Anyone else think Jonah and Cheyenne are the hottest people on the show?

  1. I’ve gotta go with Amy, however, in that last series, when they are masked up, I fell in love with Cheyennes eyes. I’ve never seen an actor be so expressive just with their eyes.

  2. For a second I pictured Glenn and Kelly kissing and Glen saying “ oh kElLyYy”. In the Glenn voice of course. 🫤🤮

  3. Jonah and Garrett. Cheyenne never really appealed to me. Actually, i don't find any of the women particularly hot. (Especially Kelly. Can't stand the cheerleader vibe)

  4. No way does Cheyenne come from a low income household while flaundering around with her gorgeous wavy hair cascading down on her healthy smooth skin, eating presumably cheap garbage while glowing her perfectly tight and toned subtle curves, making a cattle iron seem chill.

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