If Sao was a real game with the same ruleset(you die in game you die in real life) who would still be down to play it?

  1. I probably would. I know I would not try and be one of the top players but chances of you dying will be low as long as you don't try and go to the hardest areas. I would likely also enjoy time fishing, and maybe even try cooking. Just have to earn enough money so I can stay in an inn or buy my own place, then I would be safe for at least a long time unless I get unlucky.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that resources in SAO are finite, meaning even common items will run out eventually. That's the main reason why Kirito speedruns it in the first place, until he couldn't solo anymore. Meaning your peaceful time will run out eventually, fishes will stop respawning, foods runs out, and you will die of hunger unless you progress up the floor.

  3. I would be like second line, grind to be way above my area or any dungeon so its not even a risk to go places and then settle when i find somewhere i like

  4. Aslong as I don't have to the Kirito and he still beats the game and free's everyone. To take a break from this reality, to play a full immersive game for a few years would be amazing and worth the risk.

  5. Hell yes. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Sure, you may have a 60% chance of dying, but you would do things in that game you would never even try in real life. I’m not talking about fighting monsters, BTW. See that cute girl? You two might be dead tomorrow, so you better ask her out today. SAO would give anyone who played it a real chance to confront their own mortality, and that’s the most valuable thing in any world.

  6. I mean… it sounds like real-life anyways so why not? Sure there may be massive centipede monsters and blue goat demons but they can’t be any worse than the current political environment!

  7. You already playing a game with that "rule set"..its called "real life". You can die at any second from the most random thing, so the goal of the game is to make the most out of whatever time you have... yet I dont see ppl rushing to log the fuck out, but heard its getting harder for most ppl not to these days >_< Would be cool to meet "Asuna" tho XD

  8. I would and simply not enter the most dangerous areas at first I would grind low level mobs get to like level 30 and star doing low level dungeons

  9. You know what? I would be that one person who refused to play it because "VR games always end badly in anime, people always get trapped inside"... and then I'd still be shocked that it actually happened and I'm safe because I was being overly cautious. 😄

  10. Of course not. And none of the SAO players (apart from Kayaba himself) would've willingly played the game if they had known the truth beforehand.

  11. uh, no? the laughing coffin leader bought the NerveGear from the black market to kill people in the game without getting caught, he entered the game after it already started and everyone knew it was a trap.

  12. if asuna existed then kirito exists too and you'll just be kicked through the roof of the floor and probably reach the 100th floor.

  13. If I had a choice? Nope. Of course, the nature of SAO was that those playing it didn’t have a choice, and as a gamer I would try to be one of those who’d be first in line to play it, sooooo I probably would be stuck in there.

  14. I would still play it idk what i would really do tho probably be solo until i can meet back up with my lil bro and then check out some of the black smithing skills

  15. I wonder how many of the people that have said yes have played a game where your entire character progress gets deleted when you hit 0 HP. It's a lot more stressful than it first seems and the way you play is completely different to normal.

  16. Yeah, Most SAO players bought SAO because it was a full dive RPG which is cool asf, not because it was a death game. After Kayaba’s announcement, almost everyone either screamed in fear, lost hope, and even committed suicide. The only ones that wanted to be in there was Laughing Coffin since murder in SAO would have little to no consequence.

  17. No. And everyone that says yes doesn’t really realize what they are getting into. Just imagine real world, but now there are:

  18. Most of these people would fly into a rage if someone was inept on their team in their favourite game. It’d be insane for anything to suggest they’d enjoy what is essentially high-level raiding and PvP every single day for years straight, all with the added psychological drag of knowing your body is deteriorating and you could be killed by a major power outage. In reality it’d turn super toxic within hours and would be a largely awful experience all round.

  19. Yes I would work at the bakery and eat the bread while fishing near the water with the girl that has green eyes watching me talk to her friend

  20. if I did, I would definitely set myself up as a shop keep of quality gear fashioned to look as fly as possible, I’d gather a customer base, make deals with guilds to equip them. Sponsor players so they stay safe out there.If I do well id franchise (make a guild) on a higher floor. Id find someone who’s maxed out cooking/baking and then we’d have a shop/cafe combo. I would expand by bringing master craftsmen and weapon forgers into the guild. When we get to a nice floor then we will have a whole shopping complex where you can eat high quality food, get gear for battle, or just look awesome.

  21. That's a cool idea. I always figured if it was me in their place, I would stay in the main towns and visit each new one as a tourist, complete all the safe zone quests and max out my cooking skill, then open a little shop. I'd also bring some baked goods to the kids at the "orphanage" from time to time.

  22. While they were mentioned in a few episodes and novels I feel PKer/Griefers would just be a much much bigger issue in real life especially if people knew going in about death instead being stuck there and maybe not believing it.

  23. There actually was a large number of them - in the novel, Kirito mentions his estimation of players who turned to crime being around a thousand. That's a huge percentage of the surviving players, even if most of them are more like robbers than PKers.

  24. So you are asking... if I want to risk everything to play in a fake world, devised by a sociopath, for that sociopaths dream.

  25. No. You’d need to be hooked up to machines, have people constantly monitoring you. That would be expensive. Not to mention if you did survive you would need months of physical therapy due to muscle atrophy, and probably counseling for the trauma.

  26. I would try my best. With strategy it should be easy in the beginning. In my current State I would even try the beta. Maybe I would join a guild later. But at first I really would try it on my own.

  27. That would be too bizarre. Easier to imagine a world with permanent death (in the game) and you only get one account, ever. That wouldn’t be a silly plotline. Just a hardcore game.

  28. Realistically if SAO was real, there would probably be a lot more PK’ers than their were in the anime/manga. There are some crazy people out there, especially edgy gamers. I wouldn’t trust being in the game.

  29. If I was able to buy the nerve gear and the limited copies of SAO game, I'll likely wandering alone aimlessly before finally getting killed by PK'ers

  30. I don't know really... assuming the same rules applies that they are told to you while you already stuck inside the game and then the Red Ringwraith Kayaba himself would tell us that we are fucked so far up the ass that we are now on Sesame Street then fuck it go with the flow. So ye I would play it without knowing the rules first hand... would I participate in dungeon runs and raids.... maybe... I need to get out somehow and I don't want other people to pick up my slack

  31. Yeah I'd play it. Though I'd be like kirito as 99% of games I play it's always by myself so I always have a safety

  32. I'd go straight in, I hate this world so why not go to my dream world, I mean I want to live in a perfect fantasy rpg, if that was real life and I died I'd be dead so. Whats the loss? My terrible family and rude friends? Like I need those suckers

  33. i would probably be one of the first to play it in the beta and then when i play in the full release and realize i cant log out and if i die i die in real life, i'll just sleep until its over, since eating isn't needed, as i am getting hospitalized in real life probably.

  34. Nah, coz when you realize you are nothing but some average character, it's not worth it. SAO looks cool coz we follow op kirito but we wont be anything more than the Sasha team

  35. Probably Yeah. The concept of SAO as a fullly immersive MMORPG would be enough to bring me into the game. Not sure if I would knowing it has the you die in the game you die in real life rule but sometimes it wouldn't be such a bad thing.

  36. I absolutely would, the whole death part and the fact that you only have one chance would only make it more fun, I love it when the stakes are high

  37. The closest gaming experience that I have that would simulate this is the Ghost Mode of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, where you're entire campaign progress is wiped when your character dies. I would recommend that you try something like this if you are considering answering yes.

  38. I definitely would it seems like a lot of fun. You could also make a lot of friends I would feel like. Yeah the death part would suck but would still be so much fun. I definitely want kirito's black sword tho.

  39. Me, I’m pretty good at not dying in games if I actually avoid the dangerous stuff, which I typically don’t 🤣 I wouldn’t be any sort of Kirito, I’m a collector in my games so I’d have ALL the ancient items that aren’t worth much except to other collectors, like the first boat ever crafted or the free weapon given out like 8 years ago that no one has anymore cuz they all moved on, and of course all sorts of costumes.

  40. I still would, it's like wanting to be isekaied, obviously youd have to fight monsters and the demon army and I'd still do it. Of course I'd train a shit ton first like the Overly cautious Hero anime

  41. I would rather live in a cool virtual world than the real one. I mean, you die in real life anyway, so why not? Plus, I have an excuse to play a video game 24/7, what are you gonna do, pull the NerveGear off?

  42. Current world kinda sucks. My will is written. I'd be down to play. As long as there is good net code and good anti cheat. I'm not down for dieing cause of lag. If I'm going to go it's going to be to a giant boss fight. Or if I'm garbage a veggie plant mob with tentacles 😂

  43. Probably Wouldn't have enough money to buy the nerve gear and SAO. Most likely to be sold out before I can get access to the game.

  44. The starting would be pretty risky and I'll have to be really careful, but once things have settled down I can find my own asuna and have my own 16.5 hopefully hehe

  45. I mean, you can die tomorrow stepping out of your house and being hit by a car, so why be afraid when death is always an uncertainty?

  46. I definitely would want to play! After all, not only would I not have to risk my life (safe zones are a thing) but because SAO is real, that means that every other game that was both mentioned and/or shown in the series would be real too. Which means GGO is real too. Not only that, but it would also mean that the ability to view and copy the human soul, not to mention putting one into a robot body would exist. And remember that one guy's suit from Ordinal Scale? The one that gave him super speed and super strength? That would exist too.

  47. if it is done with some 'Destiny[verses] Online' version instead, then one would expect a Lot of 'horrifying' deaths from some of the more noob populations of the now trapped Guardian-players.

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