No, YouTube, I will not subscribe to Premium

  1. Jumping in here to call out Reddit too. No, I don't want to go to the app for anything, ever, stop reloading/interrupting my feed to ask. Deliberately sabotaging the OG product is wasteful, senseless BS.

  2. Jokes on them. I use adblock, and if the service will be worse and worse I'll just stop using it. I mostly use it for music lstely anyway

  3. Which is why I won’t buy it. I’m not giving them money because they deliberately make my experience worse when I don’t. It it was just the ad removal I might consider it, not all the other bullshit

  4. Reposting my comment for visibility: Check out YouTube revanced on Android. Ublock Origin + AdBlock for YouTube on Firefox and Chrome - PC. IOS use sideloading (I have little experience sideloading), jailbreaking, Pi-Hole, or

  5. YouTube ads have been very aggressive lately. I open a video, watch a minute of ads, skip to the part of the video I need to see, watch another minute of ads, pause the video for 10 seconds on the part I need to see, close that video and move to another and repeat the whole process. So 2 minutes of ads and 10 seconds of “video”.

  6. This year they seemed to switch to the spotify ad model of annoying the hell out of users with ads so they'll switch to premium. I think it was either late last year or early this year when they started putting ads in even formerly un-monetized videos which is why they seem so much more jarring (ie the content creator didnt pick what part of their video would be an ad spot).

  7. Probably depends on where in the world you are. I never get political ads. Just electronics and foodstuff.

  8. Just use an Adblocker. YouTube is so insanely aggressive about demonetization now, on top of being more aggressive about ads, that most YouTubers are relying on Patreon now instead.

  9. Use a VPN. Be in India. Subscribe to premium. Turn off VPN. Voilà, you're paying about 120 rupees a month for premium.

  10. You can turn off personalised advertising and likely never see another political ad again. It does mean you’ll end up seeing the same few ads for months but rather that than political nonsense.

  11. Midterms are basically here. All you are going to see until then are political ads on every tv, radio station, and internet everywhere for the next 6 weeks.

  12. same! shit , i'd pay like 3-5 bucks a month just for no ads, i dont need any of the yt music (unless this one obscure video game ost is counted lol) or like. premium exclusive content, i just want to watch without ads on mobile while i clean during the week

  13. I actually feel the opposite, would like a cheaper version that is ONLY youtube music. I prefer it to any other music app out there.

  14. honestly, no ads is the best part of subscribing to youtube music. I was always google play > spotify, so when it became youtube music, i just kept it going

  15. To be fair, I felt the same way but YT music is actually pretty good. It is just frustrating that I have to use it as my primary streaming service in order to benefit from ad-free YT. I get the frustration with YT premium but honestly it is worth the cost for no ads whatsoever based on how much I use YT, which is a lot.

  16. I don’t want YouTube music and I don’t care about their original content. All I want is no ads and for basic video playback features like background play and downloading not to be disabled.

  17. I used YT Music for a while. The sound quality is inconsistent and all over the place. I also don't like how they merge some of my YouTube playlists in with the music client.

  18. My subscription is just slightly higher than that. I got in when it was good and I’m happy with it. I haven’t watched a single ad in years and it is so worth it. People make fun of me for it and then they pull up shit on their TV app, and we have to watch the dumbest array of ads every 30 seconds… so I laugh back.

  19. I’m on that grandfathered plan so the value is honestly unbeatable for all that it includes. I just subbed for GPM but the ad free YouTube was a welcome addition that I don’t like to be without, especially on mobile with no Adblock. Definitely sympathize for all those who aren’t on the plan though, I don’t think I would’ve subscribed to just a premium YT.

  20. I started a free "subscription" with SmartTube Next instead. Works great on my Chromecast. Blocks the ads and sponsor spots if you enable that feature. Also keeps shorts from showing.

  21. I doubt the cost is due to the Music. I think you have it backwards. The cost is for the ad-free; the "bundle" is to get people on the Music service who would never consider it otherwise.

  22. If you use a VPN and set location to Argentina to buy Premium, the price is less than $2 a month with everything included

  23. I pretty much have the same setup and what I’ve done is uninstall the YT app from my ATV, installed Brave Browser on my iPhone and I airplay YT vids to my ATV. It’s a little less convenient but I haven’t watched an ad in months

  24. Yeah if the ads dial was at a 3 before they definitely ramped it up to 7. I'd hate to see a 9 or 10 when they don't get their way.

  25. I get double fifteen second unskippable ads, and the ads I get are dog shit too. It’s always some cheap stupid game. Recently it’s been Evony and its ads are so fucking annoying, I want to murder someone. They have some stupid line about “you guys saw the ads and it’s not the game but today I’ve finally found the game” or something stupid and it’s so cheap cause they have different actors saying it in separate ads but it’s the same exact voice. Plus the rise of kingdoms or something where they have a stupid sketch every time and the girls fawn over the idiot with one million power and achoo or some stupid fucking character like that. It’s sooo annoying. Like, even if you’re giving me ads, at least give me some GOOD ads, jfc.

  26. Don't forget that you can't even click into a video to just click on the creators name to see their channel without watching the ad. That's new too

  27. So a couple things here. I have had YT Premium for a number of years now, I watch a lot more YT than regular TV so it makes sense in just a “get rid of the ads easily” sense. It also include YT music which I used for a while (it’s pretty decent honestly). I think the biggest thing though is a view from a YT premium member is worth way more for a creator than an ad supported view. I watch a lot of channels where YT is their full time job. I appreciate the videos they put out but can’t support all of them on Patreon or through channel memberships (a lot set a minimum of $5 which adds up so fast). I want them to continue to create content I enjoy. So to me, it makes sense to support them in some way. Added with removing ads (which if you use Vanced or something like it, those creators don’t get anything at all) it means I can support people that are entertaining and teaching me so they will continue to entertain and teach me.

  28. I feel exactly the same way. I also watch a lot of podcasts so being able to lock my phone and watch YouTube is great

  29. I tried YouTube music and... It's not good. I really dislike Spotify but I don't see a better alternative.

  30. Just so you know, The money they get from YouTube itself has been dramatically reduced over the years. Youtubers now get majority their money for me to sponsorship or from Patron or both. You are not taking money away from them, they are still getting paid by you watching the video with or without ad block. They are just guilting you to turn off ad block so they make even more money

  31. i can totally agree on all of these points and I felt the exact same way, then i had to cancel it at one point because i was hard up for cash. Getting on Youtube without premium is just so freaking awful and youtube music doesn't even work if you aren't paying for it

  32. It’s like we never learn if there’s money to be made Google will take it soon, so hopefully you’re OK paying for premium knowing that that money will stop going to the creators.

  33. I use YouTube music, it’s fine. I’m watching so much YouTube that it’s just worth it. I don’t have ads on my phone, iPad, smart tv, and I can minimize YouTube on my phone as well with the video still playing. Honestly out of all the subscriptions I have it’s probably the one that I think is most worth.

  34. I’ve been telling people this forever and I get so much hate for it. I always tell people to go to account and check how many hours you spend on YouTube per week, if it’s 40 or more, you need to get premium. At least try it out before you hate on it.

  35. You can also share Premium/Music with up to 5 family members. I enjoy the subscription and don’t even consider canceling when I budget for entertainment.

  36. Would be nice if there was a really cheap option that only got rid of ads. YouTube should figure out how much they think each individual feature is worth and then have an option to pay for just the ones that you want. Give me an affordable no ads option and I’ll purchase that in a heartbeat.

  37. You can still download Vanced even after it shut down. Just Google the apk. It's amazing how it skips not just ads but the sponsored sections and even the intro and outro.

  38. If you go to your phone's or desktop's DNS settings - Network->DNS and set it to - it will block almost all ads on your device, in any app, including inside games.

  39. The fact they have ads now boasting about: “oh you can listen to your podcast with background play, only with YouTube Premium” is just laughable. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  40. For anyone with iPhone who sees this: If you put your video in pop out window mode (like so you can watch in the corner while you’re on reddit for example) and lock your phone screen the video will stop like normal. But then, from the lock screen, if you swipe down your settings screen and press play on the media player it will play with your screen still in locked mode, and when you turn off the screen this time it will continue playing, just like it did years ago before they locked it behind the paywall. I haven’t told anyone about this and haven’t seen it discussed so don’t at me if it doesn’t work for you. I’m still in iOS15 so idk if the update kills this.

  41. The thing is, how much do you think it costs to stream video to you on demand and at the scale that YouTube does it? I get you don't want to pay, but at what point are you just demanding someone to give you free entertainment? The infrastructure, the bandwidth, the application team, the storage, it all costs... A lot.

  42. I use youtube for multiple hours everyday and i can say it is worth more than 144 dollars a year honestly for me. I pay for premium and I wish it was like 4.99 a month, but once you see what it’s like w/o adds you realize how much better the service is without them.

  43. I would MAYBE think about it if all it did was remove ads. I don't care about ANY of the other features (when compared with no ads). YouTube Music seems like one of the most pointless things ever to me. Download videos? Pointless because they aren't actually now on my machine and losing Premium loses my access to them anyways. Background play is honestly tempting, but I find it just stupid that isn't baseline. I'd maybe pay like $3 a month to just lose the ads. $11.99 a month? Hell no.

  44. Ive had you've for a couple years now. Basically got suckered for Cobra Kai - they let me watch the first two episodes free.

  45. I pay specifically to not have any ads, and for background play. I honestly don't even know all of the other stuff that comes with premium.

  46. I feel like videos alone with no ads is worth $12/month. Music is also worth $12/month on its own (seeing as I do pay for Spotify.) I feel like all y'all expecting the huge quantity of stuff on Youtube for $3/month are just living in fantasy land. I'd also like HBO for $3/month while we're at it.

  47. How is yt music pointless? It literally has so many more songs than any other music streaming service due to its incredibly long catalogue. But yeah, there should be a lower subscription cost for just ads.

  48. Absolutely. Everyone watches so much content on YouTube its just worthwhile to pay a small fee to get an adfree experience. It's been a few years now and I don't remember what an ad looks like. It's more in western countries but it's 3 dollars for 5 accounts in India monthly.

  49. Reddit always amuses me. Dudes watch like 30+ hours of youtube a month... TwElVe DoLlArS iS jUsT rIdiCulOuS fOr ThIs! proceeds to spend $18 on a Five Guys meal, $100/month at OnlyFans

  50. Is she seriously suggesting TikTok as an alternative? Let's say it like this, I'd much rather watch 80 ads on YouTube than to put Chinese secret service software made to make people dumb as hell anywhere near my phone, and neither should you. TikTok should forever be banned from all internet.

  51. Not arguing with your point…but YT is the same, in that it does nothing but suggest and auto-play even dumber content than what I was initially searching for.

  52. I get the hate for paying for YouTube , but as someone who uses YT a lot and also uses the YT music as my main streaming, I don’t have a problem paying for it

  53. I pay for YouTube TV. If premium or some ad free version of YouTube was included then cool, but o don’t watch enough regular YouTube to pay another subscription cost

  54. Me too. Heavy YouTube user here. Use it to study, learn stuff on how to videos. There’s a ton of useful videos on YouTube.

  55. This is my situation too. The amount of time I spend on YouTube/ month results in premium costing me $.08/hr of use. That’s not including the music portion.

  56. I don't get the hate for paying for youtube. It's the largest collection of videos ever and only costs $120/yr or whatever for it to be add free and directly support your creators (regardless of monetization issues from the normal ad supported viewers).

  57. I’m not going to pay for a service that doesn’t support the creators, enforces arbitrary copyright strikes, doesn’t remove channels that are obviously spouting racist, sexist and homophobic messages, censors everything and that has generally gone downhill lately.

  58. I have premium and its pretty good. We live in the corporatized internet days. They are basically saying, "You can watch ads or pay us to not watch ads, either way we have a bottom line to meet, and you like our content, so choose." But! This is a perfect time for anyone who can't afford Youtube Premium to look into installing their own PiHole service to block ads from all sources for anything on your internet LAN. It is free, easy to do, and works great.

  59. I have premium for YouTube Music. No other streaming service has ever gotten the algorithm right for me. YouTube music always recommends me stuff I'll actually listen to.

  60. I've had YouTube premium for years. (Since it was YouTube Red.) I watch YouTube way more than I watch TV, so to me it is a bargain and great with no commercials. I cancelled my Spotify subscription about a year ago, and use YouTube music now, which i like as much as Spotify. And it has so many live concerts - with videos. No commercials. If you watch YouTube a lot, it makes a huge difference.

  61. Y'all are mental. Here in the comments thanking the kind gods of a soulless corporation for giving you the chance to not have to watch 2 minutes of ads on each video, all for the cheap price of 12$ per month. That's fucking insane. Get vanced on your phone and an adblocker on your PC. It's free.

  62. I personally love my YouTube music and no ads so it's worth it for me, I don't watch any regular TV or Netflix or anything either so

  63. Sorry but I love paying for premium, I get so much value out of it compared to (netflix,hulu, etc.) I get music and I spend a lot of time on youtube. Def worth it in my opinion

  64. The ads annoy me but whatever. The thing that really frustrates me is them locking a basic technology upgrade like playing when the phone is closed.

  65. I Have premium. Forgot to log out of my brother's YouTube on the living room tv a few weeks ago and started watching something. I couldn't believe how many ads there were and how often. I'll never go back if I can help it

  66. I have had YouTube premium since it went alpha testing. It isn't bad but now that I have had it I can never let it go if I want to enjoy YouTube. Granted between me and the family they watch hundreds of hours of YouTube each year so it is worth the money to me.

  67. Just setup an account with vpn from India or Argentina and buy a subscription for like a year. Will turn out to be around $1.50 a month..

  68. Honestly, I’ve had a YouTube music subscription for years now and it’s a at better deal than Spotify. You get the same music library AND no YouTube ads.

  69. It’s absolutely worth it. I avoided it for YEARS and swore I wouldn’t do it. It’s incredible and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

  70. I don't understand ads anymore, I've never bought or even cared about anything advertised to me. Waste of money.

  71. It is so funny how entitled the author is, acting as if youtube is their birth right. This article in my view is no different than shouting at street next to macy’s showcase “no I am not buying this dress”

  72. Too expensive. Plus, we’re in a perpetual state of economic crisis and now every company wants a subscription model. It’s ridiculous. I’m back at purchasing physical media

  73. This is exactly why I completely stopped using the YouTube app. I just use Brave now and watch all the sponsored segments that the creators do so they can still get paid. Screw all those unskippable adds. Is the experience the same, no. But worth the time I get to keep to myself.

  74. i barely use the yt app now because of the ads and moved to using a browser, all i can say is browsers makes youtube premium less of a need

  75. I honestly don't get the hangup on this!? Most of us use YouTube multiple times a day. With premium you get YouTube music which is the superior streaming service IMO as you can add YouTube videos into your playlists which gives you so much more choice of like live videos ect and NO ADS EVER. I havent had adds for like 4 years and the £10 a month is very well spent.i get that you don't get full bloody joe rogan podcasts but everything else about it is awesome!

  76. Unpopular opinion: On the family plan, YouTube Premium is actually pretty good value, YouTube has provided an excellent free service to me for over a decade, even before any ads, and for like $1.50 per person a month it's well worth it for heavy users like myself even if there were only 1 or 2 ads per video

  77. I paid $9.99/m for YT Music. I now pay $16.99/m for a family YT Premium account - and it comes with family YT Music, and a bunch of movies on YT are now ad-free. I live in PA where the Fetterman/OZ YT ads are relentless and I'm glad I don't have to deal with them anymore.

  78. Yeh youtube fails to realize I won't consider premium when all these obstacles on the free version are thrown at us.. We just won't use the app. I think twice now if I want to see a video even, since I gota go through ads and pop ups. So now the majority if the time, I say fuck it and just never even visit youtube in the first place, leading to less users since ur alienating then

  79. Me too. And, if enough people do this, someone will fill the niche and come out with a new YouTube style website.

  80. Considering the amount of content on YouTube. £16 per month is a bargain. I’ve had it for years and no complaints here. I’ve been using YouTube for 15+ years and it’s fucking great IMO.

  81. yea I get hit with it every single time I open up YT. The constant spamming of it, only convinced me to NEVER subscribe.

  82. Occasionally I wonder if I'd enjoy Spotify.. then I remember I get YouTube Music and no commercials on YouTube and remember how much I love no commercials.

  83. I used Spotify for years, and switched to YouTube Music this year. Spotify was marginally better in some ways, especially for sharing music with other subscribers (and listening to music that people share with me). YouTube Music has some cool features too, like being able to add music videos to playlists.

  84. I had Google Play Music back in the day, but when they moved to YouTube Music I tried it for a month before totally bailing on it. Spotify's discovery and daily playlists is amazing and the overall experience with podcasts and Spotify Connect is unrivaled. But MAN, do I miss ad-free YT included....

  85. Hi friend! I wasn't interested in premium myself until i took a road trip with a friend that had it. The download feature was key. Also, I was already earning google play rewards. For the first year I didn't pay a dime, just used my rewards. Now it takes a month or two to earn a free month.

  86. I just don't like how they force a ton of ads on people and make them pay to take them away. Like, I'll punch you in the face, and for 5 dollars a day I'll stop. You can't use anything without ads, and you have to pay everyone to not have ads. In this economy I don't have the money to avoid ads when I can barely pay to even have internet at all.

  87. The ‘punch in the face’ quickly upgraded to a bat to the head….commercials every 3-5 minutes!? Really!? I suppose the next step is crawlers DURING videos. It feels like their ultimate goal- is to make the free service as obnoxious as possible while remaining marginally functional.

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