Weekly r/Tattoos Question/FreeTalk Thread! - November 05, 2022

  1. No question, just excited: getting my second tattoo in two weeks! I’m getting abstract linework on my spine. We did the sketch appointment already and it’s gonna be crazy pretty, I’m so happy already!

  2. Is it disrespectful to get a tattoo from another artist in the same shop? My current artist said that he’s getting too busy because of the upcoming holiday and a side hobby of his. But another artist in the shop said he’s willing to do it. My current artist kinda gave me the side eye when he said that. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  3. No lol if current artist is too busy then why not. It's not your fault they are busy. If the other guy already designed the tattoo then don't do it otherwise why not. Usually artists in a shop are all buddies

  4. Of course not, you don’t have to be dedicated to one tattoo artist. Keep in mind if you have something specific you want said artist to finish up like a sleeve you may want to let the other artist do something else that won’t interfere with that piece but that is totally up to you as the client and what you would like to do.

  5. Its your money, so no. I go to two different artists in the same shop. They each have a different style. They never remember later that i went to the other and they get super excited when they recognize the other's work on my arm. A lot of the artists in the shops here are friends since they see each other so much.

  6. I’m a guy and want to get a small 🤟 somewhere to honor my parents who are both deaf. My problem is I don’t know what’s a good placement for it. I was told wrist wasn’t a good location and I don’t want it super big but somewhere I can still see it when I want to. Any ideas?

  7. If it’s actually tiny. Inside of the tip of your right hand pinky finger. When you make that sign you’d be able to see it and when you have your hand normal it would be hidden to everyone

  8. I’ve been following the protocol of always tipping 20% to my artist but I’m in a pickle. I’ve been going to an artist about 1-1.5hrs away for a large piece and I feel almost taken advantage of. I’ve had 4 appointments and one of the appointments I wasn’t even getting tattooed. Plus, all the appointments that I showed up for, not a single one started on-time.

  9. Always tip what you’re comfortable with. Most artists are super appreciative whether it’s the standard or not 🙂

  10. Never got inked before but I heard artists tend to want you to have a good idea of what you want and not waste their time. But are there artists where I can pay for their time to help talk with me and go through examples of what I might like and not like and design the tat with me?

  11. Thats a consultation. You can place a deposit down and then artist will happy to walk you through options. Because you placed a deposit they will draw for you too.

  12. The best thing to do first is research who you’d like to do your tattoo. Look at artists and their styles of work and what they are pushing out more of. When you find one then you can plan a consultation with them where they can talk with you about any ideas you have. It’s best to have some examples or pieces of it semi figured out so the artist can better understand what they need to create.

  13. Yeah or work with them on the idea if you have a theme or want it around a specific show/character or something

  14. I want to get a half sleeve and was wondering if its true that they can stretch/distort so much that they get ruined?

  15. No I have never heard of that before. Unless you are a small child or plan on losing / gaining ALOT of weight. Arm tattoos are prone to significant fading over the years if you have prolonged sun exposure.

  16. Upper or lower arm? Lower arms are less prone to any sort of changes. Upper arms I would only worry if you plan on bulking a ton or losing a ton of weight. Otherwise you’re good!

  17. I’m looking to get a half sleeve done, does anyone have any recs for a detailed video game themed piece? Depending on the quality I’d be willing to travel, currently in Seattle. Thanks for the help!

  18. Every time I’m looking for an artist I just go to the hashtag seattletattoo on Instagram and scroll for awhile. I’ve found some awesome artists that way!

  19. I’m an artist out in Maryland which I understand is a very far travel! But I really enjoy doing video game and nerdy tattoos and want to do larger work.

  20. Depends what style you want but check out @painterlyfiend she’s done some really awesome video game inspired tattoos. She is in California but sometimes travels

  21. Help! I want to get a tattoo on my forearm that is a half sleeve. I am a veterinarian and love animals. I want a theme involving animals. Any ideas?

  22. Check Instagram. There are soooo many ideas out there. Decide on the style you want and then start looking at possibilities. Style is going to dictate what you would do. Do you want a large forearm tattoo or an actual half sleeve? They are going to be different and you will think about the elements and room you have different.

  23. Does anyone know of a tattoo artist in the New England area that’s familiar with ehlers-danlos syndrome? It causes a difference in wound healing so I’d prefer to go somewhere that’s worked with the disorder before if possible.

  24. Message me your email address! I have a friend in Boston area with VEDs and she's gotten a few tattoos. I can connect the two of you, she may have some recommendations.

  25. I'm planning a small piece on my butt and have some concerns about healing. I work a desk job so I'm sat down a lot, is that likely to be an issue?

  26. What effect do stretch marks and varicose veins have on tattoo placement? Trying to decide on tattoo placement. Should I avoid those areas?

  27. I'm getting a cover up done soon with Irezumi style, specifically a koi, it's going to be almost a half sleeve, it'll end about 5 inches above my elbow.

  28. For my first tattoo, I was planning on getting a knotted rope around my forearm just above the wrist, essentially where one would wear a watch.

  29. Yes it's a fine spot to get a first tattoo don't worry about that. Just be certain it's what you want. Don't go in with that picture and expect that same tattoo the artist needs to do their own style.

  30. I’m planning on getting a knee tattoo tomorrow and I’m curious what i should wear and if anyone has recommendations on what I should wear the following days, like would leggings be too much?

  31. If the artist patches you with an actual bandage, I would wear something tight (Loose fitting works here, too, I prefer not to feel loose fabrics brushing against the skin around the dressing, though). On the other hand, if they're doing the weird spray-on gloss coat thing, I would go for something loose-fitting. These are my preferences, but I've only ever had arm tattoos lol. I hope this helps!

  32. I wore skirts the entire time mine was healing on my legs. Leggings can hold sweat in. I cannot do the spray on skin so i had to keep mine breathable.

  33. Hey guys. I recently got an idea for a tattoo, but when I go to the artist, I want to have a precise drawing of what I want to give them, or at least something close enough to what I want that they can modify and do what they will with. I've had 2, and Im looking to get my third. If someone were so kind as to illustrate something, that would be lovely. I don't know if this is appropriate to say here, but I would be willing to pay and whatnot. Anything helps!

  34. Why don't you have the artist draw/ design it? That's what you pay them for. No artist worth a damn wants to tattoo someone else's design. You will get a half assed tattoo without their heart in it. You choose an artist that you KNOW will design something you like and go from there...

  35. Hii can anyone recommend some tattoo artist in the Netherlands or close by like Germany or Belgium? I'm not sure about the style yet so any recommendations are welcome☺️

  36. I love The Ink Society! Blackbear Ink is well regarded, and SnipArt currently has his bookings open, but they close again tomorrow. He’s great at nerdy tats. Hantverk tattoos does some funky stuff as well! All NL.

  37. If you enjoy the concept of a shrimp down there go for it! If a possible next girl doesn’t like it do you really want her? I would try drawing one there or maybe getting an ink box tattoo to test out if you like the looks

  38. If that's a deal breaker with the next girlfriend then she's probably not a good fit. It's your life have fun with it.

  39. I recently got a thigh piece that i do like like, it’s unfinished (thank god) it wraps around my whole thigh, but only maybe 20-30% is shaded and its not that much but i do have a three inch blackout section. I do not like how the piece came out and im glad i stopped when i did, not glad i got as far as i did tho… Anywho, as of now i have second skin on and its a day old as of this post. I already want laser, and i want to fade it, safely that is. Does anyone have any advice and expectations for whats to come? Are there ways i can fade it quickly before starting laser treatments? Anything helps. Thanks!

  40. Thinking of getting a leg sleeve. Have a gnarly scar going down my knee about 6 or so inches. It’s been about 2 years now so it’s pretty healed, but I still have no feeling in a couple areas around my knee. Would this be a problem in any way?

  41. I’ve got a question regarding a tattoo I’m not too stoked over.. it’s not bad by any means but there’s parts of it I could do without. Would laser removal to get rid of the portions I don’t like be a better alternative to doing a full on cover up? I would go straight for the cover up but I feel like there’s no way to get the idea for covering it up done without mucking everything up

  42. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before. I have two lobe piercings, a septum and my nipples pierced though and the pain wasn’t uncomfortable for me. I’m wanting to get a tattoo where my elbow meets my torso and I noticed it’s on my ribs. People have told me before that rib tattoos hurt and but I want a million second opinion. Anyone with experience tattooing or being tattoos have any tips or recommendations?

  43. Would you advise against getting your first tattoo abroad? There is an artist who does exactly what I want, and I have the ability to travel. Is there anything that I should really consider before booking? Something out of the box I'm not thinking of?

  44. Consider if you can sit for the full time needed. If you cannot, it may be hard to get back in to get it finished. Airports and planes are germ festivals, i wouldnt want to take fresh ink there. Consider location on your body if its a long flight back, could be uncomfortable. Will be hard to get it touched up if it heals patchy or anything like that.

  45. Something like that would look fine on your forearm. I feel like it may fit better on the thick area of you forearm closer to the elbow bend. Another area to consider is your inner bicep.

  46. I feel this as I’m also on the spectrum! I know it can be uncomfortable and so far I’ve only had to make an adjustment on sizing and placement, but my best advice is to remind yourself that they are used to people making adjustments and I guarantee you they’ve had someone much more difficult than you.

  47. You could ask to sit with the design, alone, for a few minutes to process. Be open with the artist, tell them you struggle with communication sometimes and just want a few minutes to process. That will give you time to think out the communication.

  48. Hello, I’m thinking of getting my first tattoo but am currently on a bulk aiming for 200 lbs. my question is should I get the tattoo at the end of the bulk or end of the cut because although I really don’t know much ab tattoos I know that they stretch and am a bit worried if I get it too early or too late

  49. Keep in mind you will need to miss some gym time for healing. Where can you afford to skip? During bulk or cut? It wont distort like you are worrying about.

  50. Getting my first ribcage tattoo, wanted to know other peoples experiences cause I’ve heard it’s pretty painful. I’m a woman and I heard it hurts even more for us too? Can anyone comment on their experience? Thanks!

  51. I have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris that makes my skin produce extra keratin and makes it really bumpy in a lot of places. My first tattoo was on my ribs where it doesn’t really affect me but I’m planning to get one on my leg next which has a lot of bumps. I’m wondering if this will make it difficult for the artist and should I look for an artist with experience with skin conditions?

  52. My artist reached out to me about a tattoo we have been planning together. It’s a big semi realistic back piece that would normally be multiple sessions. He suggested we do it at an upcoming convention over the course of 3 days. Anyone ever sat back to back to back long sessions like that? Any tips?

  53. I’ve had my tattoo for about a month now atleast, maybe a bit more. In some places it’s still kind of bumpy although it feels and looks fully healed. Anyone else experience this?

  54. I want to get the phases of the moon tattooed on the rib, under my boob, but I'm not sure if it would look better straight and horizontal or curved (like the boob)?

  55. probably flowing with the body. I would be surprised if there aren't many examples as it is a popular design

  56. Hi guys, I am looking for a tattoo inspired to the song After Dark lately, wich is very important to me, but I couldn't find anything at all so I'm asking if some of you who knows the song could help me find some ways to do it. I thought about it like a small tattoo, probably black only, not sure yet about the body position, any advice? Thanks in advance!

  57. Soooo…. Dumb question but you didn’t go with a artist who already does the style you want? If you know visually what you want, regardless of name, you should really find an artist who specializes in that style. If you want a bright poppy color you don’t want someone who usually only does black and white. If you want realistic you aren’t going to an America Traditional artist. Certain styles have nuances that I don’t think a person who doesn’t know that style will nail for you. If an artist tells you they can do any style I would be really weary.

  58. different colored ink doesn't cost different. the cost of a piece is based on time. the design probably won't alter based on color vs black and gray. you can reach out though

  59. What should I expect if I ask for a touch up? Do I need to have concrete things I want added/fixed? Should I tip for free touch ups?

  60. So all of my 9 tattoos are Prison Ink, all made from Soot. I was very fortunate that I had some AMAZING artists in my "Dorm" and got some surprisingly good work for Prison. Now that I'm out I'd like to get to get them all touched up and gone over with "Free-World Ink" as we called it. My question is how do legitimate Tattoo Artist feel when dealing with Prison Tattoos? Are they just gonna laugh me out and tell me to go have sex with myself, or is this something Tattoo Artists do regularly?

  61. My brother and I were going to get matching tattoos of a 4 leaf clover as clover is the name of the street we grew up on. This would be my second and his first (he just turned 18) but I realized a clover might have some gang relations and that it might actually be a horrible idea for two white kids. The planned placement was upper inside forearm. Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge about this?

  62. if you go to state prison in California, you can join a prison gang or have it covered or forcefully removed. other than that, you're fine. its a four leaf clover. I'm sure there are thousands of people that have the same image

  63. Any advice on choosing between two pieces of flash? I really like them both, my appointment is next Wednesday, and I genuinely have not decided yet. I feel like whichever one I get, I’ll spend the next two weeks thinking “Damn, wish I’d gotten the other one”, and then I’ll get over it and like it. Flip a coin? Poll my friends?

  64. Flip a coin, and if you don't like the winner or say "best 2/3" then the other one is your favorite. You're most likely going to get both tattoos within a year or two though.

  65. is it a bad idea to get a medium sized (30 cm ish) tattoo in the hip/upper thigh area if you want to have kids one day? I've been reading up about how tattoos can get ruined by pregnancy... but then some people end up being fine..?

  66. depends if the area is going to stretch. From what you describe, the area should be fine. unless maybe you gain a lot of weight and get stretch marks there. belly and butt would be more prone, I would think

  67. Hello! Is it normal for a new tattoo to look like the ink is flaking off? I've hit week 2, and the lines are pretty thin, but I noticed it looked like the skin flaking off was black. My friend says this is normal, but I'm not sure. Tonight's the first night I shaved the area, as my artist told me to wait 2 weeks.

  68. one by one , how would you call or describe these type of tattoos? Looking for local artist( the Netherlands)thank youu

  69. Sketch, maybe? Depending on what you’d want, you could check out Shanna @ The Ink Society in Utrecht! She does great sketchy / abstract faces, imho.

  70. Looking for an artist recommendation! Anyone know of a tattooer in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area who specializes in landscapes or ultra realism?

  71. If you are unsure about the continuation of a sleeve, but you like a tattoo artist's style, what's the minimum of information they need to put their styles and ideas into play?

  72. I'd they're all that simple line work u could probably get the full sleeve in 2 4-5hr sessions if the artist is fast

  73. I have the outline done for a half sleeve. Should I get all the shading and coloring done in one go? It’s going to be heavier on the shading (Japanese style sleeve), mostly black and grey, with some red.

  74. I would split it up into shorter sessions. My tattoo artist refuses to do long sessions because he wants it to heal better. So I usually do ~4hr sessions. I've seen people who had 4days in a row 12hr sessions for a full sleeve and the healing wasn't terrible but you can tell it wasn't great.

  75. U might want to look further than locally. I fly across the country to get my tattoos worked on. Also, make sure that the artists u try to book with do the style you're showing them because they may just be interested.

  76. Had a question about UV tattoos, checked the history and it didn't show what I wanted to know. What are artists opinions on UV tattoos? The studio I go to is ran by a well known artist, her and her artists do not trust them yet. Just trying to get an understanding other than me googling some articles.

  77. Just wondering if any artists or people with tattoo's can give me some advice. I have been trying so hard to get in with some local artists, this would be my first tattoo, and I have put that in my correspondence with several artists when their books open, I worry that this is deterring artists.

  78. I am a man with two full sleeves + hand done. I'm going to get my throat tattooed with a realist tiger. The artist say it should take somewhere between 6-8 hours. I want to do it in one session. Is 6-8h on a throat too brutal or I should be alive at the end? My longest seat was 7h on the arm and it went very well.

  79. Which kind of tattoo shapes go best with each type of body parts ? I have a few different tattoos I want to make but I am unsure about where I should put them. Thanks in advance !

  80. I really would like a tattoo on my hands. However, I'm a surgeon and wear gloves every day for work. Will hospital/latex gloves make my tattoo fade too quickly? I'm worried it will fade, smear, or look bad because i'm constantly putting on gloves. Is that what will happen?

  81. I haven't heard of gloves causing fading. healing is your biggest concern. I'm guessing your hands would be very usable for a day or two

  82. What are some good tattoo ideas for an American traditional leg sleeve? I don’t really want any pin ups or human beings in general, or anything that’s super silly or kitschy. I’m kind of trying to think of classic Americana/western imagery.

  83. A Korean tattoo artist is coming to town soon. Does anyone know how Korean tattoos (you know the ones…) heal? They’re already tiny as fuck but on the other hand I’m black, so my skintone is totally different a Korean woman’s; how it looks on their complexion is totally different than mine.

  84. so i have one and i’m southeast asian. it’s light af. i got it a couple months ago and it’s LIGHT like. i feel like u could erase it any second. i used to be really drawn to this style of tattooing but now that i have it, it’s really not all that.

  85. The back of the neck seems easier to hide with hair and a collar. In an in person interview they'll definitely see a hand tattoo.

  86. I'm planning on commissioning an artist for a tattoo, but is it likely I won't find someone to copy it even with permission from the artist?

  87. My roommate does her own tattoo. Idk if she's a certified/professional tattoo artist in her country but her tats look good! However, her ink, machine, gloves, and needles (disposable) were bought from amazon. I also saw that she got vaseline but idk what it is for. Should I let her do my first tattoo? She's a great artist! But I'm scared about the health risks lol

  88. I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo and i want to know what i can do to 'future proof' it, or how to make sure it will look good in the future, because i know thin lines fade more strictly and the one i had in plan is in perticular spaces pretty thin, should i talk with the artist about pressing the ink deeper or?

  89. Pressing the ink deeper will make it worse and cause blow out. If you want it to last longer get it on a part of your body that doesn't see the sun . If that's not an option be sure to use sunblock. There's no way to perfectly future proof a tattoo it will fade no matter what. What's important is that the artist knows what they're doing and they design the tattoo to look good even after it fades over time. See if you can see some of the artists work after a couple years of healing.

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