Can somebody give an example of this? I‘ve never noticed it and was wondering if other people feel the same

  1. Exactly, and I think by that definition there is a “butt shot” of pretty much every main character in most episodes (except Garrett).

  2. Sooooo… most women wear “tight pants.” It’s called skinny jeans. Also I’ve never noticed a butt shot. Just because a butt is in frame doesn’t mean it’s meant for that. Everyone else’s butts are also in frame multiple times. These guys commenting just have tunnel vision for butts.

  3. I’m rewatching as we speak and I haven’t noticed it more then a few times like the Halloween episodes but that’s weird if it’s true

  4. Honestly, I agree with OP and I'm a straight female. But I'm also a female that lifts weights and I know how much hard work it takes to get an ass like that. Even though my motivation for noticing the increase is different I definitely did notice an increase.

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