Life in the Sith Empire

  1. TLDR: If you are Sith, you can certainly have a good life. If you are an Imperial, you stand a good chance but don't be surprised if you don't. If you are a slave, don't count on it.

  2. You can draw a comparison from Sith to Spartiates in Ancient Greek Sparta where a small elite bickered with each other and terrorized its vast underclass. In SWTOR, you see the Force-sensitive Sith treat the the rest of the citizens like dirt. The Spartiates would pull the same shit, or worse, on the its underclass; the helots.

  3. Even a Sith still has to deal with the constant infighting with, and being murdered by, other Sith. So, while Sith have the prospect of gaining great quantities of money and power, they can't exactly claim that they can have happiness and feelings of security.

  4. Thanaton wasn’t a slave, he was a legitimate Sith aprrentice. However his master rebelled against the Dark Council and failed. He was apprehended and tortured and Thanton was declared a traitor to the Sith as well, for being his apprentice. The Dark Council however gave him the chance to regain his place amongst the Sith, by hunting down the Emperor’s rogue apprentice.

  5. As long as you don't cross paths with a random Sith who decided to kill you just because they can. I also imagine there's the ever present threat of being demoted to slave if you don't make the next quota or your boss isn't satisfied with you in some way, or just wants your wife or something. I don't think they're big on due process or worker rights. Shit rolls downhill, so there's likely a ton of overbearing middle managers kicking the people below them and abusing any scrap of power they have to cope with their psychotic bosses who may or may not kill them on a whim.

  6. There are always outliers, but in general, very doubtful. Life in a dictatorship always comes with restrictions and risks, but a dictatorship where there's a class of people with nearly unlimited rule and high tendency towards mental instability/sadistic tendencies who can execute you on sight, is worse than most by today's standards.

  7. Yeah but the mad men are actually getting smarter and becoming greatly less mad by the time of Acina’s rule. The sith empire is actively improving

  8. You either live as a second or third class citizen living under an oppressive regime or sent to the academy because of your force sensitivity and probably die.

  9. And even if you are a prodigy in the imperial Academy or powerful enough in the force to make it through Korriban, have fun spending the rest of your life constantly proving yourself worthy enough to keep living. No resting on your accomplishments. What have you done lately? If you're not force sensitive, you'll be discarded the second you're no longer seen as a useful asset and replaced by a more ambitious newcomer. If you're a Sith, you're always in the crosshairs of the ambitious newcomers looking to climb the ranks over your corpse.

  10. judging by the number of body type 4 people in the Empire, the average imperial(that aren't slaves or aliens or on the sith's shit list) are eating GOOD at least.

  11. Depends on your place in society, gender, species, and wealth. But the answer is: varying degrees of "no".

  12. I can't see it being good for anyone. Slaves definitely not. Normal Imperials might be OK so long as they have limited contact with the Sith, otherwise you are just fodder for when a sith decides to murder you. Even Sith you would constantly have to be on your guard.

  13. If Darth Marr were to govern efficiently with Malgus and his revolutionary ideas before he went full vietnam and the SW acting as the Wrath cleansing absolute nutjobs and irrational fuckers i dare say it would be a better prospect than corrupt Republic or Hutt systems.

  14. Im pretty sure that for the average citizen, life in the Sith Empire is similiar to life in the USSR except with an army of Stalins (sith). Fear that intelligence is spying on you so no bad mouthing the government. Fear you'll upset some arbitrary sith or officer and end up a slave. Sith rule through fear so, just generally fearful of bad stuff happening i imagine.

  15. another difference with the USSR. in USSR starving is the norm(until Khruschev at least, even then they aren't known for excesses), but in the sith empire, judging by how many body type 4 are there, they're eating GOOD.

  16. Funny as it is, but we never actually saw how people LIVE in Galactic Empire (yes, Disney showed that, but Disney "canon" is mostly garbage anyway).

  17. Depends on who you are. Sith or High Ranking Imperials? It would certainly be Great. You get much more below that not really. I'd say one of the only Advantages you would have is that you know someone's try to kill you, and you be able to adapt a bit better because of that.

  18. I think people are downplaying how much it sucks being a Sith or high ranking imperial as well, and the constant stress of having to defend everything you have from rivals and ambitious upstarts below you. A society of perpetual backstabbing isn't all that great for anyone.

  19. I'm curious, I would imagine these empires have natural born citizens and people who just develop into the dark side? Or are most turned? I know there a lot of dark jedi in these empires that tend to be the back bone of their forces. Which is kind of ironic considering a lot of dark lords were former jedi.

  20. It's corrupt neoliberalism vs outright fascism. One is arguably better than the other, but both suck to some degree. The common people don't get an actual voice.

  21. I think Andor showcases what life can be like under imperial rule. They work to centralize every aspect and force able merge culture into theirs. Those that stand in the way? Prison and enslave.

  22. Tales of the Jedi explores this fantastically: the Senate isn't a body to solve the problems their constituent systems, it's a business front for the wealthy senators. No wonder the Trade Federation and Techno Union prospered there.

  23. Yeah, by the time of the prequels, the rot in the Republic is in its terminal stage and that's why it's so vulnerable to fascist takeover from within. In the SWTOR era, it's in a bit better shape, though still has plenty of problems, most stemming from the fact that is a massive and unwieldy institution.

  24. If you are a member of the sizable elite class that has all their needs taken care of for them, and don't need to work to survive, it's definitely better than the Republic.

  25. The Sith have it good, as long as you don't get too involved in politics or ambitiously climb the ladder as high as you can go. You graduate from the academy, become an apprentice, and assuming your master isn't particularly controversial, you eventually are basically handed a job that is probably largely administrative. Contratulations on having your upper middle class career handed to you on a platter because you're force sensitive. If you don't rock the boat, and don't challenge or actively compete with those around/above you, you probably have a pretty comfortable life. In the game's time period the Empire is embroiled in war, so the risks are obviously higher for everyone.

  26. Still, connections are a massive benefit. You could be as talented as Darth Jadus or Darth Malgus, but you will have few Sith allies that help you climb the Sith hierarchical ladder. And when you have few allies or begin to appear weak to the Dark Council, at some point they will begin to probe with the way on how to remove you with someone more loyal. In fact, if it wasn't for your Imperial Agent's connections to the Minister of Intelligence, you would likely have been executed by the Dark Council instead of just brainwashed, even despite all youe choices of staying loyal to the Sith than you can pick. And our Cipher agent is extremely talented, capable of tricking Sith and Jedi alike. When you rise to power, you need someone to back you up. That is the biggest problem the Sith Inquisitor had: they had almost no connections and almost risked death by barging into the Dark Council to defeat the unworthy Thanaton. Only unlimited power and an impossible to ignore power base helped you back your claim. The Sith Warrior, on the other hand, had connections from Darth Vovrawn, who easily lets you into the Council chambers with barely anyone objecting.

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