Tesla robot walks, waves, but doesn't show off complex tasks

  1. Lmao. I’ve worked in electronics manufacturing for 17 years and now work on actual robots that build electronics. 100k for a robot that does like 3-4 tasks. Extra 100k if you want a little Wall-E-style fucker to run around the facility for you. Best selling machine, by far, in the world for what it does. Highly mass produced. It will only rise in price. A machine that costs 20k in this industry would fit on a small table and will do one task.

  2. If you’re a billionaire it makes perfect sense to have to build a friend who will who waive at you. I bet he thinks we all want one as much as he does.

  3. You can pay 20k for it now, but you will get it when they finish developing it. Which will happen any time in around next 2 months to 3 decades.

  4. If only there was a way to record things as some kind of moving picture and show it at a later time. Alas, such technology is still but a dream.

  5. Why show off a useless robot when Boston dynamics is miles ahead. He could've waited until they got further in development but didn't and now it just looks bad. Shouldn't been on par with BD or had something unique that separated it. Instead we got nothing.

  6. In writing they have the saying "show, don't tell" - but Musk is not a writer, and neither is he an engineer or a genius. He is just a rich asshole who keeps lying through his teeth and keeps getting lucky because he has somehow managed to mass a fanbase of stupid contrarians (who are not even contrarians anymore at this point).

  7. That's didn't prevent it from smashing the windows of the cybertruck... At least have consistency man.

  8. They explicitly talked about figuring out how to best make it so that when it falls it’s fine, so what’s the big deal…

  9. How heavy is this thing anyway? I have concerns of it potentially falling into something that causes danger or literally crushes someone's bones or an animal, etc.

  10. I have the boston robotics dog bot, it is great at scaring children at night, but my neighbor’s cat still shits on my lawn

  11. No, this was recruiting. They said it like 5 times. And it is impressive for them to go from nothing to this in less than a year. It is interacting with the word around it and accomplishing tasks. They didn't say they were better than anyone, they didn't throw shade. They admitted this was the first time it was untethered. No marketing BS.

  12. From ELON MUSK?! How dare you. This man does nothing but good things, like when he tried to save those kids trapped in an underwater cave, and then someone else did it instead, so he publically told everyone that guy was a pedophile.

  13. Musk is a big bullshitter. He talks a big game, but when it comes time to deliver, nothing but disappointment.

  14. what can it do? don't get me wrong musk's robot is probably another typical pr hype BS but what i have seen from Boston Dynamic doesn't look that complex.

  15. Not at all, but unlike a lot of others with zero insight, you're not proudly proclaiming your ignorance by stating really stupid things and comparing it to Boston Dynamics and other robots.

  16. you're not the only one, this was obviously just a show and isn't actually competitive with the boston dynamics which can literally parkor around a course.

  17. I'd recommend that anyone actually interested in what the engineers at Tesla are working on go watch the full presentation, and just skip ahead past everything with the bot or Elon on stage.

  18. Wouldn’t it be cool to talk about technology related topics? Like if we just cut out all the PR fluff, stopped focusing on people, and like, just enjoy engineers coming out and have technical conversations? It would be cool to talk about that stuff.

  19. Yep, most of it was above my head but I watched it all and still find it interesting. Especially when the engineers were getting excited and feeding off of each other for a few minutes there.

  20. Right just has the best electric cars best rockets in the world and nobody thought it was possible. Give the man a little credit. I know it makes you feel good to be a dick.

  21. I'm not sure why, other than to prop up the stock, you'd host this event and show off something light years behind what exists. Very odd.

  22. It was a recruiting event. The point was not to show a finished product or anything close to that. The point was to show what they have at the moment, their approach to solving the problems involved, and their goals in the hopes of attracting talent to apply to the company to work on the project. They said so a dozen times during the actual event.

  23. They literally talked about a technical issue they had with a high density power module for the Dojo chip, how they discovered it, and how they fixed it. Why would they do that if the event was to prop up the stock? That’s the stuff only engineers care about. We’re professional problem solvers.

  24. I work in robotics and the tech itself is not that impressive. However, the fact that they've gotten this far in a year is pretty impressive. Also, looks like they're factoring in mass production into the design process, which neither Honda nor BD have.

  25. Why would it? They are showing very early prototypes at a hiring event. The general public will have no idea what any of that presentation meant. That much is abundantly clear from the rampant misunderstandings being thrown around on twitter by laypeople.

  26. Honda did it in 25 years from E0 (1986) to the final model ASIMO (2011). Just replicating that within 6 months is impressive in and of itself. ASIMO also lacked the on-board vision segmentation and task planning that was shown off: e.g. the ASIMO demos relied on pre-positioned items for item transfer tasks (like the restaurant tray carrying).

  27. You ever been in a Tesla? The wife and I fight over who has to drive the other car and the kids cry when they can't ride in the Tesla. They are simply the best cars on the road.

  28. SpaceX and Tesla are solving some of the most difficult engineering problems of our time, and should be given credit for their progress.

  29. Tends to happen if you take big risks to push limits. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Even if everything else bombs, just spaceX, starlink and Tesla is pretty impressive.

  30. It's more like he sees what a far more advanced company is doing a la Boston Dynamics, then uses his huge platform to announce his "new idea" with a way bigger marketing budget.

  31. The vast majority of that presentation was deeply technical talks about AI, robotics, hardware, and software.

  32. Does Atlas have all sorts of patents that force competitors to reinvent how it all works? Just curious if Tesla has to develop new processes or something, starting from scratch.

  33. So…the robot can walk and wave and is incapable of performing complex tasks. Sounds like he’s trying to replace Congress.

  34. They come out and say “this is the progress we made in a year” and clarify its not done. Did the “journalist “ actually watch the event or are they not done either?

  35. These same exact comments were made when Tesla announced the Model S. Just saying. I would never bet against Musk. I think Tesla and SpaceX alone are proof of that.

  36. Respectfully, a bipedal robot walking is a complex task. Also Tesla developed this in less than 18 months.

  37. elon shows off his first robot worker, soon he'll put him and his brothers on the tesla factory floor to replace all the over worked human workers to work 24/7.

  38. ITT: people think making a walking robot from scratch in 6 months is easy just because Boston Dynamics made a better one in 20 years of development. I hate humanity.

  39. After reading the comments on this post, I have come to the conclusion that barely anyone in this subreddit actually likes technology.

  40. Exactly. I use these threads to block every idiot who comments some Elon Musk hate, so I see one less terrible reddit user. But there are so many of them...

  41. I like how this comment section has no idea about anything, this robot was made in less than 6 months.. it's not even close to ready, they are using different approach compared to other robots, other robots were made to do those specific task, his robot is suppose to learn to do new tasks.. but I guess reddit is full of people with no knowledge so i don't blame them one bit.. As a robotics engineer , I can only tell that thing is hella impressive for the time done.

  42. The people bitching about this are the same types of ones saying “OmG GTA 6 LoOkS uNfiNiShED,” like no shit, it’s IN DEVELOPMENT!

  43. Tesla hasn’t had a product that wasn’t vapourware since the first power wall in 2015, and the car from 2015 still isn’t a finished product since 2009…

  44. The state of this comment section. That's 6 months work and it uses a neural net to walk. It's going to progress faster and faster as the neural net is trained.

  45. So he shouldn’t probably show it now. I would be more impressed if he showed it at latter date with more abilities. Not this shaky bot who has problem standing and waves his had like he is 95 years old.

  46. Picking up a watering can and watering plants is actually a complex task. We just deem it simple. Also, complexity varies, so, it's not clear what they mean by a complex task here...

  47. If they let bullies in high school take on kids from their first year, then that would be a shitty school. Tesla’s bit has been in development less than a year.

  48. They're not meant to actually do complex tasks...or anything at all. It's a threat to workers to keep their wages down or they'll replace them with robots (they can't.)

  49. Most workers wouldn’t be replaced by a humanoid robot. They are already being replaced by specialized ones in industry and AI in white collar work, however.

  50. IMO What you are not seeing with this argument is the value of going humanoid. We have built our world to be operated by us. Building a robot that is humanoid allows it to use the same tools.

  51. All Elon’s hype about Optimus and that’s it? That was an embarrassing demo. Why even show it at this point in time? And why make “guesses” about the price and launch date?

  52. This was a prototype that was produced in 6 months. For that amount of time this was pretty impressive. Also, they showed it because this was a recruiting event.

  53. What's the timeline of product development though? BD has been working on it forever and Honda even longer. I don't think this was to prove they could make something special but that they could do it quickly.

  54. BD robots are trained with AI too. Problem is that most of BD stunts requires millions of computing hours to train for spec demo (parkour and dancing).

  55. I don’t know why everyone is so critical about it as they have only worked on it for a year. I think it’s pretty amazing what they accomplished in that short period of time. BD has spent 30 years on their robot.

  56. This is Reddit. They just read the headline and that's it. Anyone commenting that kind of thing didn't watch the actual presentation because they made it crystal clear that it was a recruiting event and no where close to a final product.

  57. They are critical as a reaction to crazy claims and promises made. If the robot was presented without all that people wouldn't get so sceptical. Elon Musk is also a controversial figure

  58. It's such a fawkn scam. This Fascist is selling snake-oil. Thinks he's better than Boston Dynamics. He's a hack charlatan Fascist.

  59. Wtf? So many haters. Do these people know that this was literally just a concept in 2021? It uses image recognition too.

  60. You should watch the full video before you comment on a 20sec clip of the 2h reveal. Maybe you would change your mind or just not bother to watch the 2h reveal.

  61. Complex tasks are available today with a monthly subscription. Full complex tasks will be here by end of year.

  62. It’s going to try to unionize and they’ll fire it via e-mail. It’ll be working as a barista for a little before going back to college to finish out their degree

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