Fort Loudon Lake, TN has these partially submerged silos from before the valley was flooded to create the lake. There is an underwater entrance on one that allows people to get inside, climb up the side, and jump off.

  1. This is way too close to where I live. The submechanophobia in me says no but the curious part of me wants to get close to it. Is there really a whole town under there?

  2. Don’t know about the whole town as I’m only visiting my godparents here! But I’m from Georgia, near Lake Lanier which is notoriously creepy for that exact reason (among others) 😅

  3. Yeah, for sure. East TN is full of underwater towns due to the Tennessee Valley Authority flooding for dams (have you seen Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? TVA floods the region at the end). I mean most of it has probably crumbled by now, and a lot of it was just farmland, but there are buildings under pretty much all our lakes.

  4. There are 2 partially submerged silos right next to the road not far from there. TVA did some scummy things to build the dam here in town.

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