Are the Steam games worth for someone who isn't a SAO fan ?

  1. The game series started as a Playstation only franchise up till fatal bullet came out. Fatal bullet is also the only game to take place in the ggo setting aka its a jrpg shooter game. In that game you play as your own created Character with their own story that doesn't revolve around kirito. After that you got alicization lycoris set in the underworld in the S.T.L. back to playing as kirito again following the anime story up till you beat administer then a whole new non cannon story forks. All in all I really enjoyed the games and recommend them, the best games for a lot of fans are hollow realization, fatal bullet, and alicization lycoris (aka the latest 3 lol) there are a total of 6 games

  2. I got Fatal Bullet for 5$ (it goes on sale all the time on steam) and it was really good, but I think it would fall flat for someone who didnt know the franchise very well.

  3. I have Re:HF and lost song on steam and think there worth it for under 10$. Also bought the HR and fatal bullet for the switch for under 10$, played through them all and I really enjoyed them all.

  4. I too didn’t enjoy the first half, in the beginning, but I just pushed through, because I was curious about the story, so if you don’t push through it I recommend AoT

  5. I think they're all great story wise (well idk about Fatal Bullet cuz I never finished it, but FPS isn't my favorite genre). My only criticism is that sometimes once in a while they get harem/ecchi/fan service-y, but it's overall a very small percentage. Story wise, I enjoy Hollow Fragment the most, but if you were gonna pick just one game, I'd go with Hollow Realization (or Alicization if it's on sale)

  6. An FYI. A LOT of people hated the second half. Don't worry, the show doesn't get shitty after that. I wouldn't call myself a super fan of the show? I find it neat. The second season though? I really like it. I was worried about starting it because of the... uh "themes" at the end of the 1st season, but my friend told me the 2nd was nothing like that. It's worth a watch, but I don't know about the games sadly.

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