PGT: Tampa Bay Rays punch their ticket to the postseason with a win over the Houston Astros, 7-3!

  1. Finally. Glad we won roughing up Valdez too as opposed to squeaking out a 1-0 win or something. That's something playoff teams do!

  2. Creepy comments aside, Tricia is so good at her job and we won't have her for long. National talent, as proven by her work on Fridays

  3. I absolutely love her interactions with the players day in and day out. She will be sorely missed when a bigger entity really scopes that talent.

  4. The flappy boys are gonna have some October baseball! Also big win over the Astors after the series last week. Might be able to make some noise October after all!

  5. I wanna cry dude, all the BS we endured to finally make it to October, thanks Rays. Let's make some noice!!!

  6. He kept this team together all year. Think of the collapses other teams have had in the past few years. So many times it felt like the team was on the brink but they never quit! Cash should get the MotY threepeat

  7. As a fan it sucks having to endure reg season losses but I know not all games are equal and he has to play that long game with what he has. It’s actually amazing to watch, like the startup of baseball. I’ve always been a fan of underdogs though so here we go again. Rays up.

  8. Proud of this team. No matter what happens they went through the 3rd worst injuries in the league and still made the playoffs.

  9. Congrats flappy friends from Twins territory! I’m loving the various Ray images this season too. They’ve been cracking me up on a daily basis. Go do the damn thing!

  10. This team is so much fun to watch but it’s more than that…they take players that others toss away and they contribute. Time and time again the Rays are masters of maximizing talent. Looking forward to buying my post season swag.

  11. It’s also what makes them so easy to root for. Everyone loves an underdog. Whenever we do win the World Series, it will be one of the most satisfying sports achievements we’ll ever see

  12. Never doubted, even early summer when we were striken with injuries. If we're firing on all cylinders we can very well go all the way

  13. You guys think they'll use Glasnow as a starter or will they pull a David Price with him? A playoff rotation of Shane, Ras, Springs and Glasnow would make me flappy.

  14. His routine and comfort is as a starter, last year they used wacha as a reliever a few times and it was a disaster lol hes a starter👏

  15. Me as well except I will just be there tomorrow and sunday, too bad I couldnt make the clincher tonight!

  16. Here's hoping we can finish the job this year. That'd be a hell of a storyline and really bring the state together after how badly Ian tore us up.


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