Weekly r/Tattoos Question/FreeTalk Thread! - November 26, 2022

  1. Got my first ever ink today and just need to have a small brag about it. I was incredibly anxious but in the end it was painless and according to the lovely artist I didn't so much as twitch. Proud of myself and now plotting a larger piece.

  2. Long story but I have come into possession of a large amount of old tattoo ink. I know it can’t be used for tattooing due to obvious safety reasons, but are there any other uses for the ink (canvas painting, models, tie dye, etc)?

  3. You may… be able to use it for drafting/writing with an old fashioned fountain pen or feathered quill. My only advice would be, older inks used to use a lot of metals in them that could be damaging to fountain pen mechanics.. so if you chose this route then don’t get a super expensive pen/setup till you know how it’ll respond.

  4. I dont have an answer to this but as long as its not used for tattooing or consumed by any living breathing thing, it cant hurt to experiment right? Be careful of staining anything though

  5. The back of my calf was horrible - worse than any bony part so far. I’ve heard palms are excruciating, though - kind of doubt you’ll top that one with many other placements. I’m planning on getting mine done but want to have more on my arms first.

  6. I have a half sleeve and the parts closest to my armpit were pretty shitty. I find the more flabby/less muscle parts of me hurt more lol

  7. my foot. Id just had my spine/middle back done and it was easy, we took a break, he stuck the needle into my foot and i screamed

  8. I have been told that the bottom of the foot is really bad. I'm not sure as I don't have one there. But it does sound like it would be pretty bad.

  9. Recently I have been looking into getting my first tattoo. I would love any general advice like what to look for when picking a tattoo artist, how to prep for the session, how to care for the tattoo afterwards and so on. I understand that a lot of this information I will likely get from a good tattoo artist, but I would just like to be as prepared as possible.

  10. Look through the artist’s portfolio (many are on Instagram) thoroughly and read shop reviews on Yelp and Google. Many reputable artists specialize in specific styles so make sure you pick someone who works in the style you’re looking for. For example, don’t go to a realism artist for geometric or traditional. If you’re getting a banger (i.e. a small tattoo - often lettering, symbols, simple imagery that is palm size or smaller), any artist in a studio who has their fundamentals down will be able to do your tattoo. If you want line work, look for an artist with clean lines. Also - you get what you pay for! Do not look for a bargain. Put some money aside for a few months if it’s outside your budget. You can have a consultation and meet an artist before booking an appointment. If you don’t feel comfortable with the artist or their portfolio, look somewhere else.

  11. Have a look through Instagram and look for an artist who's style you like. For example if you like traditional tattoos go to a traditional artist etc. See if they have any healed pictures on there page as that's always good to see.

  12. I absolutely hate needles, literally take Valium to get vaccines. Tattoo needles don't freak me out at all, I think it's because you can't see the individual needles unless you're holding it to your face, and it feels way different.

  13. If getting a tattoo removed, can other tattoos be close to the one being removed (1/4" apart), or will they be impacted by the process as well?

  14. I really want a fine-line tattoo of a song lyric but I am very scared of it bleeding together over the years. does anyone have advice about this? will it still be able to read?

  15. i already have a few tattoos and i'm thinking about getting another one but the placement is a bit different this time. I want to get one on my butt cheek but idk how to ask my artist that without potentially making things awkward does anyone have experience with this particular region and have a good way i could bring this up while still keeping it respectful?

  16. As long as you're comfortable with your tattoo artist then just treat it like any tattoo. If both parties are mature then it doesn't change the process much. Besides, most tattoo artists have done their fair sure of butt cheek tattoos after a couple of years.

  17. I deadass just handed him a design and said "can you do something with this for my butt?". I figure they've seen it all over the years. Regarding actually having it done I was lay on my front with my pants pulled down but not off (it's really cold here right now). I wore a thong so I didn't have to show off my privates. It's only skin after all.

  18. Can a tattoo be made like to look like a scar or maybe a burn? I have these glyphs that I want tattooed on the anterior proximal phalange parts of my hands. But I don't want just plain black ink. I thought it might look pretty sick for the glyphs to look branded, burnt, or cut into my skin.

  19. Absolutely! Look for someone who specializes in color realism. I’d recommend changing the placement, though. Tattoos on the back of the hand are finicky and often don’t stick/age well. Tattoos on the fingers are even worse (we call them souvenir tattoos because they’re almost always going to fall out) and allow no room for any kind of detail.

  20. How have you guys desinged your sleeves. I am at a dead end as I have a lot of element ideas, but none of them work together and I feel like taking them sepparetly really limits my desing options for the future. I mean then I have many small tats around my body that don’t communicate with my later plans.

  21. I'm wondering this, too!!! I have an album cover on my bicep but I want other things I love/enjoy on this arm, too. I'm just unsure how to make it all look cohesive or something. HmMmMm

  22. I have a leg that is almost done with patchwork, and arm that will most likely be patchwork. in the end, I will have one big cohesive sleeve. the idea is I have a theme with some pictures I am thinking. I will sit down with my artist and he will lay it all out.

  23. I'm going through the process of getting skin removal surgery for massive weight loss. Going to scars basically everywhere. Legs, torso, arms, etc.

  24. my thought is to get what you want, where you want it. you don't have to avoid the scars but they will be enough of a focus point that you don't need to get them tattooed. I think in the end, a sleeve you set out to design, or pieces you like around a scar will be a better look. congrats on losing that much weight also

  25. Hello everyone, I’m looking for some advice. I’ve always admired the solid wristband style tattoos. Like a solid black or color, sometimes patterns involved. However, recently I’ve read that this style represents mourning the loss of a loved one.

  26. I have one of these and regret it, getting it blacked out eventually, not because meaning it just didnt turn out great.

  27. The meaning isn't common knowledge if that helps. If that's what you want get one just make sure the artist can pull clean lines. It will be noticeable if they aren't perfect

  28. I just got my first tattoo, a decent sized floral piece on my back. I felt zero pain during the entire six hours. Outlining and shading felt the same, like someone was drawing on my skin with a ball-point pen. My artist and I both thought this was truly bizarre. Has anyone else experienced this or know how this could be?

  29. Got my first tattoo a few days ago and it was also painless. However I am a lifestyle submissive with an intensely high pain threshold so maybe that's a factor? Everyone has different concepts of what constitutes pain vs discomfort.

  30. Never had a tattoo, really want to get one next year. Wondering how much tattoos disorientate with changes in size? I’m currently 88kg at 6’2, hitting the gym a lot and putting on muscle. Don’t want to get a tattoo if it’ll look stretched as I gain weight (muscle, not fat). Any advice is appreciated!

  31. this completely depends on the location of the tattoo. a forearm tat is extremely unlikely to be affected by muscle/weight gain but a stomach tat is more likely to get distorted

  32. I'm looking for any UK based artists that do abstract/watercolour/brush stroke style tattoos - I've found 2 artists I like but unfortunately they're both based in Italy.

  33. Maury Decay in London does quite a bit of watercolour? I've never been to him myself but I like his portfolio.

  34. Looking for Michigan tattoo artists that specialize in coverup tattoos! I am not picky if their coverups are in color or black and grey. Thanks in advance!

  35. Iron Tiger Tattoos in Mt. Pleasant. It's def a drive depending on where you are but Bryan Briggs' work is top tier. I also recommend Black Tusk over in Mt. Clemens for cover ups. They do sick work as well!

  36. Does anyone know some cool alternatives to snakes? I would love a tattoo that winds around my leg but I don’t want just a typical snake

  37. hello! I’m looking to get my first tattoo next month. I want something incorporating a semicolon or butterfly on my wrist, upper thigh, or hip. This way I can hide it if need be. I’m extremely worried about the pain. I don’t have a low pain tolerance i’m just oblivious to the feeling of being tattooed. What can you compare pain/feeling to? I’ve heard bee sting, ear piercing, and being stabbed… Any advice is appreciated!

  38. depends on the spot being tatted but generally feels like a cat scratching your sunburned skin

  39. Its more of an annoying feeling than pain, and personally the best way i can describe the feeling is burning

  40. I’m looking for a Maryland tattoo artist specializing in anime tattoos, I want to start planning a leg sleeve. Also looking for a few other tattoos

  41. I know the general consensus on single-needle is that they fade quickly and become a blurry mess over time, but for something super simple like an letter/initial, is that still a concern? My wife is wanting a small single-needle piece near the bikini line (only mention because won't get a lot of UV exposure), but wasn't sure if that is still going to look terrible down the road as it ages?

  42. I suppose it depends on the letter, font etc. All tattoos 'spread' over time it's just more noticeable with finer lines. But if that what she wants then I say get it

  43. Who ever has told you that they fade quickly either doesn't know what they're talking about or had a bad experience themselves. Tattoos dont fade if the artist truely knows what they're doing.

  44. Purely depends on the artist you go to. There's probably an artist out there that could bang that out in a hour, a reasonable estimate would be anywhere from 3-6 hours.

  45. Is it possible to shade an existing colour tattoo (imagine a very basically shaded traditional tattoo) to be black and grey? I’m unable to get a photo of the tattoo

  46. im assuming they would have to make it way dark to cover all of the color. its a rework vs a coverup but if you want it black and gray, something has to happen to the color

  47. I am planning a foreign trip, and I would like to get a tattoo done while there. I have a concept in mind, should I have it drawn and printed beforehand to bring with me to the shop? Or should I just go to the shop while I'm in country and have them draft and ink it?

  48. I’d say do whatever you feel most comfortable with! If you want to know exactly what the image should look like before you get it tattooed then take a print with you. But if you want to let the tattooartist have some artistic freedom and their own artstyle incorporated into the tattoo then go there with a rough idea and maybe a few reference pictures and let them design something for you then.

  49. Find an artist you like the style of and tell them exactly this! You'll end up with a better design than most of us can imagine up for you.

  50. I have tattoos that would be considered traditional but I don't like all traditional tattoos. it's more about the artists style. find an artist you like and set something up. an eagle with an American flag would be great

  51. Anyone else very unlucky in regards to actually getting tattoo appointments? So decided to start getting tattoos this year, looked for niche blackwork style artists in my city and found a few that didn't seem to have too long of a wait for booking.

  52. I doubt you’re doing anything wrong. I have found more and more that it’s harder to get in with good artists and many of them are just not good at that side of the business. I have a current artist working on a sleeve with me and he can take weeks to get back to me. I waited over a month for another artist to respond. A 4-6 week wait time for replies is pretty common these days. I also see more artists now opening their books and calling for you to send in your “proposals” and they will only get back with the ones they want to do. It feels a bit like winning the lottery these days to get in with a great artist.

  53. If that artists style is what you want on the whole sleeve then that should be a part of the conversation for sure so that the artist can draw with background/connecting things up later in mind.

  54. I am looking for a tattoo artist in Stockholm that has experience with tribal, nordic, celtic style, like runestones. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  55. I am in the middle of a large piece... I heard from a very good friend, who I totally trust, that the artist has been (in their own words) "scamming this dude" and said "You should see how little I do in a 4hrs and I have him pay me for the whole time". I had a suspicion of this, but that seems to be confirmed.

  56. I had to do some searching because I had a similar issue with 'time milking'. I messaged some artists on Instagram that I'd consider going to and basically explain to them whats up, and ask if they were comfortable continuing someone else's work. Some say no, they don't want to step on anyones toes. You just gotta find people with portfolios you like and message 'em.

  57. traditional and Neo traditional are the best for many reasons. hahaha. it is all personal preference. the age isn't old enough to make a difference. general rule for placement, if the spot doesn't see the sun, it will probably hurt more.

  58. Do star tattoos on backs of hands symbolize anything? I am a gay guy from middle of nowhere Wisconsin. A guy I met on online dating recently had a tattoo of an empty black outlined star on his hand. My best friend told me to be cautious because both stars and spiderwebs on hands can symbolize interaction in prison. I told my friend they are jumping to conclusions and judging. What do the tattoo pros think about this?

  59. probably it doesn't mean anything other than the guy wanted a star on his hand. it might not be an easier way, but much more efficient to ask him. hey, why did you get a star on the back of your hand, or hey, have you ever been to prison?

  60. A spiderweb on the elbow allegedly means the person did time in jail, but sometimes people just want a spiderweb on their elbow. I've never heard about a star meaning anything. I have a star on my hand, I just happen to like stars.

  61. okay, i don't have any tattoos, and i'm sure this is different for every artist, but when someone has a flash are the designs on it only available to one person? like if someone picks one of the designs, is it unavailable to other people? i saw someone got a design off of a flash that i really want. do you think the artist would be open to also tattooing it on me? i don't want to seem silly for asking them if this is some universal tattoo rule i don't know about.

  62. Depends on the artist. Most flash tattood are done repeatedly but some tattoo artists do limited flash that they create and only tattoo on one person. Just ask the artist, worst thing that'll happen is they'll say no.

  63. I have been looking to get a Greek fine-line / minimalist half-sleeve but I cannot find artists that do it in Florida. I am attaching a link to what I am looking for. Does anyone know of any artists in Florida or nearby states that do this type of work?

  64. Hello everyone!! I have one tattoo. got in in 2018 and it was a terrible experience with the artist himself. very unprofessional and gross (snot and drooled on my leg bc he was upset - which is understandable. but postpone or cancel or something???). it was also ofc painful and uncomfy. he wasn’t a good guy and that’s my bad.

  65. Research your artist and ask for an in-person consultation. Ask about their process. You might even want to explain what happened and let them know you’re anxious. A great tattoo artist is going to work with you. Good luck!

  66. I’m wanting to get a tattoo that is “cut here with a pair of scissors and a dashed line that go around my neck, what’s a tattoo artists opinion on this?

  67. There's a local shop I love with two lovely artists. I have two tats from one artist and I am thinking of getting one from the other artist. It feels rude to me to go to the same shop but turn down my usual artist. Is this actually rude or am I overthinking it?

  68. Totally overthinking! It’s not uncommon to get tattoos from different artists at the same place. You should be fine!

  69. I've got a sleeve booked to be started in a couple of weeks. So far, I have sent the artist my idea(s) regarding what I want. Should I be expecting to see any design/art before I sit for my appointment? If not, what do I do if I'm not a fan of what they came up with?

  70. I would imagine you won't see anything until the day of the appointment. assuming you love the artists style and previous work, the piece will be awesome. if you don't like elements, tell them when you see it and go from there

  71. Some artist will do a small test area. You can always ask. Red is a common color to have reactions to but I would talk with your artist about it ahead of time. The test area will let you know for sure.

  72. I’m looking for an opaque tape or patch that could cover up an ugly lasered off tatt during my holiday. No make up recommendations please, as I don’t intend to keep reapplying it. Would prefer to just leave it there for a day or two and replace the patch/tape again.

  73. Assuming it's completely healed, look up "kinesiology tape." If the spot isn't fully healed, the tape is absolutely going to yank off some skin.

  74. Artist started a full leg sleeve - entire outline ankle to hip, and then got through colour up to about my knee.... then announced they were moving 4 hours away.

  75. I'm trying to settle on a new tattoo to do with mental health. Trouble is I don't want a semi-colon based thing, and I don't really want words. I've been trying to design it myself as I have drawn all of mine so far.

  76. I'm hoping to get my first tattoo before xmas and I'm drawing up ideas rn. does anyone want to brainstorm designs with me? is there a reddit I can refer to?

  77. Hi there - I am looking for recommended artists in the Mid Atlantic USA area that do good work in nature motifs….specifically birds and trees. I’m looking for very realistic depictions, like something you’d find in a field guide.

  78. Probably a long shot but can anyone recommend an artist in the mid north coast area of NSW, Australia? It's a really personal piece and I'm nervous about finding an artist locally that will do it justice.

  79. will my tattoo artist hate me if i ask her to rework one of HER old pieces? i love her work, and i am currently getting a sleeve done with her, but one of our original tattoos we did isn’t my exact style anymore/the style of the other tattoos on my sleeve. i want to ask her if we can rework part of it to match better but i don’t want to hurt her feelings since my idea involves covering up parts of the tattoo. i understand she might shoot it down anyway if she doesn’t feel she can execute the cover up accurately, but i’m terrified to even mention it because i don’t want to offend her or make her think i hate the old tattoo.

  80. I don't think there is harm in asking. artists know that some of their old work isn't as good as their current work. im thinking of doing this too, just to change a color that has aged and changed. I will eventually. worse he could say is no. no hatred with it though

  81. Looking for some advice on a tattoo design - I’ve emailed the artist of it (he makes custom tarot cards) but he hasn’t gotten back to me, plus there’s a language barrier. The main issue is that there’s parts of the design that I wouldn’t actually want - such as the background within the tarot card (I would just like the angelic figure and the outline). I have no talent or skill in anything that would help me manually delete the parts of the design I don’t want, so just wanted to ask around to see if anyone knew what I should use to delete those parts.

  82. Re: your second question- if the piece is a tattoo artist’s personal flash, you should absolutely ask before having someone copy it and expect them to say no. Also don’t expect any quality artist to copy it 1:1.

  83. do you guys think I’d ever regret a tattoo of my cat in a field of purple flowers? I found a design that I quite like but idk I’m kinda scared of committing

  84. There's always a chance of regretting a tattoo. People have even regretted their tattoos for the first few days but then start to like it afterwards. If you're having second thoughts of getting the tattoo I'd just wait and see how you feel after a few weeks or even months. No need to rush getting it anyway.

  85. I got tattood last night and the artist was very amazed at how still I was the entire time but my arm is currently shaking very hard and I can barely write or hold anything still… is this just the nerves taking too long to kick in?

  86. I plan to get a little flower tattoo on my pubic area and a little snake in the inner hip. Will it makes guys who I have intimacy with think I'm trashy ? I already get bunch of hidden tattoos....

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