Taking calls for unemployment, is one of the most brutal types of call center work.

  1. I work claims and I feel the same way. If you deny a claim or you have to investigate further you’re called every name in the book, even if it’s a legit issue.

  2. I work for the dwp (U.K. unemployment benefits system) I started off in the call centre same as you before being promoted. I get people are stressed but you get all sorts of abuse over the phone that I just don’t see in my face to face position now

  3. I did training for that job and it was just too much and sounded like a massive handful, i quit before training ended and found another WFH advisor role which is less stressful

  4. Add Social Security to that list. I got on the “Useless gate” (3-4 calls in a row where I couldn’t do anything about their case) and I felt like shit. It can kill your self-esteem really quickly.

  5. Yes social security calls were brutal. There are many people struggling so bad financially, mentally and emotionally and they put it all in the call. You want to help but there's only so much you can do. I would offer different resources but it was often met with animosity.

  6. I worked in a call center for the financial department of a very well known hospital a few years ago, and had a similar experience. I made it a little over a year and then got out.

  7. Agreed! Worked for a third party company taking tier 1 unemployment calls on behalf of TX and OH during the beginning of the pandemic. By far the most stressful and soul crushing job i’ve ever worked. Ended up leaving due to the reasons you listed and other BTS things. We were not at all set up to provide actual support.

  8. I did the same for CA and MD it was so so draining and I got no support from higher ups. I was crying constantly in calls it was terrible.

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