Weekly r/Tattoos Question/FreeTalk Thread! - July 02, 2022

  1. Can anyone see this comment? I have a feeling I might be shadowbanned and I have no clue as to why I would be. I don’t believe I’ve ever even commented on this sub before.

  2. I hope this falls within the rules if not please let me know but I was wondering if it’s normal to tip tattoo artist in Italy. I’m from the US and going over to Italy soon and getting a tattoo while I’m there and haven’t been able to find a solid answer on if tipping is normal/expected there.

  3. I have a question, and this is more so me trying not to either overreact or react justly. My tattoo artist recently did a custom piece for me on my right forearm it was a 6 hour piece came out amazing he created it using 2 overlayed photos i gave him. He recently did nearly the same identical piece in the same spot as someone who goes to my gym his piece is nearly identical about half way up and it’s obvious he used the photo i had given him. The kicker is my piece from that point up is much nicer but its the same exact idea in the same spot by the same artist not even 6 months apart and i got to see basically half of my tattoo then a less detailed version. Am i right to be upset, is the dude who got the same tattoo in the wrong, is the artist, am i?

  4. Were they photos you took or photos you found on the internet? If it was photos you had taken I would say it's definitely in poor taste by the artist because you gave them something original to work with and then they put it on someone else.

  5. Hello. So weird one. I have heavy black work tattoos. They are current to now. (Nintendo switch black work controller) a killer whale. A lighthouse the list goes on. But lately I've been looking down at my arm like wow I got alot of black that's alot of work. Wow I have tattoos. I kinda forget they are there as it's now the summer. Do you ever get this feeling?

  6. I just got a tattoo on my neck last night....how long should I wait before getting back into the gym? I want to minimize the àmount of time off as much as possible. Any honest feedback is appreciated thanks.

  7. I wouldn’t wait at all tbh. It’ll be a bit uncomfortable but honestly won’t affect the tattoo at all really… assuming it’s not covering your entire neck :)

  8. I have a question in general about expectations and the process leading up to getting a tattoo. I live in a major city so there’s no end of tattoo artists.

  9. Just going in and getting one are "walk-in shops" which have a very bad reputation regarding quality. For good artists you often times get your appointments several months into the future, in rare cases even up to one year. Every half-decent artist will offer consultation beforehand where you can talk about all these things.

  10. My question is. Why am I not allowed to post my newest tattoo into this group? All I wanted to do was show my beautiful piece of work that I had gotten done.

  11. The rules here are bizarre, I've had just about every post I've ever made get taken down. The rules say that it has to be healed to post, so that could be it, even though a lot of "hot" or "top" posts feature fresh tattoos. One of the most bizarre reasons I had one taken down was "this is just for tattoos, not a modeling site" I posted a close up shot of my wrist tattoos (full color, fully healed, etc), but I guess since part of my forearm/sleeve was in it, it was bad?

  12. Question! I've been thinking about getting a dove tattoo - two doves flying. I have been looking for placement inspiration everywhere and literally cannot find anyone with doves on their lower body/calves.

  13. I like it. I have a large bird on my upper thigh. My next tattoo will be sparrows on the sides of my knees. The placement works. It just depends on the pose and how or if the birds are interacting.

  14. is there anything wrong with getting a Greek/irezumi tattoo mix? might it look fucking awful? I don't have any tattooes, but this is the direction I want to go when I do start getting them. I wanted to have one side with Zeus, the tree of eden and lightning down my arm and the snake on my collar bone with a broken samurai sword with cherry blossoms growing around it with a dragon "taking off" an Oni mask over his face and the rest of his body going down my arm with the kind of traditional clouds around him along with a proverb on my ribs under that arm

  15. That sounds awesome! I love seeing traditional Japanese style with unique subject matter. Personally I have a full leg of Yokai because that's not commonly done. I have seen someone with a Japanese x Norse sleeve which looked rad, I think if you go to an artist that is comfortable with your idea it could look great.

  16. Hey, how long after getting a tattoo can you start exercising again? Sometime told me 3 weeks but they don't actually know for sure!

  17. Imo you should be good after 2 weeks - for me that's when the skin is pretty much all healed but just dry and flaky

  18. Hi I’m looking to get my first tattoo and I’m trying to figure out placement on my body. I’m thinking of getting it on my inner bicep more towards my elbow (right under where my bicep muscle ends). I like this placement as I can hide my tattoo if needed and it’s somewhere I can still see it. That being said, will a tattoo in that area fade faster due to its proximity to my elbow? And will that tattoo become saggy as I age due to that area? Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!

  19. You might want to center it vs putting it cloae to the elbow. That spot will hold quite well. It rarely sees the sun. It wont fade like elbow skin. It might burn a bit but isnt an overly painful spot. Also, it isnt as hidden as you might think. A short sleeve might cover it. The second you lift your arm, it will be seen

  20. Zero chance a tattoo would stop you from getting a welding job. Plus, they will be covered almost always. A perk of skilled labor, if you can weld, people don't really care what you look like

  21. you should totally be able to get a job! most places are more lax about tattoos and piercing these days. i have a rule if a place doesn’t want me just bc i have tattoos it probably isn’t a good place to work

  22. I'm wanting to get a tattoo of 2 balisongs, and I'm thinking about putting them parallel with my clavicles about an inch down (not actually on the bone, but they would both have wings corresponding to the specific knives that would likely go over the bone a bit) and was told by my friend it was a bad idea, why would it be? If it's because it's a painful area that's fine, I have a very high pain tolerance, so that's not a concern for me.

  23. You would have to ask your friend what their reasoning was. That can be a very painful spot if it's your first tattoo, and a lot of people who think they have a high pain tolerance find tattoos harder thab they expected. Some find it easier though. It could also be how visible that spot is for your first tattoo. Really though, if you like it, get it. Painful spots differ from person to person and it's your body, not your friends.

  24. Are overworked spots on a tattoo signs of an inherently bad artist? Or maybe just a new one? Is it a bad idea to go back to the artist for touch ups if they overworked the original?

  25. Looking to get my first tattoo on my shin, but concerned about recovery time. I have heard that you have to let the tattoo heal for about a week without any kind of physical activity which could stretch the skin on or around the tattoo, or any kind of heavy sweating. This would be a problem for me as I am currently working a warehouse job, and plan on going to college in the fall. (I will be doing ROTC so there will be regular physical training during school). Just wondering if anyone could let me know the reality of recovery as I have heard many different things.

  26. I just got a leg tattoo done and honestly the heal time for me was over a week. But mine had a lot of color so that definitely didn’t help.

  27. Hey guys, is it ok to have multiple smaller pieces in a space of 1.5 months. I'm getting 3 tattoos done, but I'm not good when it comes to pain tolerance, despite having 10 tattoos, so have 3 pieces being done. Quite excited about them. I'm building a sleeve out of multiple tattoos

  28. My cousin was looking to do this and you have to mail the ashes to a company who then preps them for the ink. My cousin decided not to since its risky to send them in the mail and you dont know if they actually used them.

  29. Hi all, I have been toying with the idea of a couple tattoos, one mainly adding to an existing one. I have an artist in mind but she is booked pretty far out. Is it a thing to hire an artist to help draw one out for me even if it is not her? I kind of want to see if a design works before committing to anything, and don't want to waste any artist's time by hiring them to draw something and never get it actually done. Are there artists that are happy to draw out ideas that can be built or expanded upon in the future with a local artist down the road? Hope this makes sense!

  30. So I want to get a portrait of my abuelo. My dad says portrait tattoos get messed up over time and the lines will look weird. He doesn't have any Tats so personally I think it's cause he has just seen bad portrait artists. Is he right? Or do portrait tattoos hold well? If so, are there any good portrait tattoo artists in Cleveland?

  31. Got my first tattoo on my upper arm just under two weeks ago. It has black and red ink. The red was darker when fresh but now it looks like red biro pen. It's hot af this summer so I have just been slathering factor 50 spray on my tattoo (including over the second skin when it was on) rather than covering it. Tbh I've only been outside half the time. Will the red go back to its original shade once healed?

  32. Don't put sunscreen on a healing tattoo, and definitely don't go in the sun with it. You may have messed up the heal a bit.

  33. It’s normal for a tattoo to fade or look fuller while the body is healing. Give it another few weeks for it to fully heal and then see how it’s turned out

  34. I have a question. What happens if a tattoo artist quotes you two sessions but ends up going way over and needing to do three sessions? The artist also charges per session.

  35. Do tattoo artists charge extra if you ask them to design the tattoo? i’ve never been to a proper studio before so i’m not sure how this usually goes.

  36. I’m confused who else would design the tattoo? The common practice is for it to always be the artist unless you’re just having a copy of an existing image.

  37. After a consultation discussing what you’d like to get tattooed, the artist will usually ask for a deposit that covers their design work and/or reserves your booking time. Since all artists are a little different it’s never a bad thing to ask them what their process is if you’re unsure.

  38. With mine I only paid for the time actually spent tattooing, and I think that's common. So designing is calculated in his/hers hourly rate.

  39. How do you choose or find an artist? I currently have two tattoos. They are small and where tag alongs with friends. I am now looking to start working on sleeve of Disney characters. I am a teacher so it’s gonna be a little at a time but I want to do it that way to make sure I give the artist the money they deserve. I just want an artist that will work with me on the creative stuff and how to make it work together. All I have gotten is quick replies for a deposit with my name misspelled. And it’s pretty disappointing. What is the usual protocol for this?

  40. You may have to wait for artists to open their books to get into a good one, it's not super surprising they're mentioning a deposit though. I'd keep looking

  41. What I do is try to find someone who specializes in the exact style I want the tattoo to be in, who does a lot of custom work and is good with getting the placement 100% right so that it flows well on the body

  42. I'll be in NYC in August and wondering if anyone knows if any ignorant style tattoo artists there? I'm looking to get a Maison Hefner-style piece - eight words, handwriting-style, on my ribcage/waist.

  43. I'm interested in getting a sleeve done but I'm worried about it fading and not looking the same in 20 years. Have tattoos gotten better with technology or is this just part of having a tattoo. I had a hard time finding 15-20 year old sleeves online. Any help is much appreciated.

  44. They have gotten better, but we have no evidence how it will look like in such a far future because noone had them for this long so far with the newest tools/ink. In general it's wishful thinking that a 20 year old tattoo will not age in some shape or form, good artists will have this in mind during designing so that the rough ideas of their motives still remain even after aging. At the very least a touchup is likely necessary if you want a crisp tattoo though. A big part is also how YOU treat it of course, you can't spend days carelessly sunbathing at the beach and expect the tattoos to last through it.

  45. Everything fades eventually. A tattoo is ink in your skin, and your skin slowly changes over time (new cells form, old cells die off, etc). Just the natural aging process. The more intricate your tattoo's details are, the more likely they will be affected by fading. The phrase "bold will hold" gets thrown around a lot; bold designs with lots of black will tend to last longer. Additionally just practicing good skincare (sunscreen, moisturizer, etc) will help as well.

  46. Noob question regarding healed tattoos: Is there any issue after healing with consistently touching them? Specifically, I am side-sleeper who typically rests his head on the arm, which would now be exactly the spot where I have a tattoo. Can I continue doing that without worries or would this screw with the ink in some way?

  47. I got my first decently big tattoo on Friday and before the artist done the last bit of shading she asked if I wanted anything next to it as it looked a bit empty and I said no because I couldn’t think of anything but now I really want to add to it does anyone have any suggestions ? (The tattoo is the most recent post on my profile)

  48. What do you mean when you say side? Behind the hair or in front of the face? I think it looks fine as a stand alone piece. You have a ton of room to add around later

  49. Where can I find tattoo inspiration resources with full body (/zoomed out) pictures? Most of the stuff on IG is way too zoomed in and not representative of what a tattoo really looks like

  50. Does anyone know what I should tip an artist for a tattoo that I won in a contest? Tattoo is valued at 4000 dollars according to the terms of serivce but I think this is only one session. I usually tip 10-20% on everything but this situation seems a little weird. I'll definitely bring at least a couple hundred with me.

  51. I got a fairly large tattoo yesterday and the guy gave me and extra sheet of second skin so I could take it off today, wash the area and replace it. It's packed with Colo so the whole thing is still very leaky. I replace the second skin after my shower with no issues, but I had to put pants on for work and they seem to have rubbed at the edges and it's all lifting up on one side. There isn't anything I can do about it right now, but the exposed side looks a bit irritated and the whole thing is still very leaky and juicy, so my pants are getting crusty. I can go home and clean the area but I don't have any more second skin to put on it.

  52. This may be a dumb question, but do most tattoo artists require that they draw up the tattoo themselves or can I bring them a tattoo drawing that I want? First timer here

  53. It's definitely okay to bring a drawing, but do be aware that not all drawings are suited for tattoos. Drawings on paper is a flat surface, while your skin often is not. So bring your drawing, but do work with the artist on how to make it more suitable for a tattoo and be open to their expertise and advise.

  54. Is it okay get a tattoo in an area where I'm trying to build muscle, or should I wait until that area is a little more defined?

  55. Depends a lot on what you want to get. The skin will stretch a lot which could e.g. completely destroy faces and shapes in general. So if you really expect relevant growth of muscle, waiting is the safer choice.

  56. I'm looking for a photo-realism artist south of St. Louis, MO. I have a custom, smaller tattoo I would need sketched up and looking for a reputable and skilled artist. Willing to travel to the city or around a bit. Just need a starting point/person to research.

  57. What you could do is search up shops in the area, look at the artists ig pages, and if u like any of them also see who they follow/post on their stories. I find that local artists often like to support each other esp if they have a similar vibe

  58. I would think style would determine how the lines are put in more than color would. If you got a traditional piece vs a black and gray trad piece, there would be zero difference with the lines

  59. Hello. New here. I wanted to know how small can an Auryn (The Neverending Story) tattoo can be? It is 2 snakes intertwined. I went to an artist but he said due to the scales, the minimum size it should be is soft ball sized which is really way too big for me. I was hoping for about 2 inches. I have 0 tattoos & I just don’t really want a really big one. Can it be done as small as I’d like?

  60. Looking for advice on my first tattoo. Want to get authentic Croatian arm tattoos but don’t know where to start. Saw a couple of examples but don’t know what they mean and could use some help finding some. Like to keep it as true to the original old style. Having it done stuck and poke style. Any advice?

  61. Check out James Withee's video on youtube (search "dark skin tattoo james withee"). He explains how it works in detail but in a way that's very easy to understand

  62. I’m looking at getting this tattoo from an artist he has designed it for me but has only given me a bland outline. I was preferring the more detailed version. I’m a tattoo virgin so don’t know if he will incorporate more shading and detail into the design after or not?

  63. You should ask the artist if you have any questions! In my experience, the artists usually send me a rough sketch first, and then send the completed version after (or show me on the day of)

  64. Typically most tattoo artists will only provide rough sketches prior to the appointment. Once you arrive to the shop they will show you the full design and if you want any changes then you let them know at that point. Small stuff they can change that day, but if you want the whole thing reworked you'd have to schedule a new appointment.

  65. I was curious about the etiquette behind touch ups, I have a few tattoos that I’d like to get touched up but have gotten them all over the country. Is it impolite to go in to a random shop as a walk in and ask for a touch up?

  66. Not impolite at all. Just be friendly and cool about it, and ask if anyone would be interested in helping you out. I’ve done this before and know people who have as well - It’s hardly an issue if you’re chill about it and explain the situation :))

  67. Yes, if you have doubts it's best to call ahead and ask if they do that (most artists won't want to imo). What I would do is probably, before getting a new tattoo, ask the artist if they could touch up a couple of my other tattoos during that session but that's just me

  68. Hello ! Looking for an artist recommendation in NYC with a lot of frog experience. Mostly looking for line work but am open to other styles as well so anything helps !

  69. I have a question about recommended artist in NYC. I have darker skin done & looking to get an anime tattoo, but I have no idea what to look for in an artist or where, as it is my first tattoo. Any recommendations are appreciated!!

  70. I'm getting full sleeves starting next month and we're planning to take pretty much the rest of the year to work on them. Question is, I work out a lot (strength training) and I'm wondering how healing all that ink will affect my progress? Anyone have experience balancing healing sleeves with staying in shape?

  71. You’ll want to take a break from training upper body for probably 5ish days, assuming you do big sessions each sit. It’ll be tender for the first few days up to a week+

  72. Would I be able to get a tattoo of a piece of artwork even though I can’t get direct permission to use it since the original artist passed away?

  73. You can get a tattoo of whatever you want as long as you can find an artist to do it. It's kind of shitty getting someone else's artwork done if you don't have their permission and some artists won't do others art but that's all dependent on the artist.

  74. I’m going to be in Glasgow, Scotland in a few days and my wife and I would like to get a small/simple matching tattoo to commemorate our vacation honeymoon. Could anyone recommend a shop that will do a walk-in or a quick appointment?

  75. Hey everyone, new here and I think it fits the rules. I am going to the beach in a couple weeks, which is many hours from where I currently live, but one of my favorite tattoo artists is in the town over. In short, I would love to get a tattoo from her while I’m in the area. Just wanted to see if you all had any advice for getting tattoos on tan sunkissed (not sunburned) skin?

  76. It would be an easy fix for a tattooer who’s good at very saturated tattoos etc, the hard part might just be finding a great artist to make it look smooth. But it’s totally something that can be done :) good luck

  77. I'm in a new town, what questions should I ask the various tattoo artists to decide who will getmy business? I'm in Perth Scotland if anyone has recommendations

  78. Hi, I'm considering getting my first tattoo. I want to get a victorian lantern tattoo in neo traditional. Any shop or artist recommendations in California bay area? Thanks.

  79. Dang. I got excited to recommend Jim Sylvia but he is in Los Angeles. I saw the idea, style, and state. Maybe Seth wood but he is more known for animals. Temple tattoo has some good artists. Good luck

  80. I’m going to travel (to new orleans) to get my first tattoo because there’s an artist there that I really love her style. i gave her an idea of what i want, but wondering if i should ask to see the design in advance before i book a plane ticket and airbnb etc? i’m a little worried about getting there and potentially not liking what she came up with / if it would be weird to ask her to make another design on the spot. i have faith in her talent but wondering if i should see the design ahead of time

  81. Sounds reasonable enough of to me. You could try mentioning you’re a travelling client and if there’s any chance to see a sketch before. Might not get it, but perfectly reasonable to ask under the circumstances :)

  82. Typically they don't send the final design, but you could ask for a sketch just to make sure your artist is going in the direction you want.

  83. I have a question, I want to get a tattoo over my stretch marks that are basically all over my back. The thing is I dont want to cover them up make it look like claw marks or sword cuts. Has anyone did sth like this before or have any examples ? Thanks!!

  84. Hey reddit! I'm looking at trying to get a tattoo of a sword on my neck. Lots of feedback I am getting from artists is it's hard to make two parallel lines go down the neck look nice and neat. I'm pretty set in this idea but want to amend it so artists feel comfortable and confident. Any Ideas?

  85. Hi there. I'm in search of a tattooist in the Detroit area who specialized in Norse/Nordic/Viking style tattoos. Where can I post this? This sub specifically encourages "wanting to know about good artists in your area" but also expressly forbids posting pictures of tattoos that are not your own. There is no way to submit a text post to this sub, just a link, presumable to an imgur pic. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

  86. I’m seeing a lot of tattoos with the Virgin Mary with a skull face but no other Santa muerte characteristics such as the scythe, the clock, etc. is a Virgin Mary just painted with a skull face the same thing as the Santa muerte?

  87. I’m getting my first tattoo in 12 days. It’s going to be at the top of my chest under my collarbone. How long do I have to wait until I can workout and do chest exercises?

  88. Woman or lgbtqia+ owned tattoo shops in NYC?? Miss my spot in NC (Critter Swamp 💕) and need a new local shop

  89. i have a quick question about designing a tattoo that a professional tattoo artist will tattoo (i’m not a tattoo artist but i do art and tattoo commissions)

  90. hey there. no idea how reddit works but i really need advice. i just got a coverup tattoo two days ago, took off my bandaid last night, and have been having a nonstop breakdown since. the design is nothing like what i had been drawing for months (i am a fine artist) and i worked so hard to create a design that perfectly fit the original tattoo. the artist who did my work seemed very reputable and i did a lot of research on them, but this is just not what i was looking for at all. this subreddit won’t let me post the images but i am really at a loss and just need some reassurance or guidance, this is my first large tattoo.

  91. For some odd reason, I've tried posting a recent tattoo I've had done and it refuses to show up in new posts. I get a generic automod comment and then when I try to click the notification for the automod comment, it says post not available. I've followed all the rules for posting. Maybe I'm missing something? It says "Sorry, this content is no longer available"

  92. I have my full back piece booked in to begin end of this year. Are you able to sleep on your back with fresh ink or is it advised against? Same question, when your buttocks are inked, are you able to sit; does it just come down to you pain tolerance or is it advised against so you don’t disturb the skin trauma?

  93. I want to get a tattoo of my old childhood dog as he will probably pass away soon. It is my first tattoo and I orignally wanted his paw print tattooed but decided not to do it after some googling around about how it can be misinterpreted. Can a simple outline tattoo of a dog get misinterpreted as something other than just being a tattoo of a dog? Does it have some hidden meaning?

  94. Does anybody have opinions they'd like to share about "newer" artists (with limited professional experience after their apprenticeship)?

  95. So I emailed a tattoo artist Saturday to show him what kinda tattoo I want and where at but he has yet to email me back. So should I email him back to see what the deal is? If he doesn’t/isn’t comfortable in doing the tattoo idea I have in mind that’s ok but I don’t want to just be waiting here just for him to not wanna do it. So should I email him or should I give it a couple more days? I just don’t wanna annoy/spam his email so. Any advice is appreciated!!

  96. It was a holiday weekend so the artist may take some extra time off, also if they are popular they might have a lot of emails to go through.

  97. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find someone who can do a good black and gray rose tattoo. Fucking Insane amount of time looking through portfolios

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