Redemption Tactical, Authentic or Cons, They just posted about donating armor to a Sheriff Department, appears all the plate carriers, helmets, plates, shields are all CHINESIUM made. BUYER BEWARE!

  1. They’ve blocked me on several platforms over me arguing with them about the way they market their stuff as “NIJ approved” and the like. Not to mention for plates it’s literally kitchen floor ceramic tiles they glue together. It’s garbage.

  2. They refuse to be tested by NIJ but gladly shill to anyone who wants to "test them to their standards" to "prove" they're "tested to NIJ standards." The reason is because "it's government, when SHTF, are you going to trust the gubbermen???" NIJ is the market standard for safety, redemption is a scam

  3. They're independently certified by "Oregon Ballistic Laboratories" to supposedly NIJ level IV equivalent. So I guess you can trust them as far as you trust that lab. So god knows basically.

  4. Take a look on their website and see if the description has country origin. Because they list in their descriptions lmao

  5. I’m not real huge on ‘tactical’ crap. Like camo lunch boxes and seat covers. I lump gun coffee in with that kooky shit.

  6. The true 4D move is waving the "thin blue line" flag while equipping your local steppers with chinesium that won't stop shit. Very clever.

  7. Redemption Tactical, LAPG, Botach, CPG, West Coast Armor, all just sell relabeled Chinese plates. Many of them don't even try to hide it, you can find the same exact ones with the same shape and all on

  8. I mean if people wanna buy Chinese plates from Aliexpress, go for it, but buying it and marketing American to the American People with a crazy mark up, that’s fucked up

  9. When businesses promote themselves with the flag and the cross I immediately get suspicious. Always feel like I’m about to get played.

  10. "It's always nice when someone brings up god in a conversation... from that point forward, you know you're either dealing with a con-man or a dupe." - Grandpa

  11. Maybe they’re actually based and donating Chinesium so when they go to Duncan Lemp someone they get a spicy surprise 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. I’d rather have Chinese plates then my issued soft armor if I had to deal with the very uncommon active killer or other situations where rifle plates would actually benefit me. Although I’d rather have some Gucci ass new safariland plates instead of Chinese but hey beggars can’t be choosers

  13. My stepdad owned a military contracting company and had one of his suppliers confess to him years later that he sold him West Taiwanese nuts for a contract. Guess what these nuts went to? Hundreds of thousands of crown nuts for humvee ball joints. This happens more than you think.

  14. Even if they were, why are you people running out to buy coffee from a company just because they outwardly support gun rights? Lining up your entire personality to the point that your everyday purchases align with gun culture is fucking cringey.

  15. Plot twist: They are so pro-2A they donated Chinese garbage so that when the cops come a knocking, they are at a disadvantage.

  16. Hey guys I’m the guy who bought Chinese helmets and shot them. They are pretty much NIJIII but heavier and thicker than an Opscore

  17. Did you do backface deformation tests. I see a lot of reviewers just shoot them and I’d it doesn’t go through they say it passes.

  18. I went to buy myself a BRCC hat once at the shit hole Cabelas. Had a massive floor setup advertising the company, and I liked one of the caps intertwined with all the other things for sale. Shirts, hats, sweaties etc. ALL of it was made in chiiiina. I opted out of spending any money there that day.

  19. Police are not our friends. If they want to protect their lives with good gear they can ask for it through the proper channels or pay for their own.

  20. Even looking at their website, their plate carriers are hot garbage. Looks like a sack of potatoes. No thanks, I’ll stick with my Crye.

  21. we gotta go back to American Made, if we did things could get way way cheap and everybody wouldn’t be bitching about why our economy’s tanking while China’s is growing.

  22. Wait… can’t the sheriff’s department just put in the requests with the DoD like every other department? This whole things smells sus af

  23. Redemption blocked me on all socials after I called Him out originally on tiktok hawking his Chinese garbage

  24. someone should look into them if they sold chinese gear to federal and state agencies. This would be a huge case of fraud.

  25. They're a bunch of bro vets that scream that they're full 2A activists yet they're all just those dudes who are like "I believe in the 2nd, but....." They donate to agencies that enforce the absolute worst gun control laws imaginable, just to be buddy buddy with the boot boys

  26. If they actually needed it, they would have gotten the funding for it. They wanted it , which I can understand, but want is not need.

  27. Lots of anti cop comments for a group who will train their whole life and never do anything with it. You mad cops actually do something with their gear?

  28. What percentage of cops train with their weapon more than the required yearly qualification at an indoor range? Cops are not good shooters, rarely are they ever going to actually use any of that stuff and it's their literal job to do so

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