General Discussion - November 14

  1. Got the camo field jacket yesterday after waiting for it to drop for the whole season so far... and I'm kinda slightly disappointed by it, but also I really like it.

  2. I got in at the 10:45 timeslots for tomorrow's drop. Is there any point in showing up earlier than that or should I just get there around 10:35. Will I actually not be out of the store until 1-2PM?

  3. If you are talking about supreme’s quality control, then yeah its all over the place. Good looking out tho, cuz I bet there will be a lot of fakes for these bogos

  4. I saw it somewhere but can't find the image now. It's just an image of the hat on the bottom of the deck, comes in 3 colours iirc

  5. My educated guess is the dude finds good deals on box logos and what not and flips them. Then uses profit to fund more cops and repeat.

  6. Do this seasons backpacks have laptop sleeves? Saw someone post the black one and liked it but I’ll hopefully be getting a 15inch MacBook in a few months and would be dumb to get one that doesn’t have a sleeve

  7. What is the longest you've waited for shipping confirmation after getting order confirmation? I'm on day 6 and starting to worry lol

  8. If you are having issues with your AF1 cop, like I did, go to UPS and put SP-OrderNumber into reference tracking section.

  9. I never got shipping confirmation from them, but I did get an email from UPS directly saying my shoes should be delivered today.

  10. Everything you need to know is on your order confirm email, "Please allow 3-5 business days for processing and another 5-7 business days for shipping."

  11. I personally feel like supreme sizing is smaller in outerwear then north face. Like most supreme outerwear in an xl fits right on me, but supreme/north face and regular north face an xl is just right.

  12. I’m still in disbelief I got a ticket number last week from the supreme x CDG drop at Dover Street Market Los Angeles. I copped a split box logo T-shirt and hoodie in black! Both my size!!! Sweaters were OOS but it’s all Gucci!

  13. You have 4 business days to ship out Supreme stuff but a lot of people still wait until they actually have it in hand to list it. This would be about when people are getting their orders in

  14. Anyone have experience with Supreme customer service? The UPS delivery guy dropped off my CDG AF1s at the totally wrong address and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. Their contact form hasn't been too helpful so far...

  15. After dealing with this stuff a couple of times, I hate to tell you that you’re more than likely screwed. Wish you luck though.

  16. UPS lost my NY puffy jacket in the mail last month. I called UPS first and also emailed Supreme and they responded the next day. Id say talk to UPS first then if they cant get it email supreme and theyll most likely refund because they refunded my order when it was UPS’s fault

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