"Nancy, I'll go with you. I'm banned in China, but not freedom-loving Taiwan. See you there!" - former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [...] offering to join Pelosi on her reported trip

  1. Does anyone need any more evidence that this trip is more about self-serving publicity than any substantive progress on US-Taiwan policy?

  2. I mean, it’s a show of bipartisan support from a well known Republican official and a high ranking Democrat that regardless of party politics the US is United in standing up to China….. I’m all for it

  3. It may be for show but it is more for showing against China than for audiences at home. China hates Pelosi and has threatened us to not send her so we are standing up to them. Of course audiences at home like it too but this is not being talked about as a partisan issue much really.

  4. Of course Taiwan have to buy and build all the weapons it needs, but Taiwan must trust only in its own strengths. This way Taiwan won't be disappointed.

  5. It’s about how great Taiwan is. Please take your negative views somewhere else. This is Taiwan! Taiwan is free! I’m gay btw.

  6. Your periodic reminder that Mike Pompeo does not have the interests of Taiwan in mind, he cares only about his only future as a Republican Presidential candidate (thankfully, very unlikely), and would sell Taiwan out in a second if he thought it would help him.

  7. Thanks for the authentic periodic reminder, I'm sure US voters are really falling off the fence to vote for Pompeo in 2 years because he's been eating freedom pineapple from Taiwan.

  8. I really hope Pelosi’s team has been in talks with Tsai’s and the decision to visit is supported broadly by the Taiwan administration. All the western reporting feels very much like a white lady from America choosing to poke the paper tiger for her own political agenda and potentially force Taiwan into the long-dreaded confrontation they’ve been carefully avoiding for decades.

  9. Even though I agreed that this is just her acting for her self interests but I highly doubt China would make any real moves even if she actually came, hell, I don't even think if its Biden who visits Taiwan, if China wanted to attack, they would already do so just like Russia attacks Ukrain regardless of any western leaders planning to visit it or not.

  10. Yep I really don’t think the visit is gonna go through, considering how concerned the White House is about a potential conflict in the strait.

  11. Pompeo already visited Taiwan in March this year. Taiwan even gave him an presidential honor - Order of the Brilliant Star with Grand Cordon, one of the island’s top honors

  12. Pelosi cares about Taiwan, she was even detained by China once before. Pompeo may care about Taiwan but his statements are almost certainly political theater - he doesn't much care for American democracy and is trying to actively overthrow it, so I don't know how much he would support foreign countries' democracies either.

  13. The thing is, the Chinese government had been teaching its people that Taiwan is under their rules, you'll be surprised how many Chinese actually believes CCP gets to place a leader to rule Taiwan like what they did in Hong Kong.

  14. The US is very dependent on China due for a vast amount of supplies. They aren't going to do much to jeopardize that when the inevitable conflict between Taiwan and China arises in the next few years. Anyone who thinks they are going to die on that hill is pretty delusional.

  15. Nancy only goes where there is money to be made. Shes sees all the loot to be made from selling weapons in Ukraine and she wants to make sure shes positioned to profit from Taiwan.

  16. Damn, china wont stand a chance once legions of Taiwanese 阿嬤們 learn Pelosi’s secrets of insider stock trading and maintaining massive tatas well into their 80s.

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