Netflix plans to have 50 games to offer by end of 2022

  1. Honestly impressed he's able to keep writing these essays where he calls us all stupid all while his face is squarely planted in Netflix's lap.

  2. Thank god, because thats exactly what i wanted. No canceled shows back, just some games that i will never play or interact with...

  3. Tbh if they had really good games this could create value I might wanna pay for. So like if you’re in the same house you can play multi player with just 1 account. But if you are in different houses you would need multiple accounts. Isn’t that how Some game companies work already?

  4. “Don’t worry! We know adding game features to our platform will add extra costs, so we’re passing those costs to you, the customers! Netflix is now $39.99 a month, or 3 months for $90!”

  5. Have they released ANY data on how many people actually routinely play games on Netflix? Maybe I'm old, but out of everyone I know, not A single one has ever used Netflix games. And many have children now.

  6. Why not music? Or actually just more content on what they should already be good at.. I looked at the games on my android and looks like the same old free shit you can get on Google play anyway but you don't because it's well.. Shit.

  7. Not gonna lie, this would be fucking hype. There are a lot of great old titles that I'm hoping will one day get ported and appear on GOG or something but otherwise are basically unplayable.

  8. Can't compete with movies and shows and decides to double down and challenge Gamepass. What could possibly go wrong. Someone explain to me how to short Netflix on the stock market.

  9. They should make match 3 games where the video plays in the middle of the screen. Because that is what their viewers would want.

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