Less than 1% of Netflix subscribers are playing its games

  1. Came here to say this. I have all kinds of systems to play games. I love to game. I go on gaming websites, and I have a Netflix account . I did not know that Netflix has games.

  2. I had heard they were going to start doing games but never heard anything about it starting. Only noticed when I went to go use Netflix from my phone which I rarely do and saw a bunch of mobile games pop up. Thought it was an ad at first. Not that the marketing would help much. None of these games look any sort of good.

  3. “Hey guys, we are getting a lot of bad press about abruptly canceling series. Why don’t we promise to always have a wrap-up episode for all our new, original content? That way people will be more likely to keep their monthly subs and watch new content as it’s released.” - New intern

  4. It does, many parts of Netflix sucks. Lately the company has been a revolving door of personnel, leading to no business movement in the same direction for any real portion of time. Shows and forward strategy are constantly scrapped, and now we have this launch of games with little way for people even to know about them.

  5. Right? I had no idea. Like... I'm an avid gamer. I haven't gotten a great game from my Humble Choice subscription for months, yet I still keep it around "just in case" (though yeah, I skip months when I remember to). What I mean is, I'm probably their target demographic.

  6. I found some trivia game one night. Played it for like 10 minutes. Answered 40-50 questions and hadn't missed one. I'm not THAT good at trivia. You're just asking really easy shit. Not going to keep doing that and enjoying it. Plus if I'm firing up Netflix it's so I can sit on my ass and barely pay attention, not constantly interact and be unable to look away.

  7. Nah this is the marketing. Now everyone's talking about it. All they had to do was write an article.

  8. Exactly this. I was half tempted on checking them out, but then thought F Netflix. If my sister and parents didn’t use my account, I would’ve canceled it ages ago.

  9. I downloaded a few of the games and within a week I deleted them. They werent bad, but not great, and took up a lot of space.

  10. Netflix seems to have exclusive rights to the mobile version of Into The Breach. I guess they're thinking that holding a few popular games hostage will keep subscribers.

  11. You know what I think might get Netflix out of its current tailspin? Quit making the experience more expensive and worse, stop trying to be anything other than a streaming platform and develop original content until the franchise is over rather than cancelling it after season 2 and hoping that all of the fans just forget to cancel their memberships.

  12. You know why less than 1% play them?? Cause they suck!!!! I saw them on Netflix a few weeks ago.. when you click on them it just sends you to the App Store and every review I saw for all the Netflix games were awful…

  13. The mobile version of Into the Breach is free with a netflix login. It is one of the best games I've ever played. The new update is awesome.

  14. That might be the first thing worth checking out. I thought they were referring to the crappy trivia games that show up once in a while.

  15. Why is it being called a Netflix game though when it was made by the people who made FTL and was available on the computer and other systems long before I’ve even ever heard about this Netflix game stuff.

  16. First I've heard of it. Just had a look at the list and the only one I've heard of is Into The Breach, which is a fantastic game that I implore everyone to play.

  17. I was stoked to see it release on mobile devices but I’m unsure of the whole Netflix games aspect of it. I’d rather just buy it off the App Store and not have to worry about some Netflix platform they’re distributing it through.

  18. They have games? Fuck they got me. If anyone was wondering why we didn't see any marketing for this, this is the marketing

  19. Their stranger things game is a$$. Sorry if 1% actually played and enjoyed it but it was boring. Netflix took the license away from dead by daylight for running strangers things so they could release a game… very weird

  20. But it's things like password sharing that are destroying the company's focus on quality content??

  21. The only game remotely worthwile is into the breach, a port of a pc game from 2018(folks that made FTL) imo

  22. First of all, of course they're not, most people only learned about you having games right now, so how the fuck do you expect people to play it when you don't market it? Second point, from back when I've heard that Netflix planned on going to the gaming business they talked how they wanted to get the Xcloud like, google stadia kind of market, so I was both expecting actual games that'd be streamed from the cloud, specially considering the whole point was to use to Netflix advantage the fact that they already have the whole infrastructure for it, so why do they only have mobile games and even worse, why do I have to download them to be able to play it?

  23. Apart from all the Netflix has games comments, if you like gaming one of the games offered is actually very very good and it was an established game before the partnership with Netflix. Into the breach is the game, it’s a tactical game in which you play sort of a chess game using mechs. Highly recommend it.

  24. There is no category for it on my phone, when I search games it still gives me shows. Only if I search for an exact title of a game can I find it. That’s terrible.

  25. Man, I can't wait to play mobile games on my phone that I can only access from my own home unless I pay an additional fee.

  26. Apparently you can only see that those games exist if you log on with an android phone. I tried on my PC and it doesn't even mention them. I can see them when I log in with my phone, but only when I go looking for them.

  27. Wait .. Netflix has games? This is news to me. I guess I’m missing some prompts or too quick to dismiss them.

  28. In a parallel universe Netflix didn’t go public and kept on building the incredible library while keeping the app strictly about movies and shows

  29. Went and checked my Netflix, because games? N yeah, right in the main thing on my phone its right at the bottom. Shattered my entire universe.

  30. That’s because they’re a streaming tv service. They’re trying to continue to grow when they don’t need to. Stay in your lane netflix. Give people shows and movies with no commercials. Seriously. Other services are doing better than you these days and no consumers care enough about netflix to keep it alive. We want flawless streaming and no commercials. Do your job.

  31. I’ve been a Netflix custom for 2 decades. I did not know they had games. I just thought the title was really snarky about people nor putting up with their BS

  32. Literally just found out today that they have games on iOS. Did they ever advertise them? Some of those could’ve been cool during lockdown if you could play with your friends.

  33. i had no idea, never seena nything about them or how to find them or play them or interact with them at all, figured it was a “we should have games on our service” them it just went away, good job hyping it up netflix best marketing job ever

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