How many times have you rewatched the Aincrad arc or SAO I’ve rewatched it 18 times

  1. Only a full times. Alicization is better so I've been rewatching that a lot. (Unless you include the abridged lol)

  2. All of SAO like 3 times I think. Going to hold off though and not watch probably for a couple of years atleast or maybe until whenever the new season drops.

  3. Shit, easily over 12 for the entire series, Phantom Bullet is my favorite, so I've seen it several more times than that (Sinon = best girl).

  4. Hate watched it when dub for season one came out, rewatched the entire series this year. Then if you count the "recap" episode with the extra hot swimsuit scenes, thats 3 times.

  5. Season 1 three times(I think it was a combination of subbed and dubbed the first time since I couldn't wait for the dub to fully release. I made it a personal tradition to watch "The Red-nosed Reindeer" almost yearly around Christmas), Extra Edition once or twice(unsure as I definitely remember seeing it subbed, but I also remember some lines from the dub), Season 2 twice(once subbed; once dubbed), Ordinal Scale once(dubbed), Season 3 once(subbed).

  6. I've rewatched ALO the most, I just love leafa! Probably at least 6 times. Although I've rewatched all the other arcs at least 3 times. :^)

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