Activision Blizzard employees win their union vote

  1. You're not exactly wrong. But the same was said about one Starbucks winning a union vote. Now we have about 80 last I checked.

  2. While true it is still the first union in game development as far as I'm aware. It's a foot in the door in an industry that has resisted unionization fiercely since its existence.

  3. It's significant because when Blizzard gave full time contracts and benefits to their QAs the QAs at Raven were excluded. They were excluded because they were trying to unionise.

  4. It's been driving me nuts. There was another one about how Activision was trying to stop it....but the headline was blizzard trying to stop union.

  5. 19 QA staff members. An entry-level job that high-school graduates use as a foot in the door. I understand teachers' and nurses' unions, even programmers' or animators' forming unions if we want to talk gaming. But the low-level QA staff in question have zero sway. They could go on strike for a decade and make little impact.

  6. This is specific to Raven Software and a tiny team of QA testers who are very likely to be replaced with offshore resources.

  7. Friendly reminder that actiblizz hired infamous union busters WhilmerHale to "review hr policy" after all the upper management sexual misconduct and terrible behavior stories broke out.

  8. Lmao, one of my buddies worked for Raven back in the day. One manager laid him and all his fellow team members off the moment their project was done.

  9. Good. But it's still a battle. Companies will fight tooth and nail to get it demolished. They also have full power to delay, delay, delay. Some successful union votes have waited 2 years + after the vote to actually get made. In that time span, the union crumbles, all the while, the employer doesn't have to give them any demands.

  10. I've always believed in my heart that the Game industry could be a shining example of the power of organized labor. Right now the game industry faces many of the issues that film industry workers experienced a century ago: skilled creative workers (including writers, set builders, actors, etc) whose passion for artistic projects in a new medium are exploited with long hours, low pay, sexual misconduct, and getting crushed by deadlines while the media companies raked in millions of dollars. The success of film industry unions demonstrate that "white-collar" workers can certainly benefit from organization.

  11. Not in the video game industry. It inhibits those with top talent from progressing based on their skill. You should never be paid based on tenure in this industry, it should be based on talents. While I do believe other industries greatly benefit from a union, this is not one of them as not every employees work is equal.

  12. I told this to a coworker circa 6 years ago. Developers should be unionized. We put up with too much shot from middle managers that don’t understand jack shit of what needs to be done

  13. I have a different perspective- we should not wait for things to truly go to shit before unionizing. We have it pretty good now, compared to airline employees or blue collar workers of yore… but if we wait until 90% of devs are outsourced, it will be too late to unionize and effect change.

  14. It's interesting to me that it was only QA. I'm a developer. We're such disagreeable non-joiners that we don't unionize, even though we could hold the company hostage, with the certainty that we can walk to another job easily if it didn't work out.

  15. Do they even have employees anymore? All they do is remake their old games worse but with better graphics

  16. The team that unionized is quality assurance not the engineers. My bet is they move to using vendors instead of in-house talent

  17. this is only for Raven Studios' Tester group which is a group of over 20 people, 90% of which voted yes, its not ActiBlizz as a whole

  18. I reported it as misleading and you should do the same horrible title This is group of 19 people in 10k people company

  19. Please correct me if I’m wrong. From what I understand this is a QA team that unionized (game testers). They aren’t necessarily coding anything but rather just playing the game over and over and over again to find bugs or issues before launch and then documenting their findings for the development team to correct.

  20. There’s value in having QA working very closely with Devs to get things tested, fixed and released quickly. Especially if they’re good and experienced testers

  21. That's June next year, still plenty of time for Bobby to screw the company into the ground and get everyone to quit before then.

  22. it’s a good start but it’s hardly over. hopefully this will spread quicker than activision can union bust. every worker deserves better.

  23. the wording in these from usa is always "allowed to form a union" do workers in usa have to create new unions, when they want to be in a union? in my country there are big unions covering various fields, people who want to be in a union sign on with one of them, nobody creates new ones.

  24. If unions are as bad for employees as companies always claim...why not be like the parents who say "Sure, go ahead, move out at 13, you clearly know everything."

  25. Not all unions are bad but there are many examples of Unions being terrible. It shouldnt be either take action alone/get a new job or a union. There's no nin between just like politics.

  26. “We could provide our employees a living wage and a reasonable level of job security at the cost of us making just slightly less money than we would have otherwise but that would A.) require us to even classify them as “employees” in the first place and B.) the whole “make less money” thing. From before.

  27. Workers should not have to band together to recieve fair compensation and ethical treatment. It shouldnt have to be an option, yet here we are.

  28. Wow they went from hiring 4 in 2021 to 7 in 2022... That is totally explained by the this unionization. Even though if we look at more than 2 data points they hired 9 in 2020 and 18 in 2019... At this rate they'll replace their 10,000 employees in as little as 1000 years.

  29. Being on a visa also makes it much harder to transfer to a new job. They're far less likely to leave due to poor pay and conditions

  30. All MS will do is close where this union is located and not offer new postions to the union members.

  31. And now all new releases will have a base price of $89.99 with the excuse of increased labor and production costs and the need to protect their profit margins. The end.

  32. Bro why do you have to vote on Unionizing? In Europe we just do it. There is no uncertainty we just unionise if it’s appropriate.

  33. “Days after the GWA formed, Raven QA employees were broken out of their single department and distributed across multiple teams.”

  34. Bobby Cotick here, We at Activision Blizzard believe strongly in the value of our individual subscription based associates and have find the unnecessary collectivization of accounts in violation of our terms of service. Hence forth we will be reinstitutionalizing a our wealth accounting protocols (or W.A.P. for short) in an effort to identify targets for repovertization. While pending litigation from the dystopic and crumbling state of California would accuse us of unfounded allegations that we wish to not go into, we feel that the antagonization of our company have degraded our efforts to expand our commitment in the fight for social justice and as such will be moving our offices to the great state of Texas, no longer will unsolicited affection forwardness be villainized as it had in the dystopic state of California as we shall be freed from the shackles of tyranny.

  35. Enjoy paying all those dues, and I hope the union ALWAYS makes decisions in your best interest, cause if not - sorry!

  36. Downvotes by people who have never worked for a union, or spent any time in the halls listening to the leaders do business.

  37. It's not happening, the style of the games is different; Vicarious is gone; one can hope that they'll do a THUG1+2 remake, but it's extremely unlikely 3+4 is ever going to happen.

  38. Considering MS bought ActiBliz because of their stock tumbling after the scandals came out & Kotick reached out to Spencer...-shrug- I mean hopefully under new management things will be better but it's not like anyone's being alturistic.

  39. This is 19 people at a COD support studio. I don’t think Microsoft cares if they have a union or not. They’re spending $68B on a company with 9,500 employees.

  40. I know someone that was laid off from Raven, and was very important in helping organize the strike. They work at another company already, and they're already unionizing their new publisher. I genuinely want to know what you think unions are and what they do.

  41. They need to clean house but not cause of this. More along the lines of dipshit ceo and touchy feely management.

  42. Wtf. Why can’t these people put a 100% accurate and succinct headline? Is it for the clicks or do they just like being sensational? Seriously. It’s barely an accurate headline.

  43. Activision was founded on the grounds of treating developers much better than the console companies. How times change.

  44. I know I'm relatively new here but it seems like the only subs that get upvoted are those bashing Elon or some store or division unionizing.

  45. Unions should be part of all public companies. The best outcome for a public company is not just to enrich the shareholders in the short term but also in the long term. This isn't as likely if there is high turnover and low morale with employees. Unions can provide some stability for the employee and the company by moderating the reactions of both over time. Key to all of this is to compensate Union workers with pay and shares of the public companies to align all interests as well. We should not just want to enrich the shareholders alone but also those shareholders who are employees over time. Rising tide.......

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