Fellas whoms't run shotguns. Question in the comments

  1. ^This is right OP. As bad as it sucks, Mavs are made with a few different odds and ends, (in this case your forward action arms) then the more "high end" Mossbergs. I originally got my 88 just because of how affordable it was, but throughout the years I've just had to swallow the repair costs/pain of replacing those forward action arms, due to a cracked mounting point in the pump arm itself. Had to replace the whole shebang, and I could only get the factory ribbed forearm, to boot. Still, I do love my loose old Mav88.

  2. Does anyone know if the Mossberg 590/500 streamlight TL racker is compatable with a mav 88 cruiser? I will eventually get a brace, sling, etc for this so no one jump down my throat about it. I just wanted to get a shotgun that I could kit up and take to a class so I can learn what I am doing. I got this pretty cheap and even if it isn't compatible with the TL racker I can at least use it to shoot piles of trash while I get something different. I've just always wanted one of these and thought it would be fun

  3. Yes, but no. You’re going to need a new action slide. Next, you’re going to need a 6 3/4 or 7 5/8 adapter, and maybe the adapter nut but my conversion didn’t need it. It’s not super expensive or hard, hardest part for me was finding that stuff in stock. You’ll have a bit of wobble, but it won’t affect anything outside of your sanity if you want a flush and rigid lock up. While we’re on the topic of Maverick mods, get yourself a can of Rustoleum or Alum-Hyde II and spray over the bluing, Mavericks are a great budget option but you can tell they cut costs by shipping out guns with really poor finishes. That being said, in 2020-2021 you couldn’t ask for a better shotgun NIB for 250$.

  4. I appreciate a guy who said “fuck the pedal board” and runs pedals on top of the amp. Amp-Top pedal board gang rise up.

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