1. Friend accidentally doubles the dose on some cupcakes once. I felt like I was a slinky inside a spinning cylinder. Got the cold sweats and everything, I took a couple pieces of bread to bed and just let it take me lmao

  2. Eh i drug a whole bag of oranges with me to bed once because i thought i needed vitamin C to survive

  3. We baked a gram into some peanut butter a few months ago. I was struggling to comprehend what was going on. I just remember laughing at inane things.

  4. I can attest to this. Downed a cookie in Amsterdam on a work trip, later found out it wasn't a marijuana edible, but an ayahuasca edible.

  5. That's badass, I thought that was only available in Africa. I gotta get me a plane ticket some time and rent a hostle room for a few weeks. I'd love to expand my mind and then talk like an insufferable hippie for the rest of my life.

  6. I like knowing my measurements. Some days I just want to chill out and do a puzzle. Other days I want to do a puzzle and find myself on the surface of the moon with a hunger for a greasy cheese steak.

  7. My netherlands edibles-buying-experience was more like "this is chocolate. It's very strong. Take a nibble and see how you feel"

  8. That's how it used to be in California too. About five years ago it was the wild wild west of edibles. No labeling no ingredients and damn sure no nutrition data lol.

  9. Yeahhh. I used to make edibles that clocked in somewhere around 200-350mg and let me tell you that was my first real experience with weed. Turns out it's alot more enjoyable when you aren't a puddle in a couch.

  10. Can confirm. "Ill have 1 piece of space cake please? Do you know how many milligrams so I can dose correctly? Blank stare... uhh there is weed in it. Just had to eat half and hope for the best.

  11. I used to work in a cannabis bakery in the centre of amsterdam, some of the best times. Loved people coming back the next day looking like they had the best sleep of their lives, bringing their friends and sometimes even older family members to ‘’just try some.’’

  12. Their all 100mg THC broken into smaller quantities, usually 10 10mg bits. That was the legal limit the state set for edibles. I prefer it because then I know exactly how much I'm taking, but I guess I passed my "get as baked as possible every time" days long ago.

  13. As a united statesian I can say that most stoners I know(myself included) would way rather have an edible like the 2nd one than how they are in stores. I still buy black market cause I don't want to drive to my neighbor state where is legal recreationally to pay way too much for weed I can get from my buddy down the street for less than $10 a G and have a homie that makes way stronger edibles than what I'd be able to buy in a store. It's our stupid politicians that are uptight. Got a big steel bar up there.

  14. This is the difference between legalisation and half-assed decriminalisation where the coffee shops are stocked by organised crime.

  15. I just bought a 4 pack of cookies over there that were so potent. One bite you knew what was in them, they tasted like the dank. Made the flight home fantastic.

  16. There's a lovely little shop called the dolphin or something. The muffins taste absolutely delicious. And after some time you get to enjoy space in the best way! Found out why stoner rock exists that night.

  17. Why do Americans measure their drugs in metric and not in washing machines or banaas or whatever fucked up scale of measurement they use?

  18. Amsterdam edibles are actually pretty tame tbh. Unless you find a little back street coffee shop then buckle..

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