Did you know? The M2 was the world's first "Audio Roadway"

  1. Lee Ka Shing, look him up Chinese Billionaire, this whole country is being sold off to the Chinese filthy Rich Fcken Billionaires by our beloved politicians

  2. When will they even bother to fix the road? Going on the road during dawn or dusk is like a death sentence since you can barely even see the lane markings.

  3. The issues with the pavement cracking on the M2 run deep into the pavement, it would essentially require shutting down the M2 for a significant time and ripping up the entire concrete slab to fix it up.

  4. Same with heavy rain. The glue on the cracks are more visible than the lane markings, potentially making you veer into another lane without realising.

  5. When we moved down from Brisbane this was one of the main roads we drove in on on the way to see the real estate agent to collect our keys.

  6. Yep. So many roads here are rubbish. And if the government does actually bother to try and fix them, it takes forever.

  7. I have ended up in the wrong lane at dusk because I couldn’t see the lane markings clearly & I am surprised there hasn’t been more serious accidents. To top it off, they get to increase the tolls every 6 months but not the quality of the road & they know people will keep using it as the time difference not to use it, can double your travel.

  8. definitely - i used to work at the airport and i would get on the M2 at Pennant Hills road, and the entire journey was about 40min normally. If i took the non-toll route through Victoria Road, Anzac bridge, etc, the route would take me over 1hr20min. Still for the pay i was getting, spending 40bucks on tolls every day wasnt worth it.

  9. Remember when they thought they fixed the section near liverpool on the m5, horrible slated road with cm of height variation and gaps,

  10. Last time I was on the M2, there was a flat-tray ute with red Ps in front of me. The driver kept the the speed limit the whole time and stayed in their lane.

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