China's President Xi Jinping Warns US President Joe Biden, "Don't Play With Fire" Over Taiwan, In 2 Hour Phone Call

  1. US is in a real situation here. If we cave we look weak to the whole world. What are nations like India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia going to think in the future when it comes to our reputation and standing in the world? We're pushovers? In the last two years we've already been taken advantage of in Afghanistan, and Russia is trying to flex its muscle and take territory in Ukraine.

  2. There’s not much China can do, the US and China are codependent on one another and China and Taiwan are in very linked economically, China can’t attack Taiwan without sabotaging its own already unstable economy, it can’t cut back from the US without sabotaging its own unstable economy…… All they can do is increase the flybys over the Taiwan strait like they always do when they threaten like this

  3. Xi is the one who is playing with fire. He cannot disregard the overwhelming reaction from a world that has grown very tired of the CCP lies and human rights abuses.

  4. Exactly. World leaders need to decouple and find every which way to cripple China. Play and think long. China is a cancer to the world. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking otherwise.

  5. Lets see.. qing dynasty got gang banged by western forces because the elite were too busy smoking opium and keeping the peasants dumb (literacy rates were abysmal).

  6. Xitler is not a president. He is a dictator. Let’s stop referring to him that way. It misleads the world about how him.

  7. As much as I'd like to see the US stand up to China, I'm not optimistic about this. I think the US is gonna back down and concede to China's pressure.

  8. Sanctions do not prevent humanitarian aid, they discourage human rights abuses. The US still sends the most humanitarian aid to places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen, the problem is it is often taken by warlords and does not get to the people who need it.

  9. The fact that he even talks to him shows what an incompetent president he is. The only way I would ever be seen with that flag if I were him would be if I were sitting it on fire.

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