Weekly r/Tattoos Question/FreeTalk Thread! - October 15, 2022

  1. I noticed that fine line tattoos became trend now. I guess they dont age as well as thicker lines. Do people just don’t care or had there been an improvement in ink/technique that enabled this kind of tattoos?

  2. Some people don’t know that fine line ages differently (I mean, some people don’t know that tattoos age at all, they think “they’re permanent” so they don’t think to look at aged tattoos). I don’t know of any scientific advancements that are addressing that problem. I think that I’m 5-10 years, we’ll look back on that and say “ah well, that was a bad trend” the same way we look at other trends with hindsight. I say this as someone who has one that needs a touch up, and I don’t regret it at all.

  3. Does anyone here know of some good artists in downtown Los Angeles? I’m looking to get my first tattoo and I’m a little nervous.

  4. Hey everyone, I am looking for a tattoo artist that primarily dose large scale traditional Japanese work in the AZ, southern Cali areas. I am in the phx area but don’t mind traveling around AZ, southern cali, or LV. I have been researching artist for the past month in AZ and have found maybe 2 that I would trust with my back and possibly entire torso. I am really flexible in tattoo design outside of having a dragon at the center of the piece. Thank you!

  5. I’m thinking of getting a red-ink tattoo on my upper arm but I’m south - Asian and I have a slightly darker skin tone. Do you think it will eventually fade away? Are red ink tattoos a good idea to get if you have a darker skin tone? Thank you!

  6. Colors don't pop as much on dark skin in general, but red is probably the most reliable color other than black. The important thing is that there's lots of contrast in the piece so it doesn't get muddy and illegible as it ages.

  7. Hey guys!, I’m really interested in getting a tattoo but I’m scared I may regret it later. Ive read that there are temporary tattoos, Does any of you know about them? How long do they last? And how detailed are they?(I don’t mean the paper tattoos that you apply with water, it was something about temporary ink). Thank you!

  8. Hey guys! I'm looking for a recommendation for a Tebori tattoo artist in Japan. I'm very flexible in that regard, so I can get to any prefecture/city. I've seen a few tattoo artists I like (Horininja, Horiyoshi III, Ryugendo). However, I'm not too sure that Horininja is using a Tebori, and also, who knows if Horiyoshi is still at it. Ryugendo is looking tight, but I'd love more options.

  9. How are fine line grey/black/white tattoos healing over time? The ones with the micro dot shading. Obviously some of them look fantastic fresh and very clean but I'm wondering how such delicate work is aging/weathering/taking the sun in comparison to more traditional tattoos with bolder lines and more solid shading. Eg:

  10. Nope you will be fine. I’ve gone from the shop straight to the gym to lift and/or run. Never an issue and I’m 75% done with my body suit.

  11. I might be missing something, but any artist can just use white instead of black and you have yourself a tattoo

  12. I have an appointment coming up on the 25th and the artist has a policy that I can't see the artwork until the day off. I get that. I just am second thinking a choice I made during my consultation. It's a chest piece and I said I'd like all the empty space filled. I'm wondering if it would be too much to ask if I emailed her and asked to have two versions on the day of, one with the empty space filled and one without. That way it doesn't have to be changed day of.

  13. I doubt they’ll draw up two versions. Contact them and explain what you’re thinking and they’ll likely draw it up without, because it’s easier to add to a design

  14. I definitely say contact them. A lot of artist nowadays draw the artwork digitally, which allows them to add elements in layers. If the artist knows you’re interested in seeing the design two ways, they can add the design fill as a layer that can be “turned on and off” so you can see it both ways. Obviously, that depends on how your artist draws, but it’s not outside the realm of possibly by any means. Good luck!

  15. Anybody know some good studios in New Orleans? Planning on getting a new tattoo in the next few months and I want to find a good artist!

  16. Getting my first professional tattoo done tomorrow the artist told me that he could do a simple moth because of my budget. I am interested in seeing the design before I go in. Do artists normally make the design when you get there or do they make them before?

  17. depends on your artist. some artists will send it to you a couple days/the day before your appt (in which case you can make minor adjustments the day of), others may do it the day of the appt. regarding your budget, i would personally wait until i've saved enough to get the design and the artist i really want instead of compromising. but thats just my two cents. happy healing !

  18. I’m thinking of getting my 1st tattoo. I’m fighting kidney cancer, stage 4, for the last 8 years. I want to recognize that fight, but also my wife and 3 boys. I’m not sure where to even start for a design. I’m thinking I’d like it on my upper arm. Do I just take this info to an artist and let them come up with an idea? I also really like the Hawaiian fishing hook, that has courage as it’s meaning. TIA

  19. im trying to decide on a first tattoo. i feel like i’ve had a lot of evolving ideas - i know i want a specific photo of roses tatted and have since thought of having it framed with a fan that is culturally significant to me and then adding a koi to it. when you got your first tattoo, did you feel like it evolved throughout your thought process? like i could just get a bunch of roses tatted on me and it would still feel right but i don’t think it’s what i want anymore. idk if this is just indecision or im waffling or something tho.

  20. ideas change. I feel like your idea might be better off as separate tattoos. at least, the way I picture it. I usually get an idea for a tattoo, and for whatever reason, it have a vision of where it will be. I don't think tattoos get addictive, I think the decision process gets easier after the first

  21. Does anyone have any tips for getting your first tattoo when you have generalized anxiety disorder? I’m excited but also nervous and I’m worried I’ll be really nervous on the day.

  22. How do I find an artist that's into a specific show/game/band/whatever? I don't want a lot of direct imagery or symbols from it, but I want something that represents it that is easily recognizable to people who know but just looks like an amazing tattoo to everyone else. I feel like this will require an artist who knows the subject matter, but how do I find them?

  23. I don’t have any but it’s a reoccurring thought that I might want one. That being said I work garages a lot and I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to take good enough care of it. Any garage rats have any advice if I get one in the future?

  24. I just got a tattoo 3.5 weeks ago, I was wondering if it’s okay to use hot water and wash my hair now? It is a back tattoo. Also, do I always have to avoid direct sun forever? I like going to the pool, will applying sunscreen be good enough?

  25. Forgot to answer the sun part. The general rule is protect your tattoos from the sun as much as you can. Color tattoos in particular need protection from the sun in order to keep the ink saturated and prevent it from spreading, but black and grey ink need protection as well. That’s said, many of us get tattoos so that we can show them off, and that does include at the beach. Use SPF 50 or greater.

  26. Curious over here… I’ve never been told as part of healing a tattoo to stay away from “hot water.” Obviously when it’s super fresh, hot water stings a bit, and hot water can be drying, but otherwise, never heard of avoiding hot water per say. Have you been using cold water or just warm water? At any rate, after 3.5 weeks, you’re at least 95% done with healing, and I think you can take a hot shower.

  27. So I am getting my first tattoo and found the artist and studio I want to work with. I did an online consultation with the artist for my fine line work and he was an awesome guy, really excited about my concept, and very clear he's open to a collaboration and happy to make edits/drafts to get the perfect image. In all those ways I am feeling very comfortable and excited.

  28. So it’s been 5 hours since your post, but try to give them some grace. A lot of artists are tattooing other clients earlier (sometimes for 5-7 hours) then designing for their next client later that same day, all while also taking care of themselves. Ask them questions about their process while you’re at your session, be curious, and be kind

  29. For people with sleeves how did you figure out how to plan it all out? Feel like I have so many ideas but don't know how to lay it all out with my current piece.

  30. I had the opposite problem, I started out not thinking I wanted a sleeve, but thankfully I figured it out early on and my tattoos all go together nicely now. But for you, it depends on the style of sleeve that you want. Patchwork sleeves don’t require the same level of planning as a photo realistic sleeve would. What I recommend is find some examples of what you want it to look like and then find an artist who can help you narrow your focus and help you design a sleeve that makes sense for you

  31. I don't have a ton of experience, but I usually just say, hi. I want to set up an appointment or a consultation to get a tall ship on my outer calf. sometimes I will include a shot of the space available too

  32. Artists will generally post their preferred method online, but if their books aren’t open, then you probably won’t hear from them. Best advice is follow them on instagram, a lot of artists keep up their insta nowadays and post when their books open. Then follow their process exactly. That’s what I’ve done for all of my tattoos

  33. Probably too late in this weekly bit but I'm a tat noob and worry about certain stupid things in my fantasy life where I get one.

  34. there is a question in there? the needle won't hit the tendon directly but it will be pressing down on the tendon

  35. Does anyone have a better way of finding an artist than navigating through a web of unrelated, bad, or on the other side of the planet artists on Instagram?

  36. I like tattoosnob. you can type in a city and tattoo and get results. IE #Dallastattoo. also, companies like inkeeze and eternal ink feature artists. the page suggestions don't help narrow down by location. typically artists of certain styles will follow similar artists, and that can help too

  37. Engraving style is more niche and it’s not a “defined” style. You may not find one in Atlanta that you like. Best advice is search instagram for #engravingtattoo or #atlantatattoo. You could also find an artist that’s similar, like an artist that does illustration tattoos, ask them if they’d be interested in doing something in the style you’re looking for. Send references of other tattoos so they know what you’re talking about, but don’t ask them to copy them

  38. I have a tattoo idea that I am trying to draw or find images similar to my idea online. It is pretty elaborate IMO and am looking for any tips/advice on looking for inspo/images anything really lol. I don’t have any tattoos and am completely new to this process. Curious and interested in learning more

  39. I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet, but I’m thinking of getting one for each country I’ve visited/will visit in the future. Would it be possible to do like a quarter or half sleeve peace meal like that? My first 2 will be either (London or Stonehenge) and Machu Picchu, I’m not really sure how to tie those together. I’d like to get something travel related though.

  40. I don't know how many you have. pain wasn't worse for me. I didn't get directly above my knee, but I got both sides of my knee done. it was fine and recovery has been a bit better than expected

  41. Hi, I have a question. I just got a new small tattoo in Seoul as a souvenir for my first solo travel :) Altough I have got more tattoos this is the first time that I’m using a second skin plaster. The artist gave me the instruction to remove the second skin the day after and apply a new one after that and let it sit for 7 days. I did this but now I read online that you’re supposed to apply the second skin immediately after the tattoo is set and not remove it for 3-5 days. I am a bit worried that I have now made the tattoo look worse because I removed the second skin the day after and applyd a new one. The artist also told me that I can just rip it of and online it said to do it with water. Do you guys think I ruined my tattoo healing proces or wil it be fine?

  42. Hi I am wondering what this style of tattoo would be considered and if anyone knows any artist around the STL area whose art style is similar at all. Thank you!

  43. Hi everyone! Just a question about placement. I have 4 tattoos that are all sentimental, and tomorrow I'm going to get a fun one. Its a Halloween one with some cool colors.

  44. This question doesn’t make that much sense to me. Your tattoos are all over your body and they’re not that big, so wherever you get this new one, it won’t look weird. So the question you should be asking is how visible and large do you want the tattoo to be? Do YOU want to look at it every day? Do you want to have people asking questions about it often? Do you live somewhere where it’s sunny all the time and if so, are you committed to sunscreen? (Bc if not, then I wouldn’t recommend someplace where it’ll be exposed most of the time). Those are the questions that affect placement.

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