Could the nervegear have been EMP’d?

  1. your friend needs to look up ”faraday cage” and then take a good long think about how many people they were willing to kill to see if it would work.

  2. Because this is such an inteligent response, would it be feasable to somehow slip a piece of lead in between the persons head, and the spot that emits the radation?

  3. Government agent: So sir, Ma'am, what we want to do is strap your little Jimmy into a room with an EMP. One that sends a pulse to the nerve gear, that may or may not trigger the kill device.

  4. The amount of people who want to try frying an electronical device that literally surrounds the entire heads of people is way too damn high.

  5. Regarding any sort of supposed """plot hole""" around removing the Nervegear safely, be it with an EMP or whatever solution some anime youtuber has come up with, think of it this way: If it really was that easy, why were they still stuck in the game for two years?

  6. You’ve got to remember that all the SAO players were moved to various hospitals around Japan and were stuck there after the 2 hour grace period due to IP locking.

  7. People use this as a plot hole reason for hating SAO all the time lol even though it's not a plot hole. An EMP would just kill the person with the Nervegear on. I could take the exact quote from the show about tampering but I think people just don't accept that they're wrong as a cope to continue hating the show.

  8. It would also turn off half the equipment in the hospital and they'd need enough for every hospital and use them all at once

  9. Actually, a bunch of players were moved to hospitals and their internet was disconnected at that point, so we know that doesn't trigger the brain fry.

  10. Like the headset in Sao S1 is a EMP... it just fridge your brain... like idn what somthing els could do that, but its basically a EMP in my eyes

  11. It’s not possible to tell. But obviously in sao sense its not possible for an emp to disable nerve gear… actuallly maybe it would but still Kill the person

  12. Maybe not now. But it’s advanced technology that is connected to a users brainwaves. If it were as simple as taking it off and not getting microwaved then you’d possibly put them in a permanent coma I feel like.

  13. I think the real answer here is that the nervegear is a plot device used to explain why they are trapped in the game, where other shows might just go "you are now in the game" SAO at least attempts to explain why they are there. There are other easier ways they probably could have taken the headsets off in reality, but this isn't reality.

  14. Generally those "easier ways" rely on the person bringing them up missing something important about how the whole thing works.

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