how do you all carry AR10 mags? looking for pouches.

  1. HSGI Taco pouches. They work great and are super handy since I switch back and forth between 5.56 and 7.62 NATO mags. So work fine when AK mags enter the chat.

  2. Esstac 7.62 KYWIs, for belt line, maybe up front too. Otherwise, HSGI MOLLE Tacos, and then there's Eagle Industries SR25 MOLLE pouches, either single (1x2) or double (2x2), often in Khaki but I think RG also exists.

  3. I recently got an AR10, and I'm looking for a way to carry a few mags. I found that they kind of fit in old school double M4 mag pouches, but it's such a tight fit they're hard to get in without using both hands.

  4. I've got an Amazon Rhodesian chest rig from fereday & sons that fits 20rd AR10 pmags well. 25rd pmags fit, but will not buckle in. It's served me well so far, but I haven't run it super hard yet

  5. Wilde custom gear makes great shingles, they hold pmags comfortably (after relaxing for a few days with one in it).

  6. Search for FAL and SR-25 mag pouches, I use the old Blackhawk pouches and got those used on ebay for around $20 for a 6er.

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