Suggestions for first timer.

  1. OP is right but also tread lightly w this when you’re just starting. Like spend good money on rifles and plates and med supplies, but if you’re just getting into it there’s no shame in building a poverty pony or buying a just ok chest rig. See what you like and don’t like before you drop five figures to look like an “operator.”

  2. Go slow .. use lube… it’s only stings at first… after a while you will get used to your wallet being empty. Consider it a tactical advantage because if your wallet is lighter you can move faster!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Is there anything on that list that you don’t consider vital? I need to save weight for gear such as small hatchets, fire starters, etc.

  4. The helikon tex training rig is pretty darn good (100-140 usd) Annnnd the chinesium version, the vismix for 60usd is also pretty good

  5. Invest in training. Look up tactical training classes near you. Never stop asking questions, always be teachable. Knowing how to effectively utilize your equipment will put you at a huge advantage over someone who has more Gucci gear but no experience or training.

  6. Like it’s been stated. Buy once , crye once. Your “mission” will dictate your gear. There really isn’t a be all, do all kit. You need to find out what your needs are and base your equipment around that. Wanna be minimalistic? Jpc, lv119, mepc, etc take your pick, there’s a plethora of options. Carry a lot of shit? Crye Cpc or AVS. Want something in the middle? Crye SPC Belts? - Choose either between a two piece or a padded one. Both have their pros and cons. Again mission dictates gear. Axl, Ferro, ATS, etc. take your pick again. Chest rigs. - Again, mission dictates gear. Want something load bearing? Something modular? Spiritus mk4 or mk5 with a thing two can be made to fit your specific mission set or something already pre made like the mayflower can work. Rifles and handguns. - An ar15 and a Glock 19/17/45. Person preference really but with these, you’ll have an endless supply of aftermarket support. Again mission dictates gear. Engagements going to be at a distance? Lvpo. Mostly encountering cqb? Eotech, aimpoint t2, etc. Need a little of both? Red dot plus magnifier or lpvo with an offset red dot Helmets-need ballistic or no? Either way, crye, TW, opscore, etc. Clothes - crye g3 or g4, beyond clothing, vertx, Patagonia. Take your pick Weapon lights - modlite, stream light, surefire. Bye once, cry once (as always) Again, your mission will dictate your gear! Feel free to reach out with any questions!

  7. You're going to get a thousand suggestions from a thousand different people. The comments here have some great suggestions but honestly you're going to just have to see what works for you. I've been through multiple iterations of my setup, including multiple plate carriers, belts, pouches, etc. What works for someone else may not work for you. It kind of sucks you have to keep shelling out money but try to get some stuff used and try things on before you buy if you can.

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