When should you FF?

  1. I usually do it when I feel like the game is no longer fun and I am getting stomped. If we are behind and I am getting stomped I will FF to see what my team is thinking and act from there. If they wanna keep going I will try my hardest even if it isn’t enjoyable

  2. Same (disclaimer, I only play normals, not ranked). I will ff if the game isn’t fun to me anymore; likewise, I will not ff/vote against ff if I’m enjoying myself even if the game is probably lost.

  3. This is the only comment OP needs to read. Anything besides this are either ego people, people that play hard scalers, or toxic mental you don't need.

  4. My thoughts exactly. When I cant squeeze and ounce of fun out of it, I’m already mentally not there. If we’re already losing as a whole I’d rather be done with it.

  5. On a similar note : if your gameplan is to coinflip the first 15 minutes and wait for ff, that's not happening. Not having fun ? Too bad, you don't get to make the game all about yourself, I queued to get a chance to play, not to assist you in your 758th coinflip this season.

  6. There’s often a time in each game where I can get a foot back. Say I try and assassinate the 1000 shut down enemy and succeed, I’m back in now. If that happens and it goes to our Ornn Ima kill myself.

  7. People always talk about those games where the inhib was down to like 50 HP and they came back and won after an hour despite someone raging, etc etc. But EVERYONE has that ONE game like that. And if you play hundreds, if not thousands of games a season, you are always going to have lopsided games when your team pull off the teamfight miracle

  8. If I'm not having fun, I'm happy to FF at any point in the game. It's a video game, I'm supposed to have fun. Anything otherwise is not worth fake rank points

  9. I don't ff in ranked like your friend says even though it's a 1/10 I still won games that we were super behind and my whole team wanted to ff but the enemy team threw and we got all the shutdowns and comebacked, these things happen even in high elo.

  10. If you are bronze they will throw at some point and i would never ff. I also think ur argument is weird i would rather 15 a complete stomp and get in next game. If we’re past 25 min then i’m playing it out bc i’m already invested enough

  11. If their team is bronze and destined to make some throw mistake, what you think my bronze team can act on that mistake perfectly enough to win?

  12. If players could actually take advantage of bronze throws, they wouldnt be bronze. People who make the argument "you shouldnt surrender in bronze because bronze players throw all the time" seem to forget that these throws are generally happening with 9 other bronze players who in bronze because they are bad and dont know marco and how to take advantage of those thows

  13. I never initiate the ff but always vote yes. Someone is clearly having a bad time and I'm not in an elo worth making someone else suffer for another 10+ minutes

  14. Almost never. When they scale better *and* they're ahead *and* your whole base is demolished and you can't get out but they're messing with you and refusing to end. That's about the only time.

  15. People in bronze don't throw meaningfully. Other bronze players lack to skill to take advantage of macro and micro misplays.

  16. Some wins arent worth it lol. I will ff if i am not doing well, and the rest of the team gave up. Sometimes your entire team feeds, you are 0/0/0 and a teammate is fed. At that moment that teammate decides what happens. In theory, they should try and carry, but in reality they will often just flame and spam ff.

  17. This is so true but kinda sad, I remember back in the day if the enemy adc got fed then it was an ff, adc was actually the carry (s2-4)

  18. Well sometimes this happens ... the enemy throws their lead away fight after fight but it's not that often... i'll mostly FF when we get hard stomped in almost all lanes and A: Our teamcomp is shit... B: we are early game focused and they late but still we managed to Lose early already or C: when my Team wont cooperate together and doesnt feel compatible... sometimes its better to safe your mentality and just take the loose instead of losing it all... Dont keep your teammates as hostage in a game where the enemy is for example 25 to 2 kills ahead.

  19. I find that when I'm not having fun I play like absolute trash, I just don't feel invested, and I get tilted faster, so I'd rather FF.

  20. So this thread confirms that reditors have some of the weakest mental out there. If you queue up for ranked you are committing to trying your best along with your teammates to climb for the duration of the game. If you want to ff 'because it's no longer fun' then you should only be queuing up in normals.

  21. I was surprised how many people said they ff from not having fun. A huge part of climbing is carrying or enabling your team. If I won a game 10-2-5 and overall it's 25-25 my team didn't do well. It just looks like a lot of people in this thread would have tilted and given up in that scenario.

  22. I mean, FF=/=stop trying. Its very possible to think a game is lost while still trying. I've said yes to an ff many times while in the process of pulling off a big gank or sneaking an objective. Fact of the matter, I value my time and playing out a gamestate where you lose 80% of the time is just not what I want to do, but if someone on my team thinks its winnable I'm not sabotage them either.

  23. I judge it by what I observe over the minutes leading up to 15m. If I'm seeing that the enemy has dramatically higher coordination (bailing each other out, paying attention to the map, 2+ man invades, etc), lanes are losing, etc, I'll usually say yes or propose the FF.

  24. exaaaactly. i'm tired of seeing gold/diamond players who don't seem to realize that just because they are better than bronze player doesn't mean bronze players are better than bronze players lol

  25. As a guy who had too many won games where I was one of the two "No" guys at surrender vote, hell no to your 3/5 idea, especially in ranked. Respect the teammates who take it seriously and want to win.

  26. This is the objectively correct answer unless you are playing in a tournament or actively trying to destroy your mental. It’s a GAME. There will be another GAME in 4 minutes time. Don’t waste your time playing (and losing) when you could actively enjoy yourself. If the game is skewed to the point that it feels like every fight is an int, then just move on. Your ego can take it.

  27. If somebody says to me “never FF, every game is winnable!” in a 1/20 game at 20 minutes I will soft run it. That’s actually trying to grief me mentally, and it works.

  28. If the team comps scale relatively evenly, then never FF. Even if they have a fed hypercarry like Kass, Vayne, Kayle, Yi, etc. those players can still get picked off and throw/die. Riot put the bounty system into the game BECAUSE they want games to be coinflip and for one team to randomly throw. When you play the games out, you’d be surprised at how often unwinnable games are actually winnable.

  29. I'm also in bronze, however, I generally don't ff, specially if my team has champs that scale hard and benefit from longer games. As your friend mentions I have also been in winning games that we were not supposed to win. In general I will keep the game going unless we have someone that's grieving intensely and just refuses to cooperate, and even in some cases we've been able to win despite them, but this is of course very rare.

  30. The lower rank you are, the more worth it is to not ff, since comebacking in bronze elo is 10000% more likely than in challenger.. Until like high master euw there's always a way to turn around

  31. Almost never. My focus is on learning and playing the game. Sometimes the games are going badly, but I can still enjoy playing my champions (that's why I pick them) and I can learn new things. It's not about comebacks for me. I don't have a strong pressure on winning or climbing, it's all about the learning process and enjoying what I'm doing. It makes everything easier.

  32. Depends on the comp. If i have an Yi, Yone, Yasuo, vayne, kayle etc (Any hypercarry that can 1v5 if fed) I don’t ff because with a few shutdown bounties we can get back into the game. Usually if they take soul+elder then it’s probably a ff moment if you didn’t win a single team fight by then but it largely depends on how they play. I had a fed Kayn in the enemy team that just threw the game (he had half his team worth of kills) because we got him solo. Without him we managed to get 5v4 and end the game. Usually if every single lane is losing hard then it’s probably ff at 15 (happens due to better team comps, skill gap, mains banned, autofills,etc) I suggest watching watching cowsep latest video (stop sucking on master yi and do this) he and his team had a very very rough start and he managed to get a few bounties and 1v5 the game.

  33. I think that you should never FF, because there is always a moment when you can turn the game around even if you see that you can't do anything no more. When you FF you won't be able to have those moments and you won't be able to learn that much from the game neither

  34. NEVER FFING is while it is appropriate (because most people lack game knowledge to actually make the call) is often another way people ego/ blameshift in this game. If you're trying to surrender you've 'given up' and even the 2/14 fiora is going to open up on you about your 'bad attitude'. Fiora has a good attitude, be more like Fiora.

  35. Never, simple as that! Whatever probability of winning you have at the moment it’s always <0 and if you decide to ff you reduce it to 0! Realise that if 30% of yor games go really poorly, you never surrender and win 10% of those (not unrealistic), thats 3% winrate increase. Not to mention playing these game teach you a lot more than the games where you are in drastic lead and your mistakes do not matter since you likely win anyways…

  36. In ranked you should never if you want to climb, in norms it's whenever yaint having fun. Ranked is competitive and you can win with an enemy misplay great enough at any time, but in norms its not tryhard time, it's learn or have fun time, and while you should learn to play from behind you also need torecognize that this is the mode that people should play for just fun, so ff is fine

  37. My philosophy is: If your whole team is 2 levels behind the enemy's, none of you deal no damage to your enemies because of how underfed you are, and there's 0 chance that you'll be able to get shutdown gold no matter how badly they play or how many mistakes they make, then you ff. If you're playing a carry champion and there's a slight chance that you can get shutdown gold, then don't ff.

  38. In bronze I personally believe FF is not a good idea, the lower the elo, more mistakes are made, so there is a descent chance someone on the enemy team throws their advantage.

  39. I generally throw out the ff if I'm not having fun and we're losing by a decent margin, but I never stop trying unless its some completely unwinnable scenario where its like 3-33 or something like that.

  40. NEVER FF. Im a competitive person and playing it out to the end and doing my best to win the game means more to me than saving a bit of time. Giving up, no matter the rationale can create patterns in your way of thinking and make you a weaker person.

  41. There are very few games I will FF, generally only games with a turbo fed hypercarry like Kayle or Kassadin and we are VERY far behind. You say you don't want to drag a game out 20 minutes, but if you're dragging a game out to 35 minutes it's almost certainly a coinflip at that point

  42. Whenever you feel like it. I like to do my best to win, so I don't typically FF unless we're down something crazy like 15 kills at 15 minutes and everyone else on the team has already given up.

  43. I use to do this until I won a few games off stupid late fight by the dominant enemy where minions were at the perf spot to take tier 3, inhib and nexus

  44. Personally don't agree, some games can be won from very improbable odds sure but I also value my time. Being behind by huge amounts and expecting your team to be able to keep their head straight is super improbable. Its also horrendous playing an engage champ when your whole team is woefully behind. Rather than being stuck in a game 35 minutes while enemy team is super ahead, i'd FF. That said, if we have hyper scalers like yi, vayne, kayle or something different story. Some people don't understand that concept and I find it annoying on the other side when my team is trying to FF and we clearly have a bunch of late game champs.

  45. Personally, never. The game is never over until the nexus falls. I refuse to surrender, to the point where the people I play pre-mades with will flame me cause they want to give up on a game that isn't even close to over. If it were up to me I would remove it as an option.

  46. I would really love if somebody gathered stats on climbing rates of people who forfeit frequently vs people who rarely forfeit.

  47. In ranked you should rarely if ever FF. Every game is technically winnable even if it takes luck like the enemy carry’s mom not paying the internet bill that month, but in normals, just FF when it’s not fun anymore. It’s a video game after all.

  48. I usually FF at 15, though I’m in bronze. I have NEVER won a game where our team was behind by the 10 minute mark

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