Weekly r/Tattoos Question/FreeTalk Thread! - November 19, 2022

  1. Are there other types of Functional Tattoos like with Adam Savage’s measurements tattoo? Just interested in learning if there’s been other stuff like that

  2. I got a tattoo from my knee down last Saturday. Would it be safe to snowboard tomorrow? My tattoo artist said I can work out after a week but worried about my leg being in a boot and rubbing vigorously against the boot/sock/bindings.

  3. My husband is very interested in getting his first tattoo, but he struggles with all of the different styles and knowing how to communicate what he wants to the artist. Does anybody have any good resources for him to look at different styles and their themes/attributes? I know a lot of names that he can google image search, but I think having everything in one place that's easy to review would be super helpful to him.

  4. I would recommend tattoo snob on instagram. he features many different artists around the world. also, inkeeze and eternal ink are products used by artists. those pages will feature artists of every style. he can browse around and get a feel for what he likes.

  5. I would recommend that he find an artist on instagram where their work looks like the style he wants, then get tattooed by that artist. Send his idea along with a few tattoos that artist did that are the style he wants as reference photos. Every time I’ve done that, the artist has done great work. To search on instagram, start by using #(city)tattoo (so like #chicagotattoo) and just look at the different styles.

  6. Is it bad etiquette to ask for a pre drawn design? I have a friend that I'd like to design a tattoo for me because I love her style, but she's a digital artist and not a tattoo artist. If she designs it, is it rude to ask a tattoo artist to put it on me? Since it's not their design?

  7. I wouldn't say that it's rude, but it all depends on the design. Some aspects of the design might not translate well to a tattoo and might need to be changed by the tattoo artist that you go to. I imagine that a tattoo artist would rather design a tattoo themselves, but as long as you explain what the design means etc it shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure the artist can do the style of work.

  8. Some artists do what people bring them, some only want to tattoo their own stuff. Check out their websites or insta pages most write it somehwere if they only tattoo their own stuff.

  9. Anybody with B&G realism tattoo, I'm curious how much white highlights your artist used. I noticed white fades fast and I'm curious how that impacts realism after like a year or so.

  10. Absolutely say it could be a full sleeve. Whether they continue it or not—or if it ends up becoming a stand alone—they can at least design it in such a way where it can be continued afterwards.

  11. In terms of sizing, when I got my right sleeve the artist applied the stencil for the fox 4 times, making it larger each time. It’s not really an issue.

  12. I live in Detroit. Plenty of good artists in this area. We’d need to know more about what you want style wise in order to recommend someone.

  13. Hi y'all, I am looking to get a fairly specific type of tattoo in the east coast of the U.S. (I can travel for it, so anywhere from Georgia to Massachusetts is fine). I am looking for an artist that will do the

  14. I have around 150 self harm scars on my inner forearms. The most recent is 9 years old. Is it possible to tattoo over large amounts of scar tissue? Are there artists who specialize in tattooing scars (I'm wondering in general if this is a thing, but if it is, are there any artists who specialize in scar coverage in New England?)

  15. Yes you can definitely get tattoos over scars. My recommendation would be to search instagram/other places for artists that you like in an area you can travel to. Once you find one, reach out to them and ask them if they are confident tattooing over scars. If they are not confident, then ask if they might recommend another artist, or find another one yourself. As for your other question, deciding on your first tattoo, that’s harder to answer because it’s subjective. Some people choose a small tattoo for their first one, some people (like me) choose a multiple session large tattoo for their first one. For placement, most artists will not tattoo your hands, face, or neck for your first tattoo, but anywhere else is fair game. I chose my left upper arm. Some areas hurt more than others, so once you choose a placement, do a bit of research so that you won’t be surprised (but even pain is subjective).

  16. Looking for a really good tattoo book to buy as a gift for a tattoo lover (traditional and Japanese). I want something that’s really visual rather than a book of text about tattoo history. Any help appreciated

  17. Does anyone have examples of people who started out with simple black armbands and then added more art until they had a full sleeve?

  18. Is it a bad idea to get tattoos in winter because I’m going to be a lot more covered up and you’re supposed to leave them open while healing? At work especially I’ll always have a jacket on. Location is undecided, leg would be a bigger problem I imagine

  19. I try to only get tattooed in the fall/winter and take breaks in the spring and summer. That way I can swim and sweat and not worry about having my skin be exposed to the sun. Idk where you got the idea that a tattoo needs to have no clothing on it while healing. Just don't wear something that's skin tight or irritating to it.

  20. It's the best time for me. A long period you're likely to be out of the sun. You can have your tattoo covered as long as the clothing is neither restricting nor rubbing on the tattoo itself.

  21. How should I best go about verifying a phrase in a language I don’t understand? Does Google suffice? Or should I try and find an expert?

  22. I've heard some horror stories when people have used Google translate, I suppose it depends on the language though. Also depends on how long the phrase is, I've had to use Google translate for work and when the person reads the translation it clearly isn't quite right in their language.

  23. has anybody ever had to take time off, similar to recovery from a surgery, to heal from a tattoo? i had one side of a large piece done recently - the healing process was intense because of the location and size. it kept me pretty much home for over a week, cause even going for a walk with pants on would break it open. if we do that much work again im going to have to plan ahead.

  24. I’ve recently had a full back/back of legs completed. I plan 2-3 days of doing nothing after a session then wear oversized yoga pants and form fitting top for at least a week following to allow healing.

  25. For my arm piece I felt like I had the flu for the first 2 days of healing. Luckily it was a Sunday and Monday so no school. I was ok that Tuesday to go back in

  26. Does anyone have experience with tattoo fading on the wrist?I recently got my first tattoo and a small part of it is on my wrist and I noticed that it seems to fade really fast on this spot. It even looks as if pieces are completely disappearing! A

  27. Wrists are exposed to a lot of sunlight the picture you included shows that area would be washed when you’re washing your hands and would be rubbed by shirt cuffs/jackets. All of those things can influence fading long term Also, it’s a new tattoo, so it’s really actually still healing. Talk to your artist.

  28. Planning on getting my favorite musician to do a doodle on my arm at an upcoming concert and getting that doodle tattooed in. Is there a specific type of pen I should use or would it just be better to have him doodle on something else and bring that with me to the tattoo shop?

  29. It’s probably better to have them doodle on a piece of paper. That way you can reposition it/make it bigger or smaller and have no urgency to find a reputable artist that’s available before it washes off. But if it’s the novelty of “he signed me so I’m getting it tattooed on me,” then do it with sharpie.

  30. Looking for half sleeve cover up ideas I know it depends on the artist what I get etc. but does anyone know any specific styles that cover up better than others. I like lighter tattoos with whip shading/stipple but obviously that’s not really a great option for cover ups so just wondering if something like negative space or something a little different than traditional or realism was a good idea

  31. Yes, it's fine to gain inspiration or use it as the base idea for a new tattoo but direct copying someone else's tattoo one to one is frowned upon.

  32. Most artists will refuse to do what you asked. The ones that will… I’d recommend you check their work, especially healed work. They’re usually artists that are hard for cash

  33. Definitely bad etiquette and most reputable artists won’t do it. Instead I’d recommend using it as an inspiration piece and either suggesting some new elements of your own to add or change, or finding an artist you trust to change it up for you.

  34. I know roses are kinda overplayed or joked about. But I’m doing an AM Trad sleeve and would like to incorporate a traditional rose. Thoughts ?

  35. Traditional is never overplayed. When you hear comments about roses being over done it’s usually related to black and grey realism, and usually attached to a compass or pocketwatch

  36. Does anyone know any tattoo artists in Massachusetts’s who can cover scars and comfortable tattooing a sixteen year old with parents permission? My younger brother has scars on his arm he really wants covered because he’s embarrassed how many people ask about them. My mom and I want to get him a tattoo for Christmas but my artist won’t and we’re having trouble finding an artist who will tattoo under 18 even with parental consent.

  37. I’m sorry for your loss. The best way to go about this (imo) is to get on Instagram and look for artists in your state/city that consistently produce work you like in the style you’re looking to get. You can find artists by searching hashtags specific to the biggest city near you or by looking up shops and seeing what their artists have done lately. Once you’ve found someone you like, go to their profile and look for their booking info. If their books are open, send them an email or whatever they suggest explaining what you want.

  38. Soon I’m getting a tattoo drawn up I’ve been thinking about for 8 years. Since I tend to overthink, I am inclined to put it on as fast as possible when it is drawn. Am I being too hasty? Or is that the overthinking part again… What do you think? How long did you wait?

  39. I saw my tattoo design the morning before I got it lol, so I think this is pretty normal! A lot of artists will only draw something up pretty close to your appointment anyways, and then let you tweak it a bit if you’d like. It’s rare that an artist will draw something for you and then tattoo it months later.

  40. I’m considering a first tattoo, but want to make sure I wait the requisite amount of time before pulling the trigger. I’ve heard anything from a few months to a year’s wait before moving forward. Any thoughts or advice?

  41. I’ve got over 20 tattoos and the longest I’ve thought about one before getting it done was probably three months, and I haven’t regretted a single one. It’s all a personal thing you know yourself best. My first tattoo was a bumblebee on my wrist. People asked me “ What if you regret it and stop liking it one day” and I always thought that was silly because why would I stop liking bumble bees. I have a tattoo from an artist I don’t even listen to anymore but I still love the tattoo. However, there are tattoos but I wish I thought a little bit more carefully about where I was going to put them. I don’t regret any of my tattoos But some of them I regret the placement. We all grow and evolve as human beings. some of the tattoos I have are not ones I would get now but that doesn’t mean I regret them they have all grown on me and are a part of my story.

  42. I have tattoos I waited 2 years for, some i got a week later, and some because i was drunk- which ome of them happens to be my favorite. If youre ready, get it. If youre not, dont.

  43. I know a lot of tattoo artists won’t alter or change other artists’ work. A lot of my favorite artists have that as an explicit policy.

  44. That’s not offensive at! It’s called a touch up and something that most artists do all the time! Just call ahead and tell them you are looking to make an appointment to do a touch up on one of your tattoos and set a date where you can go in and show the artist the tattoo you want redone. It’s extremely common especially for older tattoos

  45. I'm getting my first tattoo in a few weeks and I'm due in for a final consultation tomorrow. I know the image I want but I'm struggling with the location. All along I was planning to get it on the back of one shoulder but now I'm wondering if the side of my hip might be a better option? It's a personal image that is only really there for me so maybe my hip is a wiser option?

  46. These are all questions your tattoo artist can answer! Just be honest with them and discuss the two options. Your hip is a rounder area than your shoulder, so your tattoo design might work better with the one or the other.

  47. I’m getting ready to cross out a text/name tattoo of mine and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to make it more “special.” In other words, should I do a stick and poke for the strikethrough or do a dark blue? I’m mostly just looking for ideas. I plan for this to be my last tattoo, as I also want to “negate” the one it’s crossing out.

  48. Kind of silly, but can I wear a white t shirt if I’m getting the back of my arm tattooed (above the elbow)? I don’t want it to get stained lmao

  49. I wouldn’t. Artists warn that tattoo ink can spill or get wiped, and it will stain. Wear something you wouldn’t mind getting stained

  50. So, I’m looking to get my first tattoo. I want a geometric outer space themed full sleeve. I’d like to know an artists take on that request. The only things I would want incorporated would be an astronaut, space ship and scales of justice.

  51. Place a deposit with an artist and they will organize a consultation where you ask all of that and they will draw for you.

  52. Hello! I plan on having my very first tattoo! (a secret for now) but i wanted to incorporate my family into the design, as such I was thinking of secretly making them draw icons or something then put them together in one design? Got anything to recommend/easy thing to make them draw? for now I'm thinking of a flower, a star, and a heart (not all together in one but like starry sky, a flower field, or idk). Any design, icons, or ideas are welcome and appreciated!

  53. I’ve been considering adding a Valknut symbol to my sleeve I’m constructing to, as a reference to my Germanic heritage (dads side hailed from Darmstadt late 1800s to USA), but I’ve heard from others that its history is mixed with supremacy movements; can anyone give an objective opinion or suggestion on tattoo designs whose symbols have been once used or associated with subjectively negative historical events?

  54. I'll be traveling to Germany in Jan '23 and was wondering if any folks who are familiar with Munich, Berlin, Cologne, etc. know of any awesome tattoo artists that are also Tool fans. Any tips would be super helpful.

  55. Hiii everyone! I’m getting a tattoo of the little alien from toy story next week, good gifts for a tattoo artist? I know cash is always appreciated but I’ve also seen many people give cool gifts and I feel like I never have any good ideas

  56. People give gifts when they know their artist and know what they’d like. If you don’t know them or have any ideas, then cash is best

  57. Hey! this is a rather short question from a tattoo virgin here. How long should I consider getting a specific tattoo before actually doing so? I heard some people advising to play with the idea for approximately 6 months, but I am really not sure. I already have everything else planned (design, colours, where to put it, etc.), but I just don´t want to regret the decision later. Any thoughts? Fenks :).

  58. (Maryland) I’m looking to get my first tattoo and while there are shops/artists I want to get it from they are not accepting any bookings. I’m looking for recommendations for any artists or shops that have booking available or walk in’s for smaller tattoos. Preferably around the Annapolis to southern Baltimore area.

  59. What are everyone’s opinions on finger tattoos? Specifically wedding ring tattoos? My wife and I are thinking about getting them for our 5 year anniversary but I’ve heard a lot of people don’t recommend them. Is it true that they do fade over time and that they are really painful?

  60. Any ideas about how a single raven can represent Huginn & Muninn ? Should be a back piece ( mid center) I'm really leaning into this style -

  61. how do i fix lines not being symmetrical on a tattoo? should I reach out to the original artist or a new one? or should I leave it as it is?

  62. It's pretty standard to come back to the artist for a touch up session two-four weeks after the tattoo is done, without extra payment.

  63. I want to get a tattoo on my ankle, a small 3 cm one (this will be my first tattoo). Is it a problem that I obviously have to wear socks after I get it since its cold outside? At least until I get home. And what about lot of walking?

  64. Hi ! I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, and found out what "Dies Irae" meant really recently, and I was thinking about getting it tattooed, but I'm wondering, is it like a forbidden Carpe-diem-with-flying-swallows/infinity-signs-like tattoo or not 😂 Wouldn't want to make a mistake for my first tattoo 👀

  65. This seems specific to the environment you work in. It may be fine where you currently work but if you move to a different job it might be difficult. I work in tech and see a lot of people with hair dyed pink, blue, etc but I would steer clear of the star tattoo unless you're able to hide it behind your hair when you need to.

  66. I have a small tattoo on my leg (like a sticker) and its not-colored and I am thinking about doing another small tattoo on the same leg but its colored and was thinking about making the whole leg tattooed like a sticker vibe but was wondering if some are colored and some aren't will it look bad, can't find examples like this online.

  67. That's an aesthetic thing. It really depends on the theme, if there is one and styles on all the pieces. But in general they should be fine

  68. Getting a tattoo is much different than getting a shot or having blood drawn, this is usually where the fear comes from. Some shops will do a tiny tattoo with water so you can gauge the pain and see how you'd react.

  69. Dont look at the actual process. Put some music on and close your eyes. I've 6 hour sessions where I never actually saw/watched the artist place ink into my skin from start to finish.

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