Taiwanese Identity

  1. How much of a north south difference do you think there would be between younger (say 35 and younger) folks between the north and south?

  2. it would be more of a ethnic difference. The ethnic Chinese (華人)and the austronesian will definitely have different opinion on this matter.

  3. The whole debate is useless imo. ROC Taiwan is a de facto sovereign and independent country. Independent countries have no need to declare independence again.

  4. Some people are calling for independence is not independence from PR China, but from RO China. They value Taiwanese history and culture, not China’s.

  5. I’m sorry, how one identifies themselves is useless?! And how would you identify yourself in this question?

  6. As a stupid foreigner my working theory is that the Taiwanese identifying themselves as Chinese have never visited and/or lived in China in the last decade.

  7. It’s mainly family education. Their parents or grandparents mostly came from China when lost the civil war. Some family is because of the KMT education years ago.

  8. An Irish doesn’t need to step foot on the Republic of Ireland of feel Irish. Identifying as Chinese does not necessarily mean identifying with China or an endorsement for reunion

  9. Current day China has almost no historical ties to even a century ago. Taiwan's mixed cultural identity still contains more "Chinese" than anything after the great leap forward and cultural revolution.

  10. As a Taiwanese that was born in the late 90’s. I have only been to China twice for short vacation. Ofc I ain’t going to identify as a Chinese. Heck I lived in Canada for five years and I still don’t really identify as a Canadian

  11. need to be more detailed imo. I believe the result will be more interesting (or controversial) by asking are you ROChinese or Taiwanese that wants to be independent from ROC

  12. The reason is because the terms the used are 台灣人 and 中國人,which is more about nationality and maybe a bit of identity.

  13. The graph is dumbed down version of their study I believe. I want to ask you about the immature part. What makes this study immature never mind the graph?

  14. The survey has been conducted for many years and with good sample size, so, or the sake of the questions they asked and how they asked, it is accurate.

  15. It’s taken circa 30 years to drop 30%… I think the trend is accelerating and in 20 majority will be Taiwanese (90%+) around 2040.

  16. I swear we go through the same discussion every month when someone posts an update to this poll.

  17. This graph is accurate because the Taiwanese have had a separate cultural and sociopolitical identity for almost 80 years, which is different than the identity and ideals of the Chinese.

  18. But Taiwan is not a country, El Salvador no longer recognizes Taiwan as a country so why should someone identify as Taiwanese?

  19. I think a more pertinent question on this issue is who the land actually belongs to. Who has claim.

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