Man Who Lived in Small Apartment Owes Nintendo $14.5 Million: Gary Bowser was recently sentenced to over 3 years in prison and ordered to pay millions to Nintendo for what his lawyers say was a relatively minor role in a Nintendo Switch piracy ring.

  1. It's a crazy coincidence because the President of Nintendo America is named "Doug Bowser", and I actually thought this article was about President Doug Bowser with a ROM side hustle.

  2. I would not be surprised if having the last name of bowser made him like Mario More and therefore more likely to participate participate in the video game communities and eventually piracy.

  3. “Thus Mr. Bowser is left to take the full brunt of the government’s argument that the Court must ‘send a message’ of general deterrence by imposing a lengthy term,” the pair of lawyers added.

  4. You can’t fucking write this shit. OF COURSE Nintendo is going after a dude named Bowser. They’re programmed to know he’s a bad guy

  5. Let me get this straight. The webmaster for a piracy ring owes $10 million + $14.5 million + 3 years of jailtime

  6. deliberately engineering the most heroin like drug they could possibly make, and then intentionally unleashing it on as many people as possible….with prior intent and knowledge that around 1-3% who got seriously addicted would be where the profit came from. While also lying continuously and conducting false studies in order to cover up the fact that they were just slightly modifying diacetylmorphine (heroin) and selling it as a non addictive pain cure. killing millions of people, many teenagers and young adults. They not only will get off Scott free but they will keep the vast majority of the profit from just OxyContin. Not only did it kill millions and ruin countless lives, it completely devastated entire regions of country with waves of mass addiction, and now heroin and fentanyl epidemic is a direct result of the deliberate opiate flooding/marketing/pushing we allowed people to make billions off of

  7. Sacklers were fined to the tune of 4.5 billion plus a fund for victims that can prove it. But no jail time. Oh and their profits were more than 9 billion. Lmao.

  8. The best part about this is it's Nintendo we're talking about. Probably 60% of the games pirated our games from the '80s and '90s that have just been ported. There is some non-zero percentage of people involved in all this that have probably stolen things they already owned 20 years ago.

  9. I mean these literally don’t involve the same legal systems or laws at all? I get the moral argument, but there are unrelated countries involved here.

  10. Yeah you can tell that they’ve tried their best to make an example of this guy, but it’s isn’t going to change jack shit. Piracy is never going away, it’s a massively losing battle that is a complete waste of time legally pursuing.

  11. For about 10 years I never pirated anything, online services were good and I had enough money. Now, with this stupid proliferation of streaming services, and Nintendo’s dumb method of not making it easy for me to play games I paid for in full (decades ago), I’m back to pirating.

  12. Should have been trying to overthrow the government instead of pirating Nintendo shit. Would’ve only gotten 90 days in jail.

  13. Could have committed global scale fraud or lobbied to have medical patient get addicted to unnecessary drugs that kills millions and destroyed countless families. Would have had to spend a few days going to court meetings and then enjoy your life of hundreds of millions.

  14. This is what should happen if you rape somebody, not if you distribute video games for people to play bootleg versions. Good god

  15. Naah, in America, rape is A-Okay as long as you're on a college football or baseball team. The college and the police will even help you cover it up.

  16. Holy shit, it's like the universe manifested this insane scenario all purely so you could make this exact joke at this exact moment. Gloriously done.

  17. Does it even hurt shareholders if the company doesn’t even sell what is being provided by the Pirates? Nintendo certainly has no interest in selling classic games outside of a tiny few

  18. In other news, Nintendo employee Steve Mario and his wife Jessica Peach have been kidnapped and imprisoned aboard Gary Bowser's pontoon boat aptly named Koopa's Ship. Gary has since been imprisoned at the Dungeon in Brett Luigi's mansion...

  19. Thats because they cant stop everyone, yet they try, so every once in a while some poor sod gets made an example.... Corporate greed prevails over all morality.

  20. You would think that with the vast amount of people who have at some point used pirated software, watched a pirated film, or listened to a pirated song…. No jury would ever punish anyone for the bullshit non-crime of piracy.

  21. I get that piracy is illegal and all that, but isn't the dude from the Dominican Republic? How does the USA have any jurisdiction there?

  22. It sounds like he was a Canadian living in the DR, and was arrested when he was flying home to Canada and the plane stopped in the US. Confusing.

  23. Importantly, he's not accused of having actually infringing any copyright. The DMCA makes it a felony to provide the means to subvert access controls on copyrighted material, regardless of whether any infringement actually occurs.

  24. I remember Team Xecutor making mod chips for the original Xbox back in the day, surprised it took this long honestly.

  25. Been a long while but I vaguely remember reading that the team then is not the same team now. Team Xecuter and it’s brand was sold (don’t remember when) so it might not even be the same folks anymore.

  26. I'm so glad. For every day over the past 20 years I have wept for poor Nintendo. It's so sad how such a thriving business went bankrupt because of these evil pirates. I'm pleased that Nintendo is happy with the knowledge that they destroyed the life of a man who was already living a life of misfortune so that they can finally get the money they so desperately need to recover from this devastating blow.

  27. Not saying I agree with the sentencing but Nintendo is one of the companies to not fuck around and find out...

  28. I know people like Nintendo, but shit like this is why I haven't bought any product from them in 2 decades. Nintendo and Apple can eat shit and die for their willingness to destroy common people for greed.

  29. They are trying to scare the common people who are broke. Not the rich ones taking all the profits. Its sad to see them ruin this guy and be happy with the outcome. Like you have a choice of racing a kid in a wheel chair, that is talking shit or the pro athlete, talking shit. You're in a jet plane and you choose the wheel chair kid. Then celebrate that you won and feel good about the outcome. "That will show all those shit talkers a lesson", and you make a PR campaign on stopping bullying and how you're helping that with this accomplishment.

  30. This would literally make me just do more crime. Like, you sentenced me to a life where i will forever be in debt and can never really succeed through mainstream means. Im just 100% going to do crime now.

  31. Lol the actual people who are spreading the pirated software are located in a place where they can’t even get charged, this man got shafted as an example and he wasn’t even the main perpetrator

  32. This is more than most people will make in their life time. Particularly for a poor country like the Dominican Republic. Nintendo has basically made a very bad image for themselves while upholding their trademark and copyright bullshit. Yes, you go right ahead and completely destroy someones life with fines they will never be able to pay off Nintendo.

  33. I will never support Nintendo another day in my life. These monsters are fucking sick and I hope their company fucking burns.

  34. Fuck Nintendo. Not sure how people are willing to pay top dollar for mobile game quality on top of their shitty console.

  35. So he made $60k over 5 years for this. Why don't you just charge him $60k or 100k if you want to punish him? Or charge him like he is a business $3.50 and a Mars bar.

  36. Nice how that guy gets completely fucked. But when big business and those fuck wads do way more damage they barely get a slap on the wrist. We’re back in the old tried and true feudal system.

  37. Nintends will literally sue a poor boy in a third world country using a GameCube ROM for a game that has been out of production for 20 years and isn’t available for purchase for 10 million dollars instead of making useable netcode

  38. My only exception to this is trackers that ask for donations to cover their expenses. Other than that I agree charging for stuff is scummy.

  39. Dude they created a subscription model LOL bunch of idiots They had it so good back in the 360 days and they fuked around and got greedy

  40. Yeah, honestly, fuck this dude. He is not well liked within the scene and he isn't some nobody either. They're painting him as a random dude but he's basically the face of (everything wrong with) switch piracy.

  41. No, the DMCA makes providing the means to subvert access controls to copyrighted material a felony whether or not any copyright infringement occurs.

  42. There's a bigger story to this. I wish I had a link, but I can't find it. To summarise: this guy is hated even in the homebrew/piracy community. He's had a history of screwing people over and generally being a terrible human.

  43. The extra dumb thing is if he had created a perfect switch emulator it would have been completely legal. He could have even sold it legally.

  44. It's still a clear violation of the DMCA, though. It doesn't say "you can't modify the firmware of a device for piracy purposes", it says "you can't modify the firmware of a device for unauthorized uses".

  45. Sympathy. I'm not sure why all these articles about this story insist on making him the good likable guy, when both he can be a piece of shit that deserves punishment, and the punishment that he did receive was too harsh.

  46. Honestly prison for a petty crime is ridiculous. It should be community service and repeat offense gets x2 hours of community service and if they do it a 3rd time maybe jail. Violent crimes or crimes that hurt families for generation(s) warrants prison.

  47. Its to show that he has no way of ever paying that money back and that the punishment didnt fit the crime. Its not like he made millions of dollars off nintendo roms.

  48. I am still trying to get over the fact that the way to describe the man was to talk about his SMALL house. Next is what?

  49. People really want to ignore this guy broke the #1 rule of piracy, he charged for the content, fucking idiot dug his grave

  50. People that're actually in the homebrew community hate him; when the people in your community hate you to the point they celebrate when you get locked up, you fucked up. I don't know why random people see this as "small guy caught pirating" when he did so much!

  51. Too lazy to scroll down Am I the only one who thought it funny/ironic that his name is Gary „Bowser“

  52. I’m all for hacking/modding/home brewing your hardware and running whatever you want on it. It’s your right to fuck up your hardware however you see fit.

  53. Fuck Nintendo, the art and history created by the people working for the company is amazing. Yet Nintendo prides itself on overpricing, limiting and destroying videogame history for the sake of a buck.

  54. He could have offered every Switch game for free and I STILL would be against the disgustingly massive fine and jailtime.

  55. That fact that all these people with the surname Bowser have some sort of affiliation with Nintendo is proof that we live in a simulation and the creators of it are getting lazy.

  56. I can’t be the only person who was thinking this was going to be about Nintendo suing some poor guy who has the last name of an iconic Nintendo character when they read the first half of that title.

  57. Can’t say I feel sorry for this guy. Everyone knows you don’t fuck with Nintendo. They’ll ruin your life.

  58. What does lived in a small apartment have to do with anything? Was the apartment the scene of the crime? Was this the pirate’s lair?

  59. Nintendo is absolutely a shit about it's intellectual property, but afaik they've really only gone hard at people making money directly on their stuff, like this guy or LoveRoms. Or more annoyingly Smash Bros tournaments. Like, Emuparadise shut down their rom stuff but I don't think they were contacted by Nintendo at all

  60. Wait, isn’t the president of Nintendo of America named Doug Bowser? And now the guy bearing the brunt of punishment for a Nintendo piracy ring is named Gary Bowser? Why the hell are so many people involved with Nintendo named Bowser? I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone named Bowser, and yet Nintendo of all places has two headline-affiliated Bowsers? What are the chances?

  61. Lmfao, what a fucking joke. This poor yokel of a pirate gets charged with 15 million dollars in damage and 3 years in prison. Meanwhile big pharma and oil companies commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis and fuck all happens.

  62. I mean, is anyone actually surprised that the guy’s lawyers would downplay his involvement in a felony? I have no idea to what extent he was involved, but I do know that his attorneys aren’t an unbiased source of information.

  63. "Before joining Xecutor, Bowser created a successful business which madeinteractive kiosks for the government in Toronto, the sentencingmemorandum filed by his lawyers reads. He was the victim of domesticviolence from a girlfriend, and another girlfriend of his was murdered.His older brother died in a plane crash, and Bowser’s mother died whenhe was 15, the court record adds. In response, Bowser drank, the courtrecords state."

  64. My friends daughter got fined $22 million for not snitching out her bosses at telemarketing job. It was like selling franchises for $1200. She was just a lead telemarketer. At the same time Paul Maniford got $5 million fine for his crime.

  65. Maybe a $50,000 fine or something similar that’ll sting for a while, but dear lord charging him for millions and years of jail time is just inhumane

  66. Just cancelled my Nintendo online subscription. I refuse to pay companies that go out of their way to destroy lives over some small IP theft.

  67. As someone who supports going to set sail if you know what I mean, this guy wasn't some innocent pirate lol. Pirated software designed to brick Switches if you didn't pay him or had certain things installed, selling his services as a second hand distribution shop rather than just putting up ROMs or what have you (which wouldn't get you time), and other scummy behavoir. There's a reason sooooo many pirates are still out there on the wide web with no issues (including being able to find a fuckton of Nintendo games and having a ton of Nintendo ROMhack sites that have even said Nintendo almost never messes with them) while this guy had this happen.

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