A second Prime sale shows Amazon is nervous about the economy too

  1. Where everyone jacks up the prices 5x, but apply an 80% discount so you think you're getting 80% off but it's still just the same price.

  2. Pretty much, they're useless. I'll keep an eye on a handful of things on my camelcamelcamel, but they'll rarely actually go on sale. It's all the useless junk nobody buys anyway.

  3. the only thing they're really useful for is blu-ray deals, I usually pick up a few movies or shows i've been eyeing for decently cheaper than usual

  4. I have never found anything worth buying during a Prime sale. It is all crap. But if you look a Target and how they are doing sales...they are worried.

  5. I’ve already notice Amazon marking items up by 50% and then applying a discount to get them to last weeks price. It’s a joke. Example: mr. buddy heater.

  6. You mean you aren't clamouring for the hottest new Tnetennba brand headphones, "suberp sond experience for enjoy the nice life"? But they look such high quality, all the people in the stock images are having such a fun time wearing them photoshopped to the sides of their heads, and all the 3-word 5-star reviews say they're "grate".

  7. Speaking of food prices, cat food prices have been rising at a stupid rate. I have to get specific cat food for UTI's and they've all gone up by $20-$30 and are all alarmingly becoming out of stock. I hope your budget is OK but I recall being able to spend $60 a week but now I'm up to $100 a week.

  8. Same. I've dramatically cut back on my non-necessities spending because just paying for housing, food, and energy has completely eaten up my budget. And when I do splurge on something extra it sure as shit ain't gonna be some random impulse crap from Amazon, it's going to be something I've been wanting for a while but have been holding off on.

  9. I can’t believe how much my groceries are now. I’ve been making the same meals, with the same ingredients, bought from the same grocery store in the same town for 5 years now. Ingredients for a meal that cost me $25 dollars to make for 2 people last year now costs me $40-$50 dollars.

  10. What gets me is that there has to be a ton of profiteering going on. Inflation is currently 8.3%. There is no way that the groceries that I have been buying have gone up 8.3%. They have gone up more. Using Tyson, as an example. Their net income is up 50% so far this year and their turnover is up 15%. It's the same for other companies. They all used inflation as an excuse to bump up prices or cut down on the quantity in packages.

  11. Prime sales suck and we also aren’t renewing. So expensive and STILL have to pay for Amazon music. Prime should come with full access to music for the family.

  12. You don't even get access to their full catalogue of shows either. The amount of times I've checked prime for a show to find it listed but not included with prime, or they've recommended a film and it's another £3 to watch it is insane. Thanks for the recommendation, I guess I might pirate that, cheers. At least with Netflix or Disney I know if there's a show on there I've already paid to watch it.

  13. I am considering cancelling prime as well. It is convenient but I don't think we get our money's worth any longer. The prime sales are just cheap Chinese garbage. The last 4 or 5 things I bought are sitting here to be returned because they were all junk. Most recently bought 5 esp32 boards and they are missing components so that it can be powered from an external source.

  14. Is it possible that sales are down due to a combination of people not having extra money for bullshit and a growing discontent for Amazon in general and its practices?

  15. It's a bubble. When I'm out walking my dog, I see multiple Amazon trucks making deliveries in my 2-3 block radius literally every day. It's been like that since the pandemic, and I don't see it abating.

  16. Well, for me it’s just that Amazon isn’t giving as much value when compared to other services I use , so my spending with them has dropped .

  17. I already did. When you don't have the money to impulse-buy shit on Amazon anymore, and when their content just isn't good enough to justify keeping prime video, it's cheaper just to pay for shipping on the rare occasions you do buy physical products from them than to pay the ever-increasing subscription to prime.

  18. The amount of damaged shit iv gotten from Amazon over the last 3 months is insane. My order page is one giant replacement sent/return started list. It’s not hard to ship stuff not busted to shit.

  19. Oh no Bezos doesn’t have nearly enough cash hoarded. Poor guy. Let’s all pitch in so he can get back on his moon lambo. Maybe it’ll actually reach the sun this time.

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