Sydney Taxi drama - airport to north sydney, no traffic (usually $45-$60). Watched the cab driver slap on extra booking charges and i queried the fare byt ge wouldnt back diwn saying "my company is paying" (I paid). Is there recourse? every time I get a cab in Sydney they pull shit like this :(

  1. Thank you, that is very helpful. I want to support cab drivers who do the right thing but it's hard when money is tight and I feel like often they try to take advantage of me being a young female who they (correctly) presume will have trouble arguing back when they blatantly overcharge.

  2. The taxi fuckers didn’t even bother to pick me up for my early morning flight which was booked in and paid for days before at a fixed rate.

  3. Last time I got a taxi in Sydney was home from the city, about 12 am and fairly sober. Got in the front seat and closed my eyes to relax, keeping them open a crack to see where we were.

  4. FWIW, some cabbies try to add tolls (from city to North Shore). But if you come over the bridge, there are no tolls so need to push back on that. Dunno if that’s the case here but fyi.

  5. By my understanding it has been the case for many many years they could also charge the Bridge toll going northbound to cover their potentially empty return to the city

  6. On the other hand, Uber drivers can and do refuse you. I was rejected 5 times by Uber drivers at Sydney Airport on Sunday, went to the taxi rank and got a cab within 5 mins. There were loads of people waiting in the Uber area but a massive undersupply (and hence Uber surged). So taxi ended up being cheaper and shorter wait time.

  7. I hopped into a cab at the airport and the driver became extremely upset when I said the destination was only a few suburbs away, as from his perspective his wait in the cab rank was not worth the pay off. This, along with a series of other unenjoyable run ins with cabbies, means I am only going to take Ubers/other rideshares going forward - at least there's a pre-agreement of price and your location is tracked/route reported to you.

  8. Back in around 2009 I was flying to New Zealand, I caught a taxi from Leichardt (I think) to the airport. The cabbie was nice enough but when we got to the airport he admitted to me that I’m his first ever drop off to the international airport and he had no idea where the drop off was, we spotted the terminal but there were no stopping signs all along the road and AFP cars driving around everywhere so he ended up just rolling along the road while I ran behind the car pulling my bags out of the boot lol. To this day I still wonder if he was just messing with me because he knew I wasn’t from there or if he honestly had no idea where to go.

  9. Totally agree. I asked a group of taxi drivers at the airport, how much for a trip to Kirribilli.. one said $110, and the others nodded in agreement. $110!! Haha.. I told them to fk off and made a point of ordering an uber directly in front of them.

  10. Feel this. I have taken taxis, same time of day, from same business address to home, multiple times. Fee ranges from $22 to $40 - no tolls involved! And this is why this industry got disrupted. I'm not even paying but it pisses me off.

  11. Exact same thing has happened to me, although for more money. I had to pay because I was with customers who’d just arrived into the country on an overnight flight and I didn’t want to cause a scene, although I did challenge the guy.

  12. I don’t think a ‘rideshare’ driver can charge you anything other than what comes in the app. The so called “parking fee” you pay is the toll charge Uber pays for airport pickup location.

  13. Sadly the good cabbies get stuck under the umbrella of the taxi drivers doing this kind of underhand fare theft. The last cab collected from Sydney Airport to Dulwich hill. Maybe a 25 min drive with general mid Wednesday morning traffic (11am) $invoice supplied $72. Caught a cab to fly out on the Monday peak traffic $38. The ride share operators come from many backgrounds, yes there are penalties for select hours but you know this up front.

  14. Sort of hard to gauge the price you're getting regardless what hour you're booking if the scumbag doesn't turn the meter on.

  15. Get an Uber and each time email the bill and a copy of the one you posted (ring the service charge) to the taxi company with the message “this is why you are going broke”.

  16. If you couldn’t be bothered walking to the rideshare stand or have a heap of bags, “cars on demand” is a good professional driver app/service, usually about the same as taxis maybe 10% more, only downside is you have to book at least an hour in advance, but they pull up in front of the carousel and you always get luxury vehicles.

  17. Got jipped by a taxi today too but was in a rush. I hate how many cabbies quickly clear the metre and then punch in whatever number they feel like.

  18. I’m curious - if one pays by credit card, would it be fair to charge back the entire amount of a dodgy taxi fare? Is there a good way to prove the distance travelled and reasonableness of the fare to be able to dispute it with the taxi company, other governing bodies or the credit card company?

  19. How did he know your company was paying? I would have argued that it's me paying and refused to pay anything except the metered fare.

  20. Get the train. North Sydney is an easy change at Central or Wynyard. Just as reliable and 20% the price. And not much longer time either.

  21. This happened to me after a work trip going to Ultimo, had to jump out taxi halfway through as it was already at $30.

  22. I suppose I have copy of my flight boarding pass from the flight which includes landing time - shortly before I got into the cab; I would think that would be sufficient

  23. I just don't support cabs anymore... Too often they pull shit like this. The common one I get is them slapping on 'toll fees' when heading south over the Harbour Bridge (not tolled when travelling south).

  24. Yeah i refuse to get in a cab at all now and would have to be literally the last resort. They take out thier resentment on the customer still catching cabs and not getting into a ride share, and just plain rip you off, and there is f all the consumer can do about it.

  25. Honestly not sure why anyone bothers with taxi services. They are a product of a bygone era. Uber, Ola, Didi are all vastly superior. I'd expect to pay $88 going from the airport to maybe blacktown. Not to north sydney.

  26. I'm in N.Sysney as well, and i used uber on my last trip, only 55. Gave up on these taxi companies few years ago, when uber came on to the scene.

  27. Same thing happened to me from airport not long ago. Report the driver. The taxi company was thankful to me when I did and you will get some if not all money reimbursed.

  28. Mind you, Uber have contributed to the problem. They've taken customers away from cabs, making them far less profitable without pulling shit like this. And cabs know that when Ubers are surging, so they often just match the prices. Uber have essentially deregulated the industry, screwing over both drivers and customers. So whilst the cab industry definitely needed a kick up the backside, I'm not sure Uber is the answer either.

  29. I had the exact same experience. Airport to Forest lodge. Pick up on the receipt instead of Airport said “As directed”. I complained about the excessive fare on that basis. On the website there was a form to challenge the fare. They didn’t respond except for an automated “we received your form”. I followed up twice. Then I called. The guy on the end who sounded like a dodgy salesman said “I have your form here on the system but bro it says we are waiting on a picture of your receipt”. I sent it with the form. No one contacted me requesting it. I waited on the line while I sent it so he could confirm I had it. A few weeks later I got a partial refund - about $20 of $85 - almost 3 months after the event.

  30. I went to Sydney a couple months ago and the driver got angry at me that I wanted him to take me from the airport to olympic park and very angrily told me I was paying extra for tolls. Cost me $83.

  31. Honestly I stopped taking taxis for two reasons: many years ago I ended up finishing my bartending job a little later than normal, so I missed the last bus home. I lived about 2-3 minutes away by car/bus, but a good 20-30 minute walk. This was before Uber so I ordered a cab, and to be fair the cabbie put the meter on correctly and didn't try up charge me but to go about 2.5km cost me $30 which is absolutely stupid. Never got a cab again after that. And the other reason is that 95% of cab drivers don't know how to fucking drive. They're the ones on the road who consistently almost cause accidents and there's no way I can support that. There are obviously shitty drivers in uber as well, but I've never seen it to the levels that cabbies get to, especially when driving around Sydney city.

  32. Taxis have become obsolete. And they know it. So the drivers try and add extra charges. You would try too if you were trying to feed a family and knew you could loose your job at any moment. They are rat bastards, but at the same time you kinda feel sorry for the individual drivers and their families. Problem is the Taxi companies havent kept up with modern business practices and strategies to stay on top. Running discount days, 4 rides and 5th one is free kind of deals, membership cards ect. All would have helped.

  33. I drive uber where I live and recently I went to a spot to pick up passengers from a wedding as I was driving in a taxi was driving out, I stopped waited for my passengers to say their goodbyes then took them to the same place the taxi was taking their passengers giving taxi around a 5 min head start I drove to the location and while my passengers were getting out the taxi arrived from northern end of beach, this taxi had taken every long way possible to add 5 mins to a 10klm trip, even when I was driving a taxi this was a regular thing to see, example had a passenger ask how much to point b I told him $50 he said he had never paid less than $65 for the same trip I took him and as I drove into his driveway the meter clicked over to $50

  34. I will never use a cab or taxi again. I flew from Coffs Harbour to Sydney for work for $280.00. I then caught a taxi home to Penrith, because it was the time it was flooding and there was a 1 to 2 hrs wait for uber ( ubers are scary in the rain at the best of time let alone during torrential rain ) and the trains were on strike. $312.00 was the cab fare

  35. The few times that I've had to take a taxi they say the most obscene fuckin crap to me, and the fare is marked up to some bullshit. Hope the extra dollars they've snagged goes towards some therapy, far out...

  36. Don’t forget the NSW government takes like $1 per rideshare ride to subsidise the taxis. Sydney is almost an unliveable city for 75% of the residents

  37. Alternatively take any of the other rideshare options - as far as I've been alive taxis were always major rip offs - commonly looking to increase the fare by taking longer routes etc,

  38. The large majority of taxis are money grabbing. I was picked up from the airport once and because my accent isn’t Australian they attempted to take the long way to my destination and I pulled them up on this. They take advantage of tourists and people who they think they can take advantage of. My partner also had his card skimmed by a taxi driver. I’ll never trust them ever

  39. 13cab app is brilliant. Way better than Uber, locks in the price, can set multiple drop off destinations and send you an email with map and price at the end. Impossible to get screwed by that app

  40. I’ve been properly screwed by that app in the past. It took payment via Apple Pay, then the driver insisted it was refunded and demanded I pay him as well, doubling the fare. I was charged twice and had to complain to 13Cabs for my refund on one.

  41. Had the same thing recently. Uber suggesting $60, so we went with a cab. It was close to $20 before we even left the car park. The driver was constantly trying to cover the meter, I couldn't tell when rate he had set it to. ended up at over $100 to get to Mosman at 7am in the morning.

  42. Airport to upper north shore in peak traffic last month cost me $140. Thankfully company paid, no questions asked. For my next business trip of 2-3 days, I’m gonna drive to the airport and park at P7. The daily parking is just $29 and works out way cheaper than the to and fro taxi charge. And of course, I can claim reimbursement for the distance driven to and fro the airport.

  43. Car hire company. I used to use one to and from north ryde to the airport. Was the same price as a taxi. Much better to sit in the back of a new Mercedes or BMW than a taxi

  44. As soon as you see the scam, start filming for evidence, film his taxi ID, rego, what he says and the receipt. Also tell him if he doesn’t refund and make the correct charge u will call the taxi company to complain while u are still inside the cab. Not a lot to be done with just a receipt and your word, but still complain. Sorry u went through this

  45. Haven't used a taxi since 2014 for this exact reason, use Uber or similar always. Taxis are notorious rip off's.

  46. I'd rather walk until my feet are bloody and blistered than catch a taxi. For me they are up there with used car salesmen, realtors and politicians on the untrustworthy scale. Obviously, that is not all of them but I haven't come across or heard of a decent one.

  47. If it was 13cabs, make a complaint. They look up how much the journey should have been and refund the difference. Then never use them again.

  48. There is a sticker in the top left hand corner of every taxi's windscreen explaining exactly what they're allowed to charge. Failure to adhere to this will mean they lose their taxi license.

  49. Adding to the just use uber.. It’s a terrible company, but there’s some level of standards the drivers have to adhere to. I’ve had cabbies actually abuse me when I questioned the direction I was being taken and actually had to threaten one in melbourne to be let out of the car. I’ve probably had over 1000 trips in the last 6 years and rarely had an issue with Uber (except the odd time where the uber driver would show up in his taxi instead, thats always weird).

  50. Took a taxi for the first time in ages the other day. Uber was saying $12 for a ride home, not even a 5 min drive at 3am. Uber was 9 mins away though and I was standing at the taxi rank. Took a cab cause I thought it can’t be that bad. $22 for a 4km trip with a driver that drove like he had nine lives. Won’t be taxiing again.

  51. Taxis have recently had a rise in their service fees because they have had a stagnation on service fees since about 2015. The additional costs incurred for servicing cars/fuel price hikes is being absorbed by taxi drivers in no wage growth. The aus taxi industry association has finally upped service fees to help cover these costs.

  52. Ripped off by taxis twice now for undisclosed extra charges that are 30-50% higher than expected fare. So taxis no more. Fares need to be agreed upon up front. The world has moved on with rideshare. I don’t like price surging but hey - at least I can make an informed decision with transparency.

  53. This has been happening ALOT. When you get in a taxi tell them to turn the metre on. If they don't do it immediately then make them pull over the car. If you get to your stop and they try and pull extra charges refuse to pay anything. There are lots of illegal cabs around. Do get cabs though. Just watch out for these dodgy fuckers. I almost gave one a hiding once. They need to know you aren't some stooge that was born yesterday. Tell them you're calling the cops.

  54. No. Pickup airport, drip off at a residential address in north sydney. The invoice is totally wrong regarding the actual trip performed.

  55. Lmao I was in Sydney for a week recently. Had one try to charge me 50 dollars for a 10 minute drive to the airport at 4 am, taxi drivers down there are scum

  56. i literally had to tell the cab driver to stop at a 7/11 nearby and push my luggage back home because otherwise my bill was going to hit 200 bucks… cab fees are fucked

  57. I flew in last night, couldn't get the airport wifi to work for an Uber so took a taxi. Left the airport then he told me it was a set $45 charge due to the time he has to wait for a short trip (5-10min to destination). Being that it was late and I was tired, I really couldn't be fucked jumping out and walking back to the airport to get into another taxi. We get to the hotel, he asked for cash, had some but told him I only had a card as I wanted a receipt. Read the receipt once I was in my room, extra charges for service, payment etc. Is this normal here?

  58. ex driver here, going north from the Airport he would have charged you for the taxi rank fee and any additional toll's including the tunnel going north and the toll for the harbour bridge going south. Yes they are allowed to charge you even though you only went north.

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