The White House just unveiled a new AI Bill of Rights

  1. These five principles are widely broken already. The first step in establishing these principles would be a massive fight to get these rights enforced.

  2. Lololol ok let’s talk about credit scores, data brokers, and essentially any automated decisions (eg instant cc approval, mortgage approval, digital background checks)

  3. They really need to remove the word “quickly” from the last one. Far too subjective, and in many cases it will fast become impractical.

  4. well image recognition, audio recognition, "hey siri" "ok google" will be illegal... T_T as the AI discriminates your voice from the crowd so your phone doesnt accendly order pizza.

  5. "See? After granting the gays rights it was only a matter of time before the lefty libs gave rights to robots!" Or something like that probably.

  6. “stopping discriminatory algorithmic decision-making” - so Twitter & Facebook are immediately illegal?

  7. A better term is machine learning. Most of these "AI" use relatively small neural networks. It's not like these things are actually conscious or intelligent, they simply generate programming from a large dataset instead of being hard coded to perform a set of instructions.

  8. Do you honestly believe the public is aware of and has access to the current most advanced tech in existence?

  9. Deployment is the most insignificant part of AI/ML models, though. It's not an afterthought, but it certainly isn't where the magic happens.

  10. Most of the regulatory issues we face aren't illegal. Most people are signing unreadable EULAs left and right anyway.

  11. That's a great insight if you're ignoring all nuance in reality, or how our current law works. What happens when a company is held responsible for their actions right now? Do you trust something as revolutionary as AI that would literally shit profits? Keep in mind, 'basic' programs/algorithms (including the statistics algorithms we call "AI" nowadays) basically already print money. Do you trust governments (not just yours) to handle this appropriately, and now allow further malicious activity due to the profits/power?

  12. The only abominations are the pre-born, with the full memories and experiences of the reverend mothers grasped in a fetal mind free from the protections of bene gesserit training.

  13. Although that isn't what it's about, I do find it sad that they are introducing this and still haven't put the Equal Rights Amendment into the constitution (introduced 50 years ago and ratified 2 years ago).

  14. Access for smaller players, not just the large players. For example, the government could enable a fund to allow startups to have data platform access and AI investments. Related:

  15. That’s cool. Meanwhile Microsoft is forcing the average end-user to have a Microsoft account in order to use Windows 11.

  16. Fucking Microsoft. I lost my account almost a year ago and their lack of tech support makes it impossible to recover.

  17. This is great! Big companies need to be held accountable for malicious AI they deploy for the sake of "advertisement". This is a step in the right direction!

  18. These are fairly sensible, it seems more to prevent predatory corporate use of artificial intelligence and to give us human alternatives as a choice which is nice.

  19. This can't actually be done by executive proclamation. There needs to be legislation behind it. So far, there is none.

  20. The White house did not intend to unveil a new AI Bill of Rights. It just appeared on their website one day… nobody really knows how it got there.

  21. Well negligence always changes everything. Doesn't change core rules. Just another layer. Sorry i dont care to debate how negligence could be determined in a million scenarios. And OP and original comment for this thread weren't discussing the nuances of negligence.

  22. Nice. Every rule begins with SHOULD. Should isn’t MUST. So you could eventualy be protected, but you know…

  23. Every time I see something like this, I can’t help but wonder if they’ve ever seen The Terminator movies…

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