What level is your armor

  1. I don’t do armor I recce with my chest rig and my vortex razor and my beer belly to go along.. sure I can read and do land nav easy!

  2. Some 3+ rated plates (NIJ level 3 plus M855) are certified at the NIJ level 3 since 3+ doesn’t exist and you can’t test it to NIJ level 4.

  3. Level 3+ curved steel with spall coating. I heard it was the best of the best, straight from Ar500's website. You guys recommend this yes?

  4. What are you talking about? M80A1 isn't even a threat to Level 4. Level 4 stops .30-06 AP... M80A1 is a barrier blind round, not an AP round, the core isn't steel, just the tip.

  5. Dayton Level 3 plates barely pass NIJ backface standards on 5.56 lmao. They don't even show their test data for the level 3 test plate.

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