Americans: What image of the US do your students have?

  1. At my University, the # of students who have gone to study abroad in the USA has declined 75% since 2017(countries like Netherlands, Australia etc have increaseD). The image of the USA has definitely taken a beating in the past decade especially

  2. I’ve been saying for a long time that pro gun control folks should bring up the negative effect on our economy gun violence has. I never see that mentioned. But I imagine we lose tons of money from tourists and students being afraid to come here

  3. Im not American but when I asked my students at an eikaiwa where they would like to travel one of my students flat out said America. I asked her why and she said “to see the Big Ben” lol

  4. I’m in Korea actually. But when I asked my students if they wanted to visit the US some day most said yes but felt it was too dangerous. One student said “too much bang bang”

  5. Most of my students like American media, but have no desire to go there because of gun violence. I don't much blame them, having been here for over a decade, going back for a visit is a bit daunting given what you see on the news lately.

  6. I mean, if one wanted to be earnest and truthful - just stay out of the ghettos and the likelihood of death or serious injury is minor relative to automobile accidents, heart disease, etc.

  7. Do you knows stats wise crime was higher in the 1980s and 1990s then now - it’s just coverage online , TV , social media is so massive now the perceptions is it’s at an all time high. And the actual chances of your being murdered for example even in city’s perceived as very dangerous is about 25 incidents per 100,000 persons. You have greater chance of dying in a car wreck.

  8. My students (junior high) were surprised to learn Americans regularly eat rice. I think they legit thought we only eat bread.

  9. To be fair, when my 13 year old cousin came to Japan from France, she was was pretty surprised when we went to a bread shop. She was like "I thought it they ate only rice?!" So it's probably a kid thing.

  10. Mainly a desire to see sport teams they like. I had a lot of students write they wanted to go to an NBA game. As I also like to cook and show stuff to my students, they are also interested in American food.

  11. Not at all in my experience. They still want to go see ohtani or eat a hamburger. Depends on the age but certainly the younger ones don’t read about school shootings or abortion and take that into account

  12. Everyone is armed to the teeth, we all shoot each other, and when Walking Dead was in its peak all those years ago, I overheard some elementary school kids talking about how America definitely has zombies.

  13. Guns. Dangerous. Big food portions. Australia much safer. UK too far and expensive. let’s go to the US. the UK and Spain in Japan. We have many safe “foreign” theme parks. We can go to the US in Japan. Very safe. Japanese experience of America in Japan. I stay in Japan all my life. Yes, I did travel to a foreign “theme Park” I’m international now.

  14. It ran the gamut! I had kids who thought it was too dangerous because of guns. (Granted, with reason. I lived near Takko, and they surely heard about the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, where several students from Takko were in attendance.) A lot of basic "I want to see the statue of liberty, eat hamburger." During the trump administration many of my students expressed a desire to meet him because they, I suppose, found him entertaining.

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