Did Sachi have feelings for Kirito?

  1. No. It's explicitly stated back in "Red-Nosed Reindeer" in Volume 2 that they didn't have anything romantic between them. And honestly, no, Sach just wasn't on the right wavelength to be able to stay with Kirito, and like Lisbeth, I think she realized this, too.

  2. There was no romantic feelings going on between Kirito and Sachi. The author stated that, the best way to describe their relationship, is two dogs licking their wounds.

  3. In Red Nosed Reindeer in volume 2 it's pretty explicitly stated that there was no romantic feelings either way.

  4. But I mean, even Sachi mentions that she saw Kirito as a father figure. And as for Kirito, he had already been with Asuna for a while and was already attracted to her by then too, maybe not in love but I feel like by then he already knew how to tell the difference. Throughout the entire time with Sachi, and even after, not once did he feel attracted to her in that way.

  5. Truthfully. You have to be direct. Let me explain, I'm the type of person who believes in keeping universes separate i.e. LNverse, mangaverse, Webverse, and animeverse. In LN which it seems this post is seemingly focusing on you can say no because you have such knowledge on this topic. However for people like me who seem the anime, and only the anime will say "Yes". The main reason I keep them all separate we already have evidence how animated/movie tens to change things i.e.

  6. If Sachi did love Kirito. I believe she thought of him more as a close friend or even that of resembling her father. If I remember correctly there’s literally a line in there where she states something like Kirito’s kindness reminds her of her caring father. Something along those lines. So no. I definitely don’t think it’s romantic feelings.

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