apps. People just do not want to persuade their friends and family to switch messaging apps just because, and rightfully so.

  44. Calling his future idea "Twitter 2.0" is so disrespectful to all the people who created Twitter and got it to where it is now. It's no Facebook (as far as what you can do), but it was designed as a way to send messages to people via SMS. There was no app, no web timeline. You texted the Twitter number with your message, and your followers would receive those texts. Twitter launched a year before the iPhone.

  45. No CFO worth a damn will touch this dumpster fire. Elon would do well to just come out and say, “I intentionally burned 40 billion bucks because I hated the Twitter execs,” and then shut the whole thing down and sell off the intellectual property. There’s no Hail Mary here… he fucked it up. The talent is gone.

  46. Musk is probably full of shit, because he’s always full of shit, and, “potentially willing to help out,” are meaningless words. However, the people in here saying it won’t happen because Moxie Marlinspike wouldn’t want competition for Signal must have absolutely no idea who Moxie Marlinspike is.

  47. Signal founders are ex WhatsApp founders who quit after Facebook took over and corrupted their ethos and defrauded their users. Looks like their ready for round two!

  48. I was reached out by a twitter recruiter for an engineering position. They called it Twitter 2.0 - an Elon Musk company. Three reason within the name itself to not to go there. Also why hire if you’re laying off !

  49. So he is recreating Yahoo! From 2003? Maybe he will have auctions and group email too. Imagine the future!

  50. Its hilarious how you can literally draw a comparison with Musk's weirdo panic tweets about "cool tech and features and new product launches" with Tesla's stock doing poorly.

  51. And stories that disappear in 24 hours, and group chats, and 'apps', and group pages, and games you can play

  52. So why not just use Signal instead of Twitter 2.0? Get the features you want without having to deal with Nazis or obnoxious man-child billionaires.

  53. If it does all that. I would just use signal. There is no reason to overhaul Twitter to do new things. It does Tweets.

  54. This backfired and is more like an advertisement for signal. I just looked them up, I didn’t download but they at least got me to look at their software

  55. If twitter ends up shutting down is this a double shot in the foot for Elon? More than how much money he has invested he’s been using Twitter for the past year to engage in market manipulation time and time again. If he destroys that for himself the 43B might be peanuts in comparison.

  56. Does Signal use a secret encryption algorithm that is not public knowledge? or does he just not know that there is actually already well established encryption algorithms that everyone is using including banks.

  57. Oh good a shittier version of FaceTime and messenger. That’s the bold innovation that proves he “deserves” to be a billionaire

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