Mark Zuckerberg: The Metaverse will unfold in 3 steps, and one is happening ‘sooner than I thought’

  1. Dude has never pioneered anything successfully, just stolen other’s ideas and sometimes implemented them better. He should not be predicting any future tech

  2. Tbf almost all wildly new ideas have this happen, however at the core there should be a small group of people who get it that love it. And theyre all on VR Chat, not meta. So youre right, but in its own its not a sign. The real issue is that you cant find people who want this shit

  3. Black Mirror already did it nearly a decade ago. And they treated it as the dystopian horseshit that it was.

  4. I am actually not really that sure if it is though... I don't even want to imagine how filthy it would be riding a bicycle for like 30 minutes at a high pace while having a heavy VR headset on you.

  5. You're being sarcastic but it's possible to use a smart trainer with resistance and incline/decline combined with a VR headset to ride a bike around Los Santos in GTAV. It's way fucking better than a Peloton.

  6. I've had something similar for years on my rowing machine. I have a Concept 2 rower. The computer on it that measures your workout can link to a VR headset. So while I'm rowing IRL in my room, the headset shows me rowing through various environments. And since it's getting feedback from the actual rower itself, the movements are perfectly synchronized.

  7. Because he's trying to reach people who have barely any knowledge about VR, much less the games that exist within it. This isn't for people who know that Second Life was doing this 20 years ago. It's for the people that still use Facebook for more than keeping up with family or as a necessity for advertising. That's who made him the bulk of his money and it's who he'll keep aiming everything at. The lowest common denominator. You can see that in action with the Oculus as well.

  8. That's probably a huge reason why he's having so much trouble. Facebook (or Meta, whatever) is an atrocious brand that people have come to barely tolerate, not a boutique tech vendor whose products people are climbing over each other to buy. They're not Apple or even Microsoft. They're a shitty company that makes shit products whose only genuine selling-point is that they're free and popular. VR headsets aren't either of those things.

  9. It's funny how he dreams of Peloton, when their hype lasted for exactly the pandemic and is already over again. Also no word why he really thinks to be able to be more successful than Linden with Second Life. I guess the day has arrived when "fake it till you make it" stops working for creepy boy.

  10. He is detached from reality and surrounded by yes people who sold out for $$$. No one wants to tell the naked emperor his meta verse sucks.

  11. Even without the pandemic it’s objectively a bad product. You can achieve the same with a good bike and an iPad Pro 12.9. And with that option you get an iPad included.

  12. Looks like Mark Fuckerberg doesn’t get any exercise…what does he know about Peloton?….sounds like he’s trying to build demand for his/Metas version of the Metaverse.

  13. “You know that good thing that other company did, we can steal that and add it to our vague platform, that’s why we are actually doing better than expected.”

  14. In the article they report him saying that he wants media to be more immersive and less distinguishable from reality, which is kind of horrifying as if some people can tell the difference now anyway.

  15. I hate to come to the defense of Zuckerberg here, but I don't think he meant the word "media" to specifically mean "news media", like you seem to be interpreting the word.

  16. What is so funny to me is that small indie dev teams have made more fun and realistic graphics for their headset, and then Zuck's big reveal is Mii from 2006 in front of clip art of the Eiffel Tower.

  17. Is Zuckerberg having a breakdown like Alexander Graham Bell? I remember watching an episode of drunk history that said pretty confidently that Bell stole the telephone patent and was racked with guilt the rest of his life and refused to have a phone in his home. Maybe Zuckerberg‘s finally mentally breaking down because he knows he stole Facebook and never came up with anything himself. He knows he’s a fraud and he is literally breaking down in front of our eyes.

  18. Dude should REALLY take notes from MySpace Tom. What's Tom doing??? Oh that's right, traveling the world with a lovely wife and taking photos of exotic places.

  19. My dudes proud of his 24 bit world where passive aggressive Facebook admins stand in their rooms or office spaces waiting for some moderation to be required, let him have this W.

  20. He didn't lose billions because of this. He is investing 10b a year into R&D and Facebook's stock went down, but that was because all tech stocks have been going down.

  21. Say what you will about Zuckerberg, he’s gotten very efficient. Metaverse went from zero to mockery and irrelevance with very quickly, while Facebook remains stalled in the “actively working in the global disinterest” phase. Remarkable.

  22. Dude is basically a failed salesman right now, violently smiling and saying “look how cool my toy is you guys seriously”. It’s sad

  23. Anyone with enough knowledge of Metaverse, without name calling Zuck or fb, could you please explain what is Metaverse and what is the vision when they say "Meta executives have admitted it could take up to 15 years to fully realize their vision for the metaverse"? Connecting people in gaming and while workout already happens depending on the platform or device you are using. Metaverse isn't new to make that happen. As i understand it Metaverse is trying to bring what FB does, i.e. connecting people, in the realm of VR headsets. So anything you do using a VR headset can be monetized by Meta as they are collecting data just like they do while using FB.

  24. I have the same question. And whenever I've seen it asked, no one is ever able to answer it in any concrete terms, and especially not in any terms that explain why I, a potential user will want to use it. What is the value add for the user?

  25. It's mostly a branding play. No one at Meta or Zuckerberg himself have really coherently explained what differentiates the 'Metaverse' from the internet. The internet is what affords connected experiences and already does.

  26. Read snowcrash, then realize it all only seems to make sense if everyone is living in a dystopia. 🙃

  27. Here’s what we know. The metaverse is either a complete and total failure for Facebook or it’s going to be unfolding sooner than he thought.

  28. Is it the suppressing of civil revolution in other countries like Iran? Was that the first step or just a happy feature for Mark?

  29. They mentioned fitness... unless they can find a way to address sweating, the platform is not ready for majority of people to work out. Try playing a fitness game and you will realize it gets disgusting under that headset with dripping sweat and it's difficult to clean.

  30. is he saying that yhe russian troll farms he nursed on fecesbook have already gotten on board with meta? what a pox on humanity this motherfucker is.

  31. From what I understand, the 'metaverse' isn't something one person is going to build, it's an environment that's going to evolve on its own and be accessible to everybody like the internet. That's going to depend on the metaverse medium being any bit as integral to daily life as the internet already is. And I'm not a programmer, but I assume that also means that metaverse developers will have to be using the same set of tools so their metaverse sites are compatible and platform agostic, so like making Fortnite compatible with Apex Legends and WoW and LoL and all the other wonderful MMOs on any device, yeah.? I'm not sure I got any of this right, but nobody seems to know what the 'Metaverse' is anyway, so who cares.

  32. I think Covid proved pretty much that people cannot live without going out... don't know how this guy cannot realise that he has to look for different avenues than rubbing this on people

  33. Literally I’ll never invest a single moment of my time here in this life into this “meta”. Fuck Mark Zuckerberg every way you can ;)

  34. Why would I ever participate in any venture run a bunch of thieves who are only out to steal every dollar they can? Sounds like a DJT pitch to 'Merica. Count me out. Not spending a penny for that sh*t.

  35. meta verse is embarrassingly bad, it has like wii bowling graphics and clip art assets, functionality is terrible and no one wants it

  36. If Meta fails, Zuck can look for a position as Russia war communications spokesperson. I mean, "special military operation".

  37. Love how he calls it The Metaverse. Not a Metaverse. It's just a scammy buzzword. Until he has some solid concept of what this trash is its just a scam to get investors.

  38. I already hangout in an ugly world full of strip malls and parking lots. Why would I want to hang out in an uglier one? The metaverse is hideous.

  39. Does this guy not understand most people don't want his shit? He's like a parasite that keeps jamming this concept down everybody's throat.

  40. "“It’s not like computers are going away or phones are going away,” Zuckerberg said at the time. “But I think this has the potential to be something at that scale of importance in the world.”"

  41. Depends - once headsets become as small as glasses or even contacts public opinion could definitely change. I’m sure people said a computer would never fit in someone’s pocket either.

  42. I’ll get panned for this but there’s something here. I zwift and i can see how this could be VR’d to a “meta-ish” experience. Immersive virtual worlds seem like a natural evolution of digital experiences. Not sure I want Zuck to have the reins on this (and I’m far less confident that he can pull it off, but it does seem like the direction of things.

  43. I swift as well, I don’t thing I would want a sweaty headset while biking and I can guarantee I’d lose balance and fall off. What I think would be a better experience would be a projector that throws an ultra wide view of the trail

  44. the main problem with "metaverse" as a concept is that there are no financial incentives for everyone to play along.

  45. I deleted my Facebook account. I don't miss it at all. The was too much drama that I didn't give a shit about. Next step for me is deleting IG.

  46. His auto moderators on Facebook have largely suspended or perma banned a very significant portion of his client base. I think his authority has usurped his appeal and now social media has be one a burned once twice shy scenario. I for 1 will not ever support his vision and have blacklisted his company.

  47. This dude is going to ruin his company, because he thinks he’s a business genius when in actuality he had one good idea.

  48. Metaverse could be cool. But since it's driven forward by and is associated with Mark Zuckerberg, no one gives a flying fuck.

  49. We are slowly going to see how Silicon Valley will deal with a slow down when they are already on top of the mountain.

  50. The metaverse has already been unfolding they've been around for +20 yrs. They’re called MMO used the correct terminology please, and thank you.

  51. I think we all need to accept the fact that Zuckerberg has jumped the shark. He now longer says things that are interesting. The cycle of adoption he mentions isn't innovative now especially insightful.

  52. This is the sort of shit I say as a DM to make the players think everything occurring is going to plan and in reality they fucked my plans up two hours ago and I've been improving since

  53. I really wish Neal Stephenson would sue Zukerberg over the use of the term 'metaverse', win billions in the lawsuit, then start his own 'metaverse' ala-Snow Crash, it would be way, way cooler than anything Zuck could ever come up with.

  54. Can the metaverse just go away already? We don't need it and what we've seen of it so far is embarrassing. Stop shoving it down our throats, Zuck

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