Juul’s e-cigarettes can’t be sold in the US, FDA says

  1. Nah. They just don’t give a fuck about actual issues. They just do whatever they think will get them re-elected so they can continue to insider trade.

  2. “Not enough evidence of long term risk.” Right because “will give you lung cancer” is a guaranteed metric that makes normal cigarettes okay.

  3. I agree this is stupid but playing devils advocate yeah people know what cigarettes do to you at this point so still going ahead and buying them is basically informed consent where you know the risks. With vapes the evidence just doesn’t exist so someone could start vaping thinking of it as a safe alternative

  4. While I’m all for getting rid of the nicotine industry’s preposterous privilege to sell this predatory product, the fact that they are willing to so quickly ban an e-cigarette, but unwilling to do anything about the real ones……it all flows uphill.

  5. Assault weapons are heavily regulated to the point where they may as well be illegal. They require expensive tax stamps and whatnot.

  6. Trump and the republican-appointed FDA commissioner started this in the first place so I don’t think voting differently would affect this tbh

  7. Fuck. This got me off cigarettes when nothing else could. The ones I used to use were discontinued and then I started using these. I literally bought a new device two days ago and now it’s just trash I guess…along the others. This is shit. How are they picking just one certain company I don’t get it. I need something similar to a cigarette and most aren’t like that anymore. I just heard about Roe and this might not be as big of a deal, it just fucking sucks. I have a day or two to figure out what else is going to actually work for me so I don’t go back to cigarettes again.

  8. I use NJOY and it works well me. The devices are $1 and the pods are affordable. I’ve been off cigs for 9 months using NJOY. And the pods are available at convenience stores like circle k and QT.

  9. I feel this. I stopped smoking because of Juul, and then I went back when they took away mango and cucumber. Then I adjusted to mint. Then they took mint. Then I adjusted to menthol… and I hate it. Now they take the whole device. And while we’re at it-I’m a woman with a daughter and now we have to worry about having to deliver a rape or non-viable baby-maybe even due over an ectopic pregnancy?

  10. Honestly the loon vapes aren’t bad. I used the reloaded one so you buy the pods and juice and it lasts way longer than a juul. They also have an abundance of flavors.

  11. Maybe try to get off nicotine and smoking/vaping. I know it’s an addiction, but it’s a choice not getting off of it.

  12. The same FDA who created the opioid epidemic by allowing the Sackler family to make billions off of lies about OxyContin for a decade is banning a small business from making money but continues to allow big tobacco to do whatever it wants. This country is a fucking joke.

  13. I’d add that the DEA further created the opioid epidemic by tightening the regulations on oxy forcing addicts into unregulated chemicals like heroin and clandestine fentanyl. There was always an opioid epidemic, it just wasn’t in the suburbs.

  14. There wasn’t a tax structure in place for cities so a push was made to eliminate them across the board. I don’t remember how much of smokes is taxes but I’d guess 92%

  15. Maybe they would prefer people start smoking cigarettes instead. It makes me angry because I was able to quit because of Juul and the other vapes are too big with more vapor.

  16. Parents buying their kids ecigs and the company is somehow to blame? Or am I missing something here?? I quit all nicotine a month ago, but I've literally never not been carded for a "tobacco" related product.

  17. I used vapes to quit smoking, but I’m still actively vaping so I’m stuck in the nicotine addiction. I’m not gonna go back to smoking, so if vapes get banned then I guess I have a forced timetable to get myself un-addicted. I’m ok with that.

  18. But don’t worry, the rat laced poison tobacco products profits are still lining the pockets of these same people voting this down. Dumb! How can you ban something (Juul) and not the PROVEN worse alternative (cigarettes)?!?!

  19. I was a pack a day smoker and i’m smoking a Juul right now, really helped me. Wish they would just ban cigs once and for all this is hypocritical

  20. There’s nothing wrong with an AR-15. There’s really nothing special about it aside from the design. Pick, it’s a .223 caliber, which is small.

  21. Yeah they’re probably gonna take it to court forcing the FDA to create regulations for e-cigs more broadly. Because they’ll probably be making the case that as one brand they’re being unfairly targeted or something

  22. It's just the first step. The government makes too much money from tobacco sales, so eventually all vaping will be banned or the industry will die from over regulation.

  23. The reason it’s only Juul is because they are the only company that didn’t comply with one particular FDA regulation, while all the others did. And by others, I mean the nationally sold big company ones. The smaller brands that only sell in individual states are exempt.

  24. I live in Canada and this all happened year or two ago already, here’s a little sneak peak for my American pals: - first it’s Juul specifically for some reason (maybe cause they’re most profitable), then it’s any vape juice with a flavour because kids could get there hands on it, then it’s anything you could vaporize with nicotine above a certain percentage, makes it useless for anyone actually using the thing to try and quit. The FDA wants you on the darts heavy.

  25. Ah yes because when fruit flavors are in vapes it’s “marketing towards children” but the Smirnoff ad that’s plays all the time for fruit flavored vodka is not. These people are scummy

  26. Why not also ban video games and sugar if you’re so concerned about kids developing! lifelong addictions FDefffingA?

  27. "After reviewing Juul v. FDA the supreme court has decided that same sex marriage is not a fundamental right"

  28. The Juul brand is produced by Phillip Morris. They don't care if they sell vapes instead of cigarettes. This is a net loss in sales for them.

  29. JUUL could have avoided this if, when they clearly noticed a huge chunk of their sales were minors addicted to nicotine, they actually did something.

  30. You literally have to get your ID scanned to purchase these. The same isn’t true for cigarettes.

  31. Curious as to why Juul specifically. Maybe it’s nicotine salt juices where as the original free base ones aren’t getting banned? Not reading the article.

  32. I read in another article basically effective immediately. So.. if you use a Juul now is a good time to go raiding for pods.

  33. Why does the FDA have jurisdiction over juuls they’re not a food or a drug (I know nicotine is a drug but juuls are not a pharmaceutical drug), shouldn’t it be the ATF or the DEA? Is the loophole that all vapes are technically classified as smoking cessation products? If anyone has insight or knowledge about this I’m curious to learn about it

  34. Juul single-handedly ruined my life. It is responsible for almost my entire generation not being smoke - free.

  35. This move makes the FDA look weak as shit. Way to single out a singular entity despite 100’s of less regulated ones still on the market. Idiots

  36. So when do these start to get pulled from shelves? I work part time at a gas station and I’m not ready for the hell that will be telling everyone and their mother why we don’t have them anymore

  37. I hate this country so much. This on the day of the reversal of Roe? Everyone should start smoking a carton a day. Fuck this country. Fuck it with a rusty pipe.

  38. This seems kinda late. I’m 25, I vape, and everyone I know at this point has left the Juul behind for either a box mod vape, or a disposable vape.

  39. The FDA is a weapon used by big tobacco and big pharma to monopolize the industry. Disgusting animals abusing our democracy. Banning a specific brand because it hurts your sales. ban vapes in general if it’s an issue! But it’s not! So let’s specifically ban our competition !

  40. No, nicotine is up there with alcohol and hard drugs in terms of cutting people off. You’re about to piss off a county with a large amount of anger, poverty and guns. How about let’s fucking not you dumb ass

  41. I don’t think people realize how bad vapes can be. I think they’re a great alternative to smoking cigarettes but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. My brother used to be a respiratory therapist at a children’s hospital and they had an insane amount of teens consistently being admitted because of things relating to vapes. Your lungs don’t enjoy being boiled.

  42. Who actually gives a fuck? I’ll import them and sell them for cost. I do not care what any branch of the government, at this point, chooses to dictate.

  43. The black market is gong to be real and if the THC carts that actually caused most of the medical issues kids blamed on vaping was an indicator, it's going to be bad.

  44. Usually America puts the onus one those claiming X is unsafe (and it stays in the market meanwhile). Better for their billionaire friends.

  45. To hell with juul and commercial vapes. They’re all trash. The only way you know what’s in it is if you do it yourself. Juice and atomizers are easy and cheap to make.

  46. I love how they just dunk on juul. As someone who just graduated high school and was addicted to nicotine just about the whole time, I can say I’ve never hit a juul. No kid uses them, because they’re hard to get. Just banning one vape company does nothing but pushes the addicts to other brands. You want to eliminate addiction in todays youth? Ban them all. Also I’ve quite since graduating☺️.

  47. Yea, just get lung cancer and suck in all the chemicals known to be in regular cigarettes rather than use e-cigarettes to cut down on those chemicals and the actual smoke.

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